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Viewing, processing and annotating document & images on web browser can be an easy task with RasterEdge .NET Image SDK. It is a pure web document viewer, requiring no client-side downloads & installation, or plug-ins such as Flash, Adobe, or Office. Besides, royalty-free purchased developer licenses of this web document viewer are provided per SDK and per server with unlimited end-users.
With RasterEdge AJAX Zero-Footprint Document Viewer, flexible functionality is provided for high usability customization, which can be easily added or removed with a simple JavaScript API. In addition, this web document viewer can be easily integrated within your own ASP.NET applications.
RasterEdge AJAX Zero-Footprint Document Viewer supports for display multiple document and image formats, including commonly used PDF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, GIF, TIFF, MS-Word and so on, and is compatible with browsers that support HTML4 and HTML4+.
Web Document Viewer - Feature List
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Installation How to build an AJAX-Enabled Web Image Viewer for all users. Image Viewing Fast documents and images viewing & displaying on the web.
Image Manipulation Advanced document clean-up provided, such as color deskew, border removal, line removal and hole-punch removal. Image Conversion How to convert image and document from one to another using .NET Imaging SDK Winforms control.
Image Saving & Printing Save to multiple formats, save as single or multi-page documents; Print image and document as you wish.
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