Carefully review your ebooks before you approve the project 
Use your iterations!
Pdf to powerpoint slide - C# Create PDF from PowerPoint Library to convert pptx, ppt to PDF in, ASP.NET MVC, WinForms, WPF
Online C# Tutorial for Creating PDF from Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
pdf to powerpoint slide; convert pdf document to powerpoint
Pdf to powerpoint slide - VB.NET Create PDF from PowerPoint Library to convert pptx, ppt to PDF in, ASP.NET MVC, WinForms, WPF
VB.NET Tutorial for Export PDF file from Microsoft Office PowerPoint
convert pdf to powerpoint slides; how to convert pdf to powerpoint
Convert to both EPUB and MOBI
Convert to both formats and do it at the same time!
Cheaper when done at the same time, than when converted separately
EPUB gets you everywhere but Amazon
MOBI gets you on Amazon
VB.NET PowerPoint: Read, Edit and Process PPTX File
How to convert PowerPoint to PDF, render PowerPoint to SVG, transform PowerPoint NET solution to add desired watermark on source PowerPoint slide at specified
how to convert pdf into powerpoint on; change pdf to ppt
VB.NET PowerPoint: Process & Manipulate PPT (.pptx) Slide(s)
Suitable for Processing PowerPoint Slide(s) in both Web & SDK, this VB.NET PowerPoint processing control add & profession imaging controls, PDF document, image
convert pdf to ppt; changing pdf to powerpoint file
Distribution and Selling
Listing Your Ebook
Pricing Strategies
C# PowerPoint - How to Process PowerPoint
Visual C# Codes to Process PowerPoint Slide; PowerPoint C#.NET Processor. C#.NET PowerPoint: Process and Edit PowerPoint Slide(s).
copying image from pdf to powerpoint; how to convert pdf to ppt online
VB.NET PowerPoint: Read & Scan Barcode Image from PPT Slide
VB.NET PPT PDF-417 barcode scanning SDK to detect PDF-417 barcode image from PowerPoint slide. VB.NET APIs to detect and decode
chart from pdf to powerpoint; how to convert pdf into powerpoint
Listing Your Ebook
Two Methods of Distribution
Hours of filling out online forms
Distribution Agent
VB.NET PowerPoint: Convert & Render PPT into PDF Document
How to Convert PowerPoint Slide to PDF Using VB.NET Code in .NET. What VB.NET APIs can I use to convert PowerPoint slide to PDF document file?
how to add pdf to powerpoint slide; how to add pdf to powerpoint
VB.NET PowerPoint: Edit PowerPoint Slide; Insert, Add or Delete
To view more VB.NET PowerPoint slide processing functions read VB.NET PPT (.pptx) slide processing guide page & profession imaging controls, PDF document, image
image from pdf to powerpoint; image from pdf to ppt
Distribution Agreements are contracts
What To Expect
Tax and Payment Information
Book Metadata, Cover, and ebook file
About two weeks to “ingest” the ebook
Commitment in time!
VB.NET PowerPoint: Extract & Collect PPT Slide(s) Using VB Sample
PowerPoint image insertion, please read this VB.NET PowerPoint slide processing tutorial to provide powerful & profession imaging controls, PDF document, image
converting pdf to powerpoint online; add pdf to powerpoint slide
VB.NET PowerPoint: VB Code to Draw and Create Annotation on PPT
is used to note or comment PowerPoint (.pptx) slide as a kind of compensation for limitations (other documents are compatible, including PDF, TIFF, MS Word and
and paste pdf into powerpoint; pdf to powerpoint
Paperwork is done once
Using a Distribution agent
Most charge no upfront fee, but charge a piece of the Royalties
Read the Fine Print - - Look for hidden fees
Changes to metadata or price
Payments by check
Listing a book for free
Payments, reporting from one source
Leverage negotiated savings
New and exclusive retailers
VB.NET PowerPoint: Render PowerPoint to REImage for Further
by RasterEdge programmers and it can be got from various document or image pages, including but not limited to PowerPoint document slide/page, PDF file page
images from pdf to powerpoint; changing pdf to powerpoint
VB.NET PowerPoint: How to Convert PowerPoint Document to TIFF in
Each slide may contain text, graphics, sound and other PowerPoint is often used by programmers in many applications formats, such as JPEG, GIF and PDF, by using
convert pdf file to powerpoint online; converting pdf to ppt
Distribution Agents
Before selecting
Make sure you can get to the widest market possible
Global Reach
Be in the libraries and subscription products
Investigate the other services offered by the Distributor
Beware of Exclusivity
Who are some of the players?
There are many companies who offer Distribution
What should I charge for my ebook?
This is up to you…
ROI for Indie books by Price and Genre
“Smashwords 2014 Survey:  MONEY MONEY MONEY: Facts & 
Figures for Financial Payoff New 2014 Data”
Available on
Summary of the results
Summary of the Pricing Results
$2.99, $0.99 & $9.99
$3.99, $2.99 & $0.99
Charts represent performance of Smashwords customers and provided with permission
 Don’t be afraid to test pricing 
 Review how your peer competitors are pricing
 Monitor and revisit your prices 
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Documents you may be interested