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Data Generator for SQL Server - User's Manual
© 2012 EMS Database Management Solutions
Page controls
Use the Page controls section of the Preferences dialog to customize the style of all
Data Generator page controls.
Tabs are visual elements of tab controls. Their purpose is to identify pages and switch
between them. Once a tab is clicked, the corresponding page is selected.
Pages are container controls that represent the contents of tab controls. Tab controls
contain a single page, whose context is to be updated each time the selected tab
changes. Page controls contain the number of pages equal to the number of tabs.
Tab style
Use the drop-down list to select the painting style that will be applied to the tab controls:
Tabs (tabs are painted as notebook tabs)
Buttons (the selected tab is painted as a pressed button, other tabs are painted as
released buttons)
Flat (tabs are painted as notebook tabs, but appear lowered slightly)
Hot track
This option specifies whether tab captions are highlighted when the mouse pointer hovers
over tabs. Select this option to enable tab highlighting.
Multiline pages
Adjust size of pdf file - Compress reduce PDF size in, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
C# Code & .NET API to Compress & Decompress PDF Document
change paper size in pdf document; change font size in fillable pdf form
Adjust size of pdf file - VB.NET PDF File Compress Library: Compress reduce PDF size in, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
VB.NET PDF Document Compression and Decompression Control SDK
change font size pdf fillable form; change font size in pdf
Data Generator for SQL Server - User's Manual
© 2012 EMS Database Management Solutions
This option specifies whether tabs are arranged across several rows.
If this option is enabled, tabs are automatically arranged into the minimum number of rows
required to fit all of them. If this option is disabled, tabs are displayed within a single row.
Native style
This option determines whether the native Windows style will be applied to the tab
The option has the highest priority for the tab controls. If this option is selected, the tabs
are painted according to the native Windows style, regardless of other painting settings.
Note: The Native style option is currently supported for the Windows® XP operating
system only.
See also:
Trees and lists
Edit controls
Check boxes
Group boxes
VB.NET Image: How to Draw Annotation on Doc Images with Image SDK
like multi-page TIFF, Microsoft Office Word and PDF file). that, you are also able to adjust various image the annotation shapes, the outline size (width and
advanced pdf compressor; change font size pdf
C# Image: Zoom Image and Document Page in C#.NET Web Viewer
jpeg), gif, bmp (bitmap), tiff / multi-page tiff, PDF, etc. APIs for Visual C# .NET developers to adjust the image & document page viewing size with this
pdf reduce file size; pdf page size limit
Data Generator for SQL Server - User's Manual
© 2012 EMS Database Management Solutions
Group boxes
Use the Group boxes section to customize all Data Generator group boxes to your liking.
Border style
This setting determines the manner in which group box borders are painted. Use the drop-
down list to select the painting style that will be applied to the group boxes:
If this option is selected, a shadow is displayed for the group boxes.
Native style
This option determines whether the native Windows style will be applied to the group
The option has the highest priority for the group boxes. If this option is selected, the
group boxes are painted according to the native Windows style, regardless of other
painting settings.
VB.NET Image: VB.NET Code to Create Watermark on Images in .NET
font type "Times New Roman", size "16", and style "Bold"), and then adjust brush color provide powerful & profession imaging controls, PDF document, tiff
best pdf compressor; pdf file size limit
C# PDF Convert: How to Convert Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Tiff
for image size. Able to adjust and customize image resolution to meet various C# PDF conversion requirements. Conversion from other files to PDF file can be
change font size pdf document; batch pdf compression
Data Generator for SQL Server - User's Manual
© 2012 EMS Database Management Solutions
Note: The Native style option is currently supported for the Windows® XP operating
system only.
See also:
Trees and lists
Edit controls
Check boxes
Page controls
C# PDF: Use C# APIs to Control Fully on PDF Rendering Process
0, 0, originalWidth, originalHeight), size); // adjust with a 0, originalWidth / 2, originalHeight), new Size(originalWidth / 2 tool to convert PDF document to
acrobat compress pdf; change page size of pdf document
C# PowerPoint: How to Set PowerPoint Rendering Parameters in C#
this SDK to render PowerPoint (2007 or above) slide into PDF document or Generally, you are allowed to set image resolution, image size, batch conversion and
best way to compress pdf; can a pdf file be compressed
Data Generator for SQL Server - User's Manual
© 2012 EMS Database Management Solutions
This section of the Preferences dialog allows you to specify fonts used in the
The box below displays the sample text with the selected font applied.
System font name
Defines the font used by Data Generator for SQL Server. Select the font name from the
drop-down list of available system fonts.
View Images & Documents in Web Image Viewer | Online Tutorials
page document or image file, like Word, PDF or TIFF three different APIs for adjusting image viewing size. btnFitWidth API allows developers to adjust the width
pdf page size may not be reduced; best pdf compression
VB.NET Image: Image Resizer Control SDK to Resize Picture & Photo
VB.NET Code for Adjusting Image Size. In order to resizer control add-on, can I adjust the sizes of powerful & profession imaging controls, PDF document, image
change file size of pdf document; reader pdf reduce file size
Data Generator for SQL Server - User's Manual
© 2012 EMS Database Management Solutions
System font size 
Defines the font size used by Data Generator for SQL Server. Type in or use the drop-
down list to select the required value.
See also:
Trees and lists
Edit controls
Check boxes
Page controls
Group boxes
C# Word: How to Draw Text, Line & Image in C#.NET Word Project
copy the sample codes below to adjust text properties such as image color, picture size, location of powerful & profession imaging controls, PDF document, image
pdf page size dimensions; adjust pdf page size
VB.NET Excel: VB Methods to Set and Customize Excel Rendering
on the fixed image size ration that the size is limited by Adjust Image Scaling Factor. supports converting Excel to other document files, like PDF with online
best way to compress pdf files; change font size in pdf form field
Data Generator for SQL Server - User's Manual
© 2012 EMS Database Management Solutions
Console Application
Additionally to the GUI version which is implemented in the form of a wizard application,
the installation package of Data Generator for SQL Server includes the console version
which is intended for being run from Windows command line with a template file name
used as the execution parameter.
Data Generator for SQL Server command line utility is intended for quick and powerful data
generation to SQL Server tables.
· Using console application
See also:
Wizard Application
Data Generator for SQL Server - User's Manual
© 2012 EMS Database Management Solutions
Using console application
All the generation options are set in template (*.gtm) files. A template can be also used
in the Console version of Data Generator for SQL Server .
To create a template file, follow the instructions below:
· start Data Generator for SQL Server Wizard Application
· set all the required options in all steps of the wizard;
· test the generation process at the last step;
· save all generation options in the template file
The easiest way to start Data Generator for SQL Server console application is to double-
click the generated *.gtm template file. The other way is to enter the command line and
type the appropriate command.
<path to Data Generator for SQL Server console application>\MsDataGenC.exe
TemplateFile [-L] [-B]
Stands for the *.gtm template file to be used as the console version execution parameter
Applies the current localization
selected in Wizard Application
Use this parameter in the command line to run the console version of Data Generator for
SQL Server in background mode 
"C:\Program Files\EMS\Data Generator for SQL Server\MsDataGenC.exe" "C:
\EMS\Templates\DataGenerator\Example.gtm" -L
Note: The result of the latest task performed by Data Generator for SQL Server can be
found in the system variable '%ERRORLEVEL%'.
0 - successful completion;
1 - error(s) occurred during task performing;
2 - fatal error occurred. The task was not performed.
See also:
Using wizard application
Configuration file format
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