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PPTXDocumentConvertToDocument Method
Overload List
  Name Description
Public method ConvertToDocument(DocumentType, Stream)
convert the file to target type document and saved in the stream.
(Overrides BaseDocumentConvertToDocument(DocumentType, Stream).)
Public method ConvertToDocument(DocumentType, String)
convert the file to the target type document and saved in the fixed file path
(Overrides BaseDocumentConvertToDocument(DocumentType, String).)
Public method ConvertToDocument(DocumentType, Single, String)
Converts document to the target file format with with sepcified zoom value and saves it to a file on the local disk. Throw an exception in condition: 1: the target document type has not been developed yet. 2: the required assembly has not been added. 3: the zoom value is out of 10% ~ 2000%.
(Overrides BaseDocumentConvertToDocument(DocumentType, Single, String).)
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