RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic Namespace
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RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic Namespace
  Class Description
Public class AnnotationHandler
Public class BaseBrush
Public class BaseChar
Public class BaseContext
Defines a context for drawing.
Public class BaseContextUtil
Public class BaseDocument
Defines objects that represents a document.
Public class BaseImage
Defines objects that represents a raster image (or bitmap).
Public class BaseItem
An abstract class that represents an item on a page
Public class BaseOperator
Public class BasePage
Defines objects that represents a page in the document.
Public class CloneUtil
Public class FeatureNotRegisterException
Public class FeatureNotSupportException
Public class ImageOutputOption
Public class InvalidArgumentException
Public class LicenseManager
Public class MultiBytesTypeData
Public class RasterEdgeLicenseProvider
Public class REEntry
Public class REException
Public class REOutline
Public class SandBoxer
Public class UnitSize
Public class WorkRegistry
Provides methods for managing registration information of the solution.
Public class WorkRegistryUnreadyException
  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration ColorType
Public enumeration ContextType
Public enumeration DocumentType
Public enumeration FilterPNG
Public enumeration ImageCompress
Public enumeration ImageType
Public enumeration RelativeType
Public enumeration TransformType
Defines how to display a bitmap image with a specified size.
Public enumeration UnitOfMeasure
Unit of measure 1 inch = 2.54 cm 1 cm = 0.3937 inch convertion between 1 pixel and inch/cm is device-dependent Typically a printer's point is 1/72 inch a document uint is 1/300 inch
Public enumeration Units