byMatthew MacDonald 
Apress 2002
Companion Web
Label control, 90-91
with gradient background, 502-505
ProgressBar control with, 271-276
TabIndex property, 73-74
LabelEdit property of ListView control, 215-216
LabelWrap property of ListView control, 212
Language property of form, 452
LargeIcon for ListView View enumeration, 210
LargeImageList property of ListView control, 211
layout manager for controls, 459-463
LayoutMdi() method, 405-406
learning, transferrable, 9
Length property of LinkLabel.Link object, 94
LIC file, 341-342
LicenseKey property, overriding for custom license, 344
LicenseProvider attribute, 342
for ActiveX controls, 89
custom controls, 341-346
LicFileLicenseProvider class, 341-342
LinearGradientBrush class, 492-493
LineJoin property of pen, 489
lines, drawing, 482
LinkArea property of LinkLabel control, 93
LinkBehavior property of LinkLabel control, 93
LinkColor property of LinkLabel control, 93
LinkData property of LinkLabel.Link object, 94
LinkLabel control, 91-94
Links property of LinkLabel control, 93
LinkVisited property of LinkLabel control, 93
List control, 97-101
data binding, 352-353
to complex objects, 353-356
DataBindings collection, 358
filling with known colors, 68-69
SelectedIndex event, 468
List for ListView View enumeration, 210
ListBox control, 97
anchoring, 175
IntegralHeight property, 174
ListView control, 206-217
adding information, 216
basic members, 211
and data binding, 397-398
vs. DataGrid object, 48
label editing, 215-216
reordering columns, 215
sorting columns, 213
Pdf conversion to powerpoint - C# Create PDF from PowerPoint Library to convert pptx, ppt to PDF in, ASP.NET MVC, WinForms, WPF
Online C# Tutorial for Creating PDF from Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
how to add pdf to powerpoint presentation; convert pdf to editable powerpoint online
Pdf conversion to powerpoint - VB.NET Create PDF from PowerPoint Library to convert pptx, ppt to PDF in, ASP.NET MVC, WinForms, WPF
VB.NET Tutorial for Export PDF file from Microsoft Office PowerPoint
convert pdf to editable ppt; pdf to powerpoint
Online Convert PowerPoint to PDF file. Best free online export
area. Then just wait until the conversion from Powerpoint to PDF is complete and download the file. The perfect conversion tool.
convert pdf file into ppt; embed pdf into powerpoint
C# powerpoint - PowerPoint Conversion & Rendering in C#.NET
And detailed C# demo codes for these conversions are offered below. C# Demo Codes for PowerPoint Conversions. PowerPoint to PDF Conversion.
how to convert pdf into powerpoint on; convert pdf to powerpoint slide
byMatthew MacDonald 
Apress 2002
Companion Web
main menus, 111
attaching, 118
MainMenu class, 114
for synchronizing with ToolBar, 247-249
manifest file for Windows XP styles of forms, 163-164
Manual StartPosition value, 148
marquee label, 509-512
Mask property of controls, 297
masked TextBox control, 294-297
master-detail forms, 377-378
DataGrid control for, 381-382
MaxDate property
of DateTimePicker control, 108
of MonthCalendar control, 110
MaxDropDownItems property for ComboBox control, 100
MaximizeBox property of Form class, 144
maximized MDI child forms, 402
Maximum property of NumericUpDown control, 104
maximum size of form, 172-173
MaxLength property
of ComboBox control, 100
of TextBox control, 96
MaxSelectionCount property of MonthCalendar control, 110
MDI (Multiple Document Interface) applications
dockable windows, 429-434
with owner-drawn controls, 429
with timers, 430-434
document-view architecture, 410-424
child form class, 421-422
document class, 412-416
OrderGridView class, 416-418
OrderPrintPreview class, 418-420
parent form class, 422-424
essentials, 400-410
interface state, 408-410
layout, 405-406
merging menus, 407
relatives, 402
synchronizing children, 403-404
floating toolbars, 425-428
and resizable windows, 172
story of, 399-400
types, 400
MdiChildren property of form, 403
MDIMainController, 409
MdiParent property of form, 403
Me keyword, 35
MeasureItem event of MenuItem class, 122
.NET PDF Document Viewing, Annotation, Conversion & Processing
XDoc.PDF SDK for .NET. RasterEdge XDoc.PDF for .NET is a professional .NET PDF solution that provides complete and advanced PDF document processing features.
picture from pdf to powerpoint; convert pdf to powerpoint online for
C# powerpoint - Convert PowerPoint to TIFF in C#.NET
Supported. Load, Save Document. Preview Document. Conversion. Convert PowerPoint to PDF. Convert PowerPoint to HTML5. Convert PowerPoint to
converting pdf to ppt online; convert pdf to powerpoint slides
How to C#: Overview of Using XDoc.PowerPoint
XDoc.PowerPoint for .NET, like PPTXDocument and PPTXPage. PowerPoint Conversion. XDoc.PowerPoint SDK for .NET empowers C# developers
adding pdf to powerpoint slide; how to convert pdf to powerpoint in
C# powerpoint - Convert PowerPoint to PDF in C#.NET
PowerPoint to PDF Conversion Overview. RasterEdge XDoc.PowerPoint empowers your C#.NET application with advanced PowerPoint to PDF conversion functionality.
pdf page to powerpoint; image from pdf to powerpoint
byMatthew MacDonald 
Apress 2002
Companion Web
Name property of controls, 62
NamedImage class for bitmap thumbnail viewer, 280
namespace, importing, 262
BindingContext object for, 374-375
in DataGrid control, 381
reacting to record navigation, 376-377
.NET object libraries, importance of learning, 60
.NET platform
consistency in, 11
custom controls, 259
data binding, 349-350
drawing optimization, 480
font substitution, 70
menu objects in, 111
predefined colors, 66
support for dialog forms, 157
types, 25-28
user interface classes, 29-39
vs. Windows API, 58-59
New Project dialog box, for Class Library creation, 261
Node property of TreeViewEventArgs object, 227
Nodes collection
manipulating, 223-226
selecting nodes, 226-228
in TreeView control, 218-219
Nodes property of TreeView control, 328
NotifyIcon, 257
NotifyParentProperty control property attribute, 313
novice users, 14
NumericUpDown control, 103
VB.NET PDF Converter Library SDK to convert PDF to other file
Conversion of MS Office to PDF. This guide give a series of demo code directly for converting MicroSoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint document to PDF file
how to change pdf to powerpoint format; convert pdf to editable powerpoint online
C# PDF Converter Library SDK to convert PDF to other file formats
C#.NET PDF - PDF Conversion & Rendering SDK for C#.NET. A best C# PDF converter control for adobe PDF document conversion in Visual Studio .NET applications.
pdf to powerpoint slide; pdf to ppt converter
byMatthew MacDonald 
Apress 2002
Companion Web
object-oriented programming, encapsulation, 44-46
objects, 24-28
choosing for extending, 299
in list control Items property, 100
Offset() method for Rectangle object, 495
OLE color code, 67
OnClick() method, overriding, 518
OnDocumentChanged() method, 414
OnKeyPress() method, 39
online examples. See project examples
online help, advantages, 532
OnMouseDown() method, overriding for button, 515-516
OnMouseLeave() method, overriding for button, 515
OnMouseMove() method, overriding for button, 515
OnMouseUp() method, overriding for button, 515-516
OnPaint() method, 469
for MarqueeLabel control, 510-511
OnPaintBackground() method
for MarqueeLabel control, 510-511
overriding for gradient fill, 504
overriding to reduce flicker, 477
OnSelect() method, overriding, 254
Opacity property of Form class, 145
Open method in MDI interface, 415
OpenFileDialog, 170
ordering program, 411-424
child form class, 421-422
document class, 412-416
OrderGridView class, 416-418
OrderPrintPreview class, 418-420
parent form class, 422-424
organizational controls, 104
OwnedForms property of Form class, 162
owner-drawn controls, 260
benefits, 518
dockable windows with, 429
GDI+ for, 188
overriding OnPaint() method for, 467
owner-drawn menus, 122-130
Owner property of Form class, 162
OwnerDraw property of MenuItem class, 122
ownership of forms, 161-163
C# PDF Convert: How to Convert MS PPT to Adobe PDF Document
C# PDF Convert: How to Convert MS PPT to Adobe PDF Document. Provide Free Demo Code for PDF Conversion from Microsoft PowerPoint in C# Program.
export pdf into powerpoint; convert pdf to powerpoint slide
VB.NET PowerPoint: Complete PowerPoint Document Conversion in VB.
resolution, bit depth, scaling, etc. Implement Conversion from PowerPoint to PDF in VB.NET, Converting PowerPoint document to PDF
how to change pdf to powerpoint; convert pdf into powerpoint
byMatthew MacDonald 
Apress 2002
Companion Web
Padding property of TabControl, 256
PageSetupDialog, 170
PageUnit property of Graphics object, 485
Paint event handler, 469
Paint event of Control object, 80
Paint() method of DataGridColumnStyle class, 383
and debugging, 480
optimization, 470-480
double buffering, 477-480
rendering mode and antialiasing, 475-477
and resizing, 470-471
window portions, 472-475
sessions, 466-469
and refreshing, 467-469
painting programs, 443
PaintValue() method
overriding for gradient fill thumbnail image, 507-508
of UITypeEditor class, 339
Panel control, 104
property to hide or show, 431
PanelClick event for StatusBar, 252
panels, docking with, 181-183
parent form class in MDI application, 422-424
Parent property of Control object, 71
ParentForm property of ContainerControl class, 154
ParenthesizePropertyName control property attribute, 313
PartialPush property of ToolBarButton object, 245
PasswordChar property of TextBox control, 96
Paste() method of TextBox control, 96
pens, 488-490
PenType property of pen, 489
custom controls and, 276
for painting, 470
PerformClick() method
of Button control, 94
of MenuItem class, 116
PerformSelect() method of MenuItem class, 116
database table to map levels, 453
hiding or disabling controls based on, 457
PictureBox controls, 97
pictures. See images
pie shape
drawing, 483
filling, 483
pixels, 64
byMatthew MacDonald 
Apress 2002
Companion Web
question-answer user interface, 5-7
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