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STLCC-CPLS;Morrison 4/12/2012 
Page 11 
Import Excel Email Addresses to Outlook:  
Outlook-Contacts-File-Import& Export-From another Program (Excel) 
Changing pdf file to jpg - Convert PDF to JPEG images in, ASP.NET MVC, WinForms, WPF project
How to convert PDF to JPEG using C#.NET PDF to JPEG conversion / converter library control SDK
c# convert pdf to jpg; changing file from pdf to jpg
Changing pdf file to jpg - VB.NET PDF Convert to Jpeg SDK: Convert PDF to JPEG images in, ASP.NET MVC, WinForms, WPF project
Online Tutorial for PDF to JPEG (JPG) Conversion in VB.NET Image Application
convert pdf into jpg format; convert pdf photo to jpg
STLCC-CPLS;Morrison 4/12/2012 
Page 12 
Import Excel Email to Outlook: Browse to Excel File Location, then Next     
VB.NET PDF File Merge Library: Merge, append PDF files in
the second PDF file to the target one, this PDF file merge function put the two target PDF together and save as new PDF, without changing the previous
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C# PDF Convert to Tiff SDK: Convert PDF to tiff images in
Supports for changing image size. this .NET PDF to TIFF conversion control, C# developers can render and convert PDF document to TIFF image file with no loss
convert multipage pdf to jpg; convert pdf file to jpg on
STLCC-CPLS;Morrison 4/12/2012 
Page 13 
Import Excel Email to Outlook  
: Select Defined Name AllStudents-then Map Custom Fields    
C# Tiff Convert: How to Convert Raster Images (Jpeg/Png/Bmp/Gif)
Give You Sample Codes for Changing and Converting Jpeg, Png, Bmp, and RasterEdge. XDoc.PDF.dll. an example of converting raster image Jpeg to Tiff image file.
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VB.NET Image: PDF to Image Converter, Convert Batch PDF Pages to
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STLCC-CPLS;Morrison 4/12/2012 
Page 14 
: Drag Items from Left Pane to Selected Fields in Right Pane     
Drag Lastname to Name Field 
Drag Firstname to Another Field (ex. Company) 
Drag Email address to Email (scroll down) 
Drag Anumber to Dept Field 
Select OK when done  
XDoc.HTML5 Viewer for .NET, All Mature Features Introductions
PowerPoint: PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX; PDF: Portable Document to open specified file in server file system or or zoom out functions, and changing file rotation angle
convert pdf to jpg converter; best program to convert pdf to jpg
STLCC-CPLS;Morrison 4/12/2012 
Page 15 
Import Excel Email to Outlook:  
Contacts list populated with Fields from Excel File      
Contacts and Distribution List:  
Names and 
(email, street, 
phones) of 
people from:  
past, and 
Selected group of contacts  
maintained that are 
related to one activity or 
Selected group of contacts  
related  to one 
Selected group of contacts  
related to a particular time 
or place.  
Contacts Folder(s): 
Distribution List: 
Send Email: 
Addresses to 
from Business 
Cards, etc.  
Selected from 
a Database, 
Excel or other 
Email Info:  
Outlook Send/Share Contacts Folder: with Another 
Outlook User  
STLCC-CPLS;Morrison 4/12/2012 
Page 17 
1. In Contacts, Right click mouse on the 
contacts folder that you wish to share/send to 
another Outlook user.  
2. Select “Share” in the popup window 
Outlook Send/Share Contacts: to Another Outllook User  
STLCC-CPLS;Morrison 4/12/2012 
Page 18 
Outlook: Receive “Shared Contacts” Email 
Outlook: Open Shared Contacts Folder 
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