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PPTDocument Class
A class that represents a PPT document
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: RasterEdge.Imaging.MSPPT
Assembly: RasterEdge.Imaging.MSPPT (in RasterEdge.Imaging.MSPPT.dll) Version: (
public class PPTDocument : BaseDocument

The PPTDocument type exposes the following members.

Public methodAddPage (Overrides BaseDocumentAddPage(BasePage).)
Public methodAddPages (Overrides BaseDocumentAddPages(BasePage).)
Public methodAppendDocument
append two documents
(Overrides BaseDocumentAppendDocument(BaseDocument).)
Public methodBurnAnnotation (Overrides BaseDocumentBurnAnnotation.)
Public methodClone
clone one page
(Overrides BaseDocumentClone.)
Public methodConvertToDocument(DocumentType, Stream)
convert the file to target type document and saved in the stream.
(Overrides BaseDocumentConvertToDocument(DocumentType, Stream).)
Public methodConvertToDocument(DocumentType, String)
convert the file to the target type document and saved in the fixed file path
(Overrides BaseDocumentConvertToDocument(DocumentType, String).)
Public methodConvertToDocument(DocumentType, Single, String)
Converts document to the target file format with with sepcified zoom value and saves it to a file on the local disk. Throw an exception in condition: 1: the target document type has not been developed yet. 2: the required assembly has not been added. 3: the zoom value is out of 10% ~ 2000%.
(Overrides BaseDocumentConvertToDocument(DocumentType, Single, String).)
Public methodConvertToImages(ImageType, Stream) (Overrides BaseDocumentConvertToImages(ImageType, Stream).)
Public methodConvertToImages(ImageType, Int32, Stream) (Overrides BaseDocumentConvertToImages(ImageType, Int32, Stream).)
Public methodConvertToImages(ImageType, Single, Stream) (Overrides BaseDocumentConvertToImages(ImageType, Single, Stream).)
Public methodConvertToImages(ImageType, String, String) (Overrides BaseDocumentConvertToImages(ImageType, String, String).)
Public methodConvertToImages(ImageType, Int32, String, String) (Overrides BaseDocumentConvertToImages(ImageType, Int32, String, String).)
Public methodConvertToImages(ImageType, Single, String, String) (Overrides BaseDocumentConvertToImages(ImageType, Single, String, String).)
Public methodConvertToVectorImages
Converts document to the target type file format with sepcified file name and saves it to a file on the local disk. Throw an exception in condition: 1: the target context type has not been developed yet. 2: the required assembly has not been added.
(Overrides BaseDocumentConvertToVectorImages(ContextType, String, String, RelativeType).)
Public methodDeletePage (Overrides BaseDocumentDeletePage(Int32).)
Public methodDeletePages (Overrides BaseDocumentDeletePages(Int32, Int32).)
Public methodDispose
dispose the document
(Overrides BaseDocumentDispose.)
Public methodDuplicatePage
copy one page according to the page index
(Overrides BaseDocumentDuplicatePage(Int32).)
Public methodExtractPages(Int32, Stream) (Overrides BaseDocumentExtractPages(Int32, Stream).)
Public methodExtractPages(Int32, String) (Overrides BaseDocumentExtractPages(Int32, String).)
Public methodGetCharsRectangle (Overrides BaseDocumentGetCharsRectangle(Int32).)
Public methodGetDocumentType (Overrides BaseDocumentGetDocumentType.)
Public methodGetHyperlink (Overrides BaseDocumentGetHyperlink.)
Public methodGetNewPage (Overrides BaseDocumentGetNewPage.)
Public methodGetOutline
Get outlines in the PPT document
(Overrides BaseDocumentGetOutline.)
Public methodGetPage
get one docx page by page index.
(Overrides BaseDocumentGetPage(Int32).)
Public methodGetPageCount
get the total number of the document
(Overrides BaseDocumentGetPageCount.)
Public methodStatic memberGetPreviewImage(Byte, Size)
Public methodStatic memberGetPreviewImage(Stream, Size)
Public methodStatic memberGetPreviewImage(String, Size)
Public methodInsertPage (Overrides BaseDocumentInsertPage(BasePage, Int32).)
Public methodInsertPages (Overrides BaseDocumentInsertPages(BasePage, Int32).)
Public methodIsPageExist
judge whether the page has existed by page index
(Overrides BaseDocumentIsPageExist(Int32).)
Public methodIsPageLoaded
judge whether the page has been loaded by page index
(Overrides BaseDocumentIsPageLoaded(Int32).)
Public methodMergeDocument
merge two documents
Public methodSave
Save to file with fixed file path
(Overrides BaseDocumentSave(String).)
Public methodSaveToBytes
save file to byte array
(Overrides BaseDocumentSaveToBytes.)
Public methodSaveToStream
Save file to Stream
(Overrides BaseDocumentSaveToStream(Stream).)
Public methodSetOutline (Overrides BaseDocumentSetOutline(REOutline).)
Public methodSortPage (Overrides BaseDocumentSortPage(Int32).)
Public methodSwapTwoPages (Overrides BaseDocumentSwapTwoPages(Int32, Int32).)
Public methodUpdatePage
update docx page by page index
(Overrides BaseDocumentUpdatePage(BasePage, Int32).)
Public propertyDocumentType
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