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Partially charged
Fully charged
Charging your Kobo eReader with a wall adapter
You can charge your Kobo eReader with any 5V, 500mA
Micro USB adapter.
Note: If you're travelling to a country with different
electrical systems, be sure you have the proper converter
before you charge your Kobo eReader using a power outlet.
Turning your Kobo eReader on and off
Turning your Kobo eReader off or putting it to sleep both
help your battery last longer.
When you put your eReader to sleep and then wake it up,
you go directly back to the last screen you saw. This could
be a page in a book, the Kobo Bookstore, or an area in your
If you turn your eReader off, you’ll go directly to your Home
page when you turn it on again.
C# combine pdf - Merge, append PDF files in, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
Provide C# Demo Codes for Merging and Appending PDF Document
reader create pdf multiple files; add pdf pages together
C# combine pdf - VB.NET PDF File Merge Library: Merge, append PDF files in, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
VB.NET Guide and Sample Codes to Merge PDF Documents in .NET Project
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• To turn your eReader on: Press and hold the power
button for two seconds. The power button light will
blink and your eReader will turn on.
• To put your eReader to sleep: Press the power
button quickly.
• To wake up your eReader: Press the power button
• To turn your eReader off: Press and hold the power
button until the Powered off screen appears.
Using the touch screen
• Tap: Touch the screen lightly to open a book, turn a
page, select a menu, and more. This is the gesture
you'll use the most.
• Swipe: Use this gesture to scroll through the books
in your Library, adjust your screen brightness, and
turn pages.
• Press and hold:"Touch"the"screen"and"hold"your
C# PDF: C#.NET PDF Document Merging & Splitting Control SDK
C#.NET PDF Merger to Combine PDF Files. Using following C#.NET PDF document merging APIs, you can easily merge two or more independent PDF files to create a
merge pdf files; reader combine pdf
C# PDF File Split Library: Split, seperate PDF into multiple files
using which C# developers can split target PDF document file by specifying a page or pages. If needed, developers can also combine generated split PDF document
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Note: Not all books allow text selection. For example, you
cannot select text in PDFs or comic books.
Using ComfortLight
You can adjust the ComfortLight brightness from your
Home screen or while you're reading.
• From your Home screen, tap the 
brightness icon
at the top of the screen, then drag the slider to the
left or right.
• While you're reading, swipe up or down along the
left edge of the screen.
C# Word - Merge Word Documents in C#.NET
Combine and Merge Multiple Word Files into One Using C#. This part illustrates how to combine three Word files into a new file in C# application.
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Online Merge PDF files. Best free online merge PDF tool.
RasterEdge C#.NET PDF document merging toolkit (XDoc.PDF) is designed to help .NET developers combine PDF document files created by different users to one PDF
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Using the Water Detection setting
The Water Detection setting prevents unwanted page turns
when your eReader screen gets wet.
When the Water Detection setting is on, your eReader will
show a dialog window that tells you to dry the screen if it
detects water. To continue, simply wipe the screen dry and
close the dialog window.
You can turn the Water Detection setting off so that the
dialog window won't appear when your eReader detects a
wet screen.
C# PowerPoint - Merge PowerPoint Documents in C#.NET
Combine and Merge Multiple PowerPoint Files into One Using C#. This part illustrates how to combine three PowerPoint files into a new file in C# application.
break pdf file into multiple files; .net merge pdf files
VB.NET PDF: Use VB.NET Code to Merge and Split PDF Documents
Please get the latest XDoc.PDF C# Developer Guide here. destn As [String]) Implements PDFDocument.Combine End Sub. APIs for Splitting PDF document in VB Class.
pdf merge comments; adding pdf pages together
1. Go to your Home screen.
2. Tap the 
Menu icon at the top of the screen.
The Quick Settings panel will appear.
3. Tap Settings.
4. Tap Reading settings.
5. Turn water detection off or on:
• Clear the check box beside Automatically detect
water droplets to turn off water detection.
• Select the check box beside Automatically detect
water droplets to turn on water detection.
Connecting to your computer
Kobo Desktop is free software that lets you add and
manage books on your eReader.
Kobo Desktop lets you:
• Quickly add and delete a large number of books on
your eReader.
• Read books you've purchased from Kobo.
• Shop for books on your computer.
• Sync your eReader.
VB.NET TIFF: Merge and Split TIFF Documents with RasterEdge .NET
get the latest XDoc.Tiff C# Developer Guide here docList As [String]()) TIFFDocument.Combine(filePath, docList & profession imaging controls, PDF document,
pdf mail merge plug in; pdf mail merge
C# PowerPoint: C# Codes to Combine & Split PowerPoint Documents
dirs) { docList.Add(doc); } PPTXDocument.Combine(docList, combinedPath Following demo code in C# is offered to & profession imaging controls, PDF document, tiff
merge pdf; batch pdf merger
For more information about Kobo Desktop, you can:
• Download Kobo Desktop at
• Download the Kobo Desktop user guide from
• Search our help site at
Using Wi Fi
What's in this section
• Connecting your Kobo eReader to a Wi Fi network
• Checking the Wi Fi status on your Kobo eReader
• Turning Wi Fi off on your Kobo eReader
Connecting your Kobo eReader to a Wi Fi
Use Wi Fi to connect to the Internet on your eReader, to
search the Kobo Bookstore, and sync your Kobo eReader.
All you need is access to a wireless network.
1. Go to your Home screen.
2. Tap the 
Sync tile.
Your eReader will try to connect to Wi Fi. This may
take a moment.
3. You'll be prompted to choose a wireless network.
Tap the name of the network you want to use. If
there's a 
Lock icon next to a network, you need a
password to use that network.
4. If you're prompted for a network password, use the
keyboard to type in the password and then tap Join.
You can tap Show Password to see what you're
Checking the Wi Fi status on your Kobo eReader
To see if you’re connected to the Internet, check the Wi Fi
status icon at the top of your screen.
Wi Fi icons
Wi Fi is disabled.
You have a moderately good Wi Fi connection.
You have an excellent Wi Fi connection.
You may have to sync your eReader to see the Wi Fi status
1. Go to your Home screen.
2. Tap the 
Sync tile.
The Wi Fi status icon will appear at the top of the
Turning Wi Fi off on your Kobo eReader
1. Go to your Home screen.
2. Tap the 
Menu icon at the top of the screen.
The Quick Settings panel will appear.
3. Tap Wi Fi.
4. Tap the 
slider icon beside Wi Fi: Enabled.
When you see a dialog box that says Wi Fi: Disabled,
your eReader will no longer have access to the
Syncing your Kobo eReader
What's in this section
• Understanding Sync
• Syncing your Kobo eReader with Wi Fi
• Syncing your Kobo eReader with Kobo Desktop
Understanding Sync
It’s important to sync regularly to get recent software or
app updates, download newly purchased books to your
Kobo Library, and to update your books with bookmarks or
annotations you made while reading on another device. If
you buy a book on, you'll need to sync before
you'll see the book in your Kobo Library.
There are two ways you can sync: using Wi Fi, or by
connecting your Kobo eReader to Kobo Desktop on your
After you’ve synced, you’ll see the covers of all your books
and previews in your Library. Some books will have the word
Download beside the book title, or a 
Download icon on
the book cover. Tap the cover to get the book on your
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