RasterEdge .NET Image SDK - DICOM SDK

Flexible DICOM Reading and Decoding Technology Available for .NET Framework

Document Imaging SDK
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RasterEdge provides a professional toolkit for reading and editing electronic medical images with its powerful DICOM codec technology. Developed based on the latest DICOM specification, RasterEdge DICOM codec provides complete DICOM Data Sets, secure communication and more.
Easy to be combined within RasterEdge .NET Imaging SDK, developers may easily perform any image processing and cleanup capabilities and decode images compressed with JPEG2000, JBIG 2, etc. Documentations including comprehensive Visual C#, VB.NET sample code are provided for all developers and end-users.
Features and Benefits
  • Compatible with cross-platform, including both the client-side and the server-side
  • Display DICOM image on the web with AJAX-Enable web image viewers
  • Read DICOM images from different devices, such as local database, CD/DVD...
  • Available for all DICOM formats, both old and new style
  • Ability to read patient metadata from the image
  • Work with multiple programming languages, like Visual C#, VB.NET, Managed C++...
  • Provide documentations with detailed user guide and sample codings
  • Ability to read DICOM images compressed with JBIG 2 and JPEG 2000
  • 8-bit grayscale, 16-bit grayscale, 24-bit RGB and 48-bit RGB support
  • Annotate DICOM images with .NET Imaging SDK
  • Reader DICOM images with advanced image processing capabilities
  • Support for monochromatic (e.g. CR, CT, MR) and color (e.g. US, 3D reconstructions)
  • Support for static images (e.g. CR, MG, CT) and dynamic sequences (e.g. XA, US)
  • Conversion between DICOM files and other 30+ image, document formats
  • Runtime royalty free for both desktop and server deployments
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License and Pricing
RasterEdge provides royalty-free .NET Imaging DICOM SDK of purchased developer license for server- or desktop- deployment. Here is a detailed description:
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