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BaseDocumentConvertToDocument Method (DocumentType, Single, String)
Converts document to the target file format with with sepcified zoom value and saves it to a file on the local disk. Throw an exception in condition: 1: the target document type has not been developed yet. 2: the required assembly has not been added. 3: the zoom value is out of 10% ~ 2000%.

Namespace: RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic
Assembly: RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic (in RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic.dll) Version: (
public abstract void ConvertToDocument(
	DocumentType targetType,
	float zoomValue,
	string filePath


Type: RasterEdge.Imaging.BasicDocumentType
The target document type.
Type: SystemSingle
The scaling value.
Type: SystemString
File path of the output file.
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