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DataMatrixDataMode Enumeration
Specifies the encodation mode used by a DataMatrix symbolopy.

Namespace: RasterEdge.Imaging.Barcode.Creator
Assembly: RasterEdge.Imaging.Barcode.Creator (in RasterEdge.Imaging.Barcode.Creator.dll) Version: (
public enum DataMatrixDataMode
  Member nameValueDescription
Auto0 Auto. It attempts to use minimum codewords to encode the message.
ASCII1 ASCII encodation.
C402 C40 encodation.
Text3 Text encodation.
X124 X12 encodation. (For ANSI X12 EDI data set)
Edifact5 EDIFACT encodation.
Base2566 Base 256 encodation. Valid characters: can encode all byte values from 0 to 255.
Customer7 Customer.
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