Once you’ve made and saved the changes to your copy of the 
common.css file, upload it using the Journal Style Sheet upload 
For more complex style sheet modifications, or to change an 
OJS template, consult the OJS Technical Reference 
(http://pkp.sfu.ca/ojs/OJSTechnicalReference.pdf) and the 
Customizing OJS document 
5.7 Information
Each of these descriptions will appear on your journal’s web 
site, on the right sidebar at the bottom by default.
OJS in an Hour
Pdf split pages in half - Split, seperate PDF into multiple files in C#.net, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
Explain How to Split PDF Document in Visual C#.NET Application
a pdf page cut; break apart pdf pages
Pdf split pages in half - VB.NET PDF File Split Library: Split, seperate PDF into multiple files in vb.net, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
VB.NET PDF Document Splitter Control to Disassemble PDF Document
cannot select text in pdf file; break apart a pdf file
Figure 62: Information
OJS in an Hour
C# PDF: Use C# APIs to Control Fully on PDF Rendering Process
For example, to convert the left half of PDF document page, you can set the source rectangle to start at (0, 0) and with the original height in pixel and half
break pdf documents; can print pdf no pages selected
VB.NET Image: JPEG 2000 Codec for Image Encoding and Decoding in
Integrate PDF, Tiff, Word compression add-on with JPEG 2000 codec easily in VB.NET; That is to say you can display full size, full resolution or half size, one
break pdf into separate pages; break pdf into smaller files
Figure 63: Lists
If you have chosen the announcements option for your journal (see 
Setup 4.4), a link to manage announcements will appear under 
Management Pages.
Figure 64: Announcements
First, create a new Announcement Type by selecting “Announcement 
Types” and then “Create Announcement Type”. 
OJS in an Hour
C# Word: Set Rendering Options with C# Word Document Rendering
& raster and vector images, such as PDF, tiff, png rendering and converting any Word document pages, you may get the image which sources the left half of page
break pdf; break a pdf into parts
C# Excel: Customize Excel Conversion by Setting Rendering Options
rectangle to start at (0, 0) and with the original width and half of the can save created image object/collection to these file formats, like PDF, TIFF, SVG
break a pdf into separate pages; pdf will no pages selected
Figure 65: Announcement Types
Figure 66: Announcement Types
Fill in the name for a new announcement type.
Figure 67: Create Announcement Type
Next, you can create and post an announcement using “Create New 
Announcement” link. Select announcement type from the dropdown 
OJS in an Hour
C# PowerPoint: How to Set PowerPoint Rendering Parameters in C#
you use this SDK to render PowerPoint (2007 or above) slide into PDF document or For example, to convert the top half of the slide/page to image, you can set
break a pdf into smaller files; pdf split pages
How to C#: Special Effects
LinearStretch. Level the pixel between the black point and white point. Magnify. Double the image size. Mignify. Half the image size. Normolize.
break pdf into multiple files; pdf insert page break
menu, fill in the announcement title, provide the short and detailed 
descriptions for the announcement, and specify the expiry date for the 
announcement to display. 
Figure 68: Create New Announcement
This announcement will now be visible by clicking on the journal 
Home or Announcements link on the top navigation bar, and remain 
there until the expiry date selected.
OJS in an Hour
C# Raster - Image Compression in C#.NET
B44. The value is 17. B44 This form of compression is lossy for half data and stores 32bit data uncompressed. B44A. The value is 18.
break pdf into multiple documents; pdf print error no pages selected
C# Image: C# Code to Encode & Decode JBIG2 Images in RasterEdge .
RegisteredDecoders.GetDecoderFromType(typeof(JBIG2Decoder)); JBIG2.ScaleFactor = JBIG2ScaleFactor.Half; and decompressing of Word & PDF documents as well as
break pdf file into parts; can't select text in pdf file
Files Browser
The Files Browser is an advanced feature that allows the files and 
directories associated with a journal to be viewed and manipulated 
Figure 69: File Browsing
Journal Sections
OJS journals may contain several sections (e.g., Articles, Reviews, 
Research, etc.). You will need to create at least one section for your 
journal (all journals start with a default “Articles” section that can be 
edited). If you do not wish for the section title to be visible to your 
readers, you can choose to omit it from the Table of Contents (this 
may be handy for things like introductions and editorials, for 
To create a new section:
• Go to ‘Management Pages’ and select ‘Journal Sections’:
OJS in an Hour
VB Imaging - Postnet Barcode Creation Tutorial
can encode 5, 6, 9 or 11 digits, excluding check digit, in half- and full image and document files, including PNG, BMP, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint
break a pdf; pdf specification
VB.NET Image: Image Scaling SDK to Scale Picture / Photo
After you run following VB.NET code demo, you will get a scaled image file whose height & width are all half of original image width & height.
break up pdf into individual pages; pdf format specification
Figure 70: Sections
• Select ‘Create Section’:
Figure 71: Create Section
Complete the form with the new section’s information, and 
check the appropriate options:
OJS in an Hour
Figure 72: Section information
• Next, choose a user as the Section Editor. If you haven’t set up 
your journal’s users yet, go to Create Users.
OJS in an Hour
Figure 73: Assigning Section Editors
Review Forms
If no review forms are created here, a default form will appear which 
consists of two text boxes for “author and editor” and for “editor” 
only; otherwise personalized review forms can be made for a specific 
journal section, and edtors can choose a review form when assigning 
the review.
Figure 74: Review Forms
OJS in an Hour
Click on “Create Review Form” link, fill in title and description for a 
review form, then press “Save” button.
Figure 75: Create Review Form
Back to the previous page, the title of a newly-created review form 
Figure 76: Created Review Form
Click on “Edit” link next to the title of review form, and then on Review 
Form page select “Form Items” to embody this review form.
OJS in an Hour
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