Advanced Guide > Troubleshooting > Software Problems
Software Problems
E-mail Software Program You Want to Use Does Not Appear in the Screen for Selecting an E-mail
Software Program
Scanned Image Is Printed Enlarged (Reduced)
Scanned Image Is Enlarged (Reduced) on the Computer Monitor
Scanned Image Does Not Open
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Software Problems
How to change pdf to powerpoint - C# Create PDF from PowerPoint Library to convert pptx, ppt to PDF in, ASP.NET MVC, WinForms, WPF
Online C# Tutorial for Creating PDF from Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
how to convert pdf into powerpoint presentation; create powerpoint from pdf
How to change pdf to powerpoint - VB.NET Create PDF from PowerPoint Library to convert pptx, ppt to PDF in, ASP.NET MVC, WinForms, WPF
VB.NET Tutorial for Export PDF file from Microsoft Office PowerPoint
picture from pdf to powerpoint; how to convert pdf into powerpoint slides
Advanced Guide > Troubleshooting > Software Problems > E-mail Software Program You Want to Use Does Not Appear
in the Screen for Selecting an E-mail Software Program
E-mail Software Program You Want to Use Does Not Appear in
the Screen for Selecting an E-mail Software Program
Check 1: MP Navigator EX may not support the e-mail software program.
The following e-mail software programs are supported. (Image are attached to the mail message
- Windows Mail (Windows Vista)
- Outlook Express (Windows XP/Windows 2000)
- Microsoft Outlook
Check 2: If an e-mail software program does not operate properly, check
that the program's MAPI is enabled.
To enable MAPI, refer to the manual of the e-mail software program.
Check 3: If using an e-mail software program other than the ones listed
above, select None (Attach Manually) when prompted to select a program
and attach the scanned image manually.
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E-mail Software Program You Want to Use Does Not Appear in the Screen for...
Online Convert PowerPoint to PDF file. Best free online export
Online Powerpoint to PDF Converter. Download Free Trial. Then just wait until the conversion from Powerpoint to PDF is complete and download the file.
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RasterEdge XDoc.PowerPoint for .NET - SDK for PowerPoint Document
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Advanced Guide > Troubleshooting > Software Problems > Scanned Image Is Printed Enlarged (Reduced)
Scanned Image Is Printed Enlarged (Reduced)
Check: Set the printing size in the application.
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Scanned Image Is Printed Enlarged (Reduced)
C# WinForms Viewer: Load, View, Convert, Annotate and Edit
to PDF; Convert PowerPoint to PDF; Convert Image to PDF; Convert Jpeg to PDF; Merge PDF Files; Split PDF Document; Remove Password from PDF; Change PDF Permission
how to add pdf to powerpoint slide; how to convert pdf to ppt
How to C#: Overview of Using XDoc.PowerPoint
How to C#: Overview of Using XDoc.PowerPoint. Overview for How to Use XDoc.PowerPoint in C# .NET Programming Project. PowerPoint Conversion.
convert pdf into ppt online; how to change pdf file to powerpoint
Advanced Guide > Troubleshooting > Software Problems > Scanned Image Is Enlarged (Reduced) on the Computer
Scanned Image Is Enlarged (Reduced) on the Computer
Check 1: Change the display setting in the application.
You cannot reduce the display size in "Paint." To reduce the display size, open the images in an
For details, refer to the application's manual. If you have any questions, contact the manufacturer of the
Check 2: Change the resolution setting in ScanGear (scanner driver) and
scan again.
The higher the resolution, the larger the resulting image will be.
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Scanned Image Is Enlarged (Reduced) on the Computer Monitor
C# HTML5 Viewer: Load, View, Convert, Annotate and Edit PowerPoint
Such as load and view PowerPoint without Microsoft Office software installed, convert PowerPoint to PDF file, Tiff image and HTML file, as well as add
and paste pdf to powerpoint; convert pdf pages into powerpoint slides
VB.NET PowerPoint: Read, Edit and Process PPTX File
create image on desired PowerPoint slide, merge/split PowerPoint file, change the order of How to convert PowerPoint to PDF, render PowerPoint to SVG
convert pdf to powerpoint presentation; change pdf to powerpoint online
Advanced Guide > Troubleshooting > Software Problems > Scanned Image Does Not Open
Scanned Image Does Not Open
Check: If the file format is not supported by the application, scan the image
again and save it in a popular file format such as JPEG.
For details, refer to the application's manual. If you have any questions, contact the manufacturer of the
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Scanned Image Does Not Open
VB.NET PDF Password Library: add, remove, edit PDF file password
Add password to PDF. Change PDF original password. Remove password from PDF. Set PDF security level. VB: Change and Update PDF Document Password.
convert pdf into powerpoint; convert pdf to ppt online
C# powerpoint - Convert PowerPoint to PDF in C#.NET
C# PowerPoint - Convert PowerPoint to PDF in C#.NET. Online C# Tutorial for Converting PowerPoint to PDF (.pdf) Document. PowerPoint to PDF Conversion Overview.
convert pdf back to powerpoint; convert pdf to editable powerpoint online
Advanced Guide > Troubleshooting > MP Navigator EX Problems
MP Navigator EX Problems
Cannot Scan at the Correct Size
Position or Size of the Image Cannot be Detected Correctly When Scanning Using the Operation Panel
Document Is Placed Correctly, but the Scanned Image Is Slanted
Document Is Placed Correctly, but the Orientation Changes in the Scanned Image
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MP Navigator EX Problems
Advanced Guide > Troubleshooting > MP Navigator EX Problems > Cannot Scan at the Correct Size
Cannot Scan at the Correct Size
Check 1: Make sure that the documents are placed correctly on the Platen.
Placing Documents
Check 2: Set Document Size to the actual document size and scan again.
If the matching size is not found, scan at a larger size and trim the image.
See the Toolbar (Trimming) in "Correct/Enhance Images Window" for details.
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Cannot Scan at the Correct Size
Advanced Guide > Troubleshooting > MP Navigator EX Problems > Position or Size of the Image Cannot be Detected
Correctly When Scanning Using the Operation Panel
Position or Size of the Image Cannot be Detected Correctly
When Scanning Using the Operation Panel
Check 1: Make sure that the documents are placed correctly on the Platen.
Placing Documents
Check 2: Check that the MP Navigator EX settings are correctly set
according to the document.
If you cannot scan properly with Auto Scan using the Operation Panel, specify the document type or size
in MP Navigator EX.
Scanning Photos and Documents
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Position or Size of the Image Cannot be Detected Correctly When Scanning U...
Advanced Guide > Troubleshooting > MP Navigator EX Problems > Document Is Placed Correctly, but the Scanned Image
Is Slanted
Document Is Placed Correctly, but the Scanned Image Is
Check: In MP Navigator EX, deselect the Correct slanted document
checkbox and scan again.
Scan Settings Dialog Box (Photos/Documents)
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Document Is Placed Correctly, but the Scanned Image Is Slanted
Advanced Guide > Troubleshooting > MP Navigator EX Problems > Document Is Placed Correctly, but the Orientation
Changes in the Scanned Image
Document Is Placed Correctly, but the Orientation Changes in
the Scanned Image
Check: In MP Navigator EX, deselect the Detect the orientation of text
documents and rotate images checkbox and scan again.
Scan Settings Dialog Box (Photos/Documents)
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Document Is Placed Correctly, but the Orientation Changes in the Scanned I...
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