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RasterEdge.Imaging.Barcode.Creator Namespace
  Class Description
Public class BaseBarcode
Defines objects used to describe a barcode.
Public class DataMatrix
Defines a DataMatrix barcode.
Public class Linear
Defines a linear barcode.
Public class MicroPDF417
Defines a Micro PDF417 barcode.
Public class MicroQRCode
Defines a Mirco QRCode barcode.
Public class PDF417
Defines a PDF417 barcode.
Public class QRCode
Defines a QRCode barcode.
  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration AlignmentHori
Specifies alignment of a barcode in the target region of canvas.
Public enumeration BarcodeType
Specifies type of barcode.
Public enumeration CodabarStartStopChar
Specifies the start and stop characters in Codabar symbols.
Public enumeration DataMatrixDataMode
Specifies the encodation mode used by a DataMatrix symbolopy.
Public enumeration DataMatrixFormatMode
Specifies symbol size of a DataMatrix barcode.
Public enumeration FNC1
Specifies the position of FNC1
Public enumeration MicroPDF417Version
Specifies the version of a MicroPDf417 symbols.
Public enumeration MicroQRCodeVersion
Specifies version - error correction level setting of a Micro QR Code symbol.
Public enumeration PDF417DataMode
Specifies the compaction mode used by the PDF417 symbol.
Public enumeration PDF417ECL
Specifies the error correction level of a PDF417 symbols.
Public enumeration QRCodeDataMode
Specifies the mode of encodation.
Public enumeration QRCodeECL
Specifies the error correction level of a QR Code symbol.
Public enumeration QRCodeVersion
Specifies the version of a QR Code symbol.
Public enumeration Rotate
Specifies the degree of a barcode rotates counterclockwise.
Public enumeration UnitOfMeasure
Specifies the unit of measure for the given data.