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The Horticultural Peat Industry
in Minnesota
Kurt Johnson
University of Minnesota, Duluth
Natural Resources Research Institute
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Minnesota’s Peatlands
• 6 to 7.5 million acres total
• 35% of the total peatlands
in the lower 48 states
• Approximately 2,000 acres
currently managed for the
harvesting of horticultural
Minnesota Peat Resources
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Types of Peat
•Humus peat
•Reed-sedge peat
•Brown moss (Hypnum) peat
•Sphagnum moss peat
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Sphagnum Moss Peat
• Used extensively in 
commercial greenhouses
• Commands the highest price
• Annual U.S. sales of over 
$300 million
• 97% of the Sphagnum moss 
peat sold in the U.S. is 
imported from Canada
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Horticultural Peat Harvesting 
Economic Impact
(260 acre operation)
• Jobs
• Salaries
• Local services s $250,000
• Water sampling$10,000
• Transportation n $250,000
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Horticultural Peat Harvesting
• Clearing
• Ditching
• Surface preparation
• Milling
• Harrowing
• Vacuum harvesting
• Packaging
• Shipping
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