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RasterEdge.Imaging.Barcode.Scanner Namespace
  Class Description
Public class Barcode
Encapsulates a barcode object, which consists of the type, data and other attributes of a symbol.
Public class BarcodeFoundEventArgs
Provides data for BarcodeFoundEvent event.
Public class BarcodeNotFoundException
Represents the exception that is thrown when the barcode has not been found.
Public class BarcodeReader
Provides methods and properties for extracting (a) barcodes from the source.
Public class ReaderSettings
Specifies the initialized setting for the barcode reader.
Public class UnknownException
Represents the exception that is thrown when the reason is not clear.
  Delegate Description
Public delegate BarcodeFoundEventHandler
Represents the method that will handle the Barcode Found event.
  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration BarcodeDirection
Specifies the direction that the barcode reader scans in the source.
Public enumeration BarcodeType
Enumerates the possible barcode types that the reader can recognize.
Public enumeration NumberOfBarcodeToRead
Specifies the number of barcode to read.