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FileIOMgr Class
This class provides methods for accessing a file Only for internal use
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic.IO
Assembly: RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic (in RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic.dll) Version: (
public class FileIOMgr

The FileIOMgr type exposes the following members.

Public methodClose
Close file handler
Public methodCreateFile
Create a file, delete if exist a file with same path
Public methodDeleteFile
Delete a file
Public methodGetFileLength
Get file length
Public methodGetFilePath
Get target file path
Public methodOpen
Re-open file handler Return -1 if failed to open
Public methodOpenFile
Open an exist file
Public methodOpenOrCreateFile
Open or create a file for update
Public methodReadByte
Read byte value
Public methodReadBytes
Read bytes to buffer
Public methodReadInt16
Read short value (Big Endian)
Public methodReadInt16(Boolean)
Read short value
Public methodReadInt32
Read int value (Big Endian)
Public methodReadInt32(Boolean)
Read int value
Public methodReadUInt16
Read ushort value (Big Endian)
Public methodReadUInt16(Boolean)
Read ushort value
Public methodReadUInt32
Read uint value (Big Endian)
Public methodReadUInt32(Boolean)
Read uint value
Public methodSeekBegin
Seek from begin of the file
Public methodSeekCurrent
Seek from current position
Public methodSeekEnd
Seek from end of the file
Public methodWriteByte
Write byte value
Public methodWriteBytes
Write bytes from buffer
Public methodWriteInt16(Int16)
Write int value (Big Endian)
Public methodWriteInt16(Int16, Boolean)
Write int value
Public methodWriteInt32(Int32)
Write int value (Big Endian)
Public methodWriteInt32(Int32, Boolean)
Write int value
Public methodWriteUInt16(UInt16)
Write int value (Big Endian)
Public methodWriteUInt16(UInt16, Boolean)
Write int value
Public methodWriteUInt32(UInt32)
Write int value (Big Endian)
Public methodWriteUInt32(UInt32, Boolean)
Write int value
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