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RasterEdge.Imaging.Annotation Namespace
  Class Description
Public class AnnotationController
Used for save Annotaiton property to XmlDocument
Public class AnnotationGenerator
Annotation generating methods
Public class ArrowAnnotation
Create a arrow use points. Current for webViewer use only
Public class BrushGenerator
Create AnnotationBrush use parameter
Public class CalloutAnnotation
Public class EllipseAnnotation
Create EllipseAnnotation
Public class EmbeddedImageAnnotation
Create an annotation with embeded image
Public class FreeHandLineAnnotation
FreeHandAnnotation is created by multiply points
Public class HotSpotAnnotation
HotSpotAnnotation is different when it's Active property set to True/False
Public class HotSpotFreeHandAnnotation
HotSpotFreeHandAnnotation is different when it's Active property set to True/False
Public class LineAnnotation
Create Annotation use single line
Public class LinesAnnotation
Create Annotation use multiply line
Public class PenGenerator
Create AnnotationBrush use parameter
Public class PolygonAnnotation
Create a PolygonAnnotation
Public class RectangleAnnotation
Create a RectangleAnnotation
Public class RubberStampAnnotation
Create a RubberStampAnnotation
Public class SignatureAnnotation
Create a SignatureAnnotation
Public class TextAnnotation
Create a text Annotation ,which contains text panel and it's background ,border .
  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration AnnotationType
Public enumeration FillType
Specifies how to fill an object
Public enumeration FreehandLineType
Denotes how to connect each points, in FreeHandAnnotation
Public enumeration LineCapStyle
Public enumeration PenAlignment
Specifies the alignment of a Pen object in relation to the theoretical, zero-width line.