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If you have di"culty determining your 
location, enable Google Location Reporting
Add pdf together one file - Merge, append PDF files in, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
Provide C# Demo Codes for Merging and Appending PDF Document
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Add pdf together one file - VB.NET PDF File Merge Library: Merge, append PDF files in, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
VB.NET Guide and Sample Codes to Merge PDF Documents in .NET Project
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If you have di"culty determining your location, enable 
(disable, if enabled) “Use Google Play Services” 
in app settings, then restart your device
C# Word - Merge Word Documents in C#.NET
C# DLLs: Merge Word File. Add references: Combine and Merge Multiple Word Files into One Using C#. You may also combine more Word documents together.
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C# PowerPoint - Merge PowerPoint Documents in C#.NET
can easily merge and append one PowerPoint document to can be merged and appended together according to Add necessary XDoc.PowerPoint DLL libraries into your
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Discover and save places
Tap anywhere on the map to see info about it. 
Tap the white banner to get more details.
• Tap the star icon to save to bookmarks.
VB.NET Word: How to Process MS Word in VB.NET Library in .NET
MSWordDocx.dll", which, when used together with other online tutorial on how to add & insert one powerful & profession imaging controls, PDF document, image to
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C# Excel - Merge Excel Documents in C#.NET
SDK, C# developers can easily merge and append one Excel document to Excel documents can be merged and appended together according to Add necessary references:
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Place Page
Tap coordinates to change their 
format, tap and hold to copy them  
A direction arrow with the distance to 
your chosen destination will be 
displayed (if your location is known) 
C# PDF Convert to Text SDK: Convert PDF to txt files in
PDF document layout and all the paragraphs are joining together, our C# RasterEdge.XDoc.PDF.dll. RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic' or any other assembly or one of
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VB.NET Image: VB.NET ISSN Barcode Reader & Scanner; Decode Barcode
be integrated and used in VB.NET class application together. VB.NET ISSN barcode scanner control add-on can barcode recognition from one page PDF file works in
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How do I create a route?
Tap the Geolocation button and wait 
for the app to determine your 
Choose your destination (on the map or using search), tap on 
it, then tap the car icon at the top of the screen
C# Image: Document Image Processing SDK Programming in C#.NET
RasterEdge.Imaging.MSWordDocx.dll; RasterEdge.Imaging.PDF.dll; Before you use any programming add-ons from your C#.NET project, usually together with integrated
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C# PowerPoint: C# Codes to Combine & Split PowerPoint Documents
or a list of PowerPoint documents together and create a String doc in dirs) { docList.Add(doc); } PPTXDocument & profession imaging controls, PDF document, tiff
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How do I create a route?
To start following the route tap “Go!” 
The distance to your destination will be displayed. If you 
want to stop following the route, tap the cross icon
How do I search?
Tap the Search icon
Type the name of your destination 
into the search bar, or choose the 
one of the categories.  
How do I search?
You can search using any of the 
*name of the place
*coordinates (43.9775, 15.3854 or 
43°58′38″N 15°23′07.44″E format)
*address (city, street, house 
Please note that search is only 
available for the area displayed on 
the screen (if you want to search in 
Florida, the screen should be 
showing Florida).
Tap the white banner to change the name of the bookmark, choose or add 
a new set, and add notes. To change the colour of the bookmark tap the 
red dot and choose your own colour 
Bookmark sets  
Tap the eye icon to make the set 
invisible on the map (but not in 
the Bookmarks menu)
To change the bookmark set, tap “Bookmarks” on the 
main screen (star icon). You can change the name, make 
them invisible, delete the whole set or  just certain pins 
(bookmarks), and share them
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