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How to convert pdf to ppt using - C# Create PDF from PowerPoint Library to convert pptx, ppt to PDF in, ASP.NET MVC, WinForms, WPF
Online C# Tutorial for Creating PDF from Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
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How to convert pdf to ppt using - VB.NET Create PDF from PowerPoint Library to convert pptx, ppt to PDF in, ASP.NET MVC, WinForms, WPF
VB.NET Tutorial for Export PDF file from Microsoft Office PowerPoint
pdf to powerpoint converter online; pdf to ppt converter online
Ebook Publishing
The EbooksMarket
Ebook Basics
Frequent Mistakes To Avoid
Distribution and Selling
Questions and Answers
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Download Free Trial. Convert a PPTX/PPT File to PDF. Easy converting! We try to make it as easy as possible to convert your PPTX/PPT files to PDF.
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How to C#: Convert PDF, Excel, PPT to Word
From MS-PPT and MS-PPTX to Word. RootPath + "\\" Output.docx"; // Load a PDF document PDFDocument doc = new PDFDocument(inputFilePath); // Convert it to Word
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The EbooksMarket
Overview of the Marketplace
C# TIFF: Learn to Convert MS Word, Excel, and PPT to TIFF Image
using RasterEdge.Imaging.PowerPoint; Load your PPT (.pptx) document null == doc) throw new Exception("Fail to load PowerPoint Document"); // Convert PPT to Tiff
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C# PDF Convert: How to Convert MS PPT to Adobe PDF Document
high performance PDF conversion from Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt and .pptx). FILE_TYPE_UNSUPPORT: Console.WriteLine("Fail: can not convert to PDF, file type
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Source: Nielsen Books & Consumers.
–Publishers Weekly, Mar 27, 2015 
Nielsen estimates 12% in 2013 
15% in 2014
Ebook % of Trade
21% in 2013 
Ereader purchases declined
iPad and iPhone purchase stable 
Android purchases grew
Source: Nielsen Books & Consumers.
–Publishers Weekly, Mar 27, 2015 
VB.NET PowerPoint: Process & Manipulate PPT (.pptx) Slide(s)
the order of current PowerPoint slides using VB.NET control add-on can do PPT creating, loading powerful & profession imaging controls, PDF document, image to
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VB.NET PowerPoint: Convert & Render PPT into PDF Document
VB.NET PowerPoint - Render PPT to PDF in VB.NET. How to Convert PowerPoint Slide to PDF Using VB.NET Code in .NET. Visual C#. VB.NET. Home > .NET Imaging SDK >
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• While DRM still gates your book’s content to a specific 
ereader app, the proprietary devices are less relevant
• Ebooks are more than 1/5
of the trade book market by volume
• It is an important market, and it is important to publish in 
formats for all the readers available for the device.
What are the numbers telling us?
VB.NET PowerPoint: Use PowerPoint SDK to Create, Load and Save PPT
This page mainly focuses on how users can get started by using this perfect VB.NET PPT document control with document pre-processing functions, including
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VB.NET PowerPoint: Extract & Collect PPT Slide(s) Using VB Sample
NET PPT slide extracting demo code using RasterEdge VB NET PPT slide adding/removing, PPT merging/splitting & profession imaging controls, PDF document, image
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Never go out of print
You need to be publishing ebooks
Allows an independent writer to distribute globally
Quick to market
Relatively inexpensive
Higher margins
Even many who have been publishing their works for years 
are renegotiating their agreements to own their ebook 
ownership rights.
Traditionally Published Authors are doing it
• @ $3.99 the average ebook nets $2.40 in royalties
• With traditional royalties a publisher would need a book to 
sell for more than $14
Where do you sell your books?
The vast majority of the market is in these 
four retailers.
Listing your book with a Retailer is “Distribution
Getting your ebookinto retail
To get your ebookin Distribution, it needs to be converted into 
Distribution-ready formats.
This process is “Conversion or 
Ebook Conversion
Conversion” is the process of turning your document into the 2 
important ebook files you need to be listed with every retailer.
Ebook Conversion
•Barnes & Noble
•everyone else
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