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Introducing PDF/UA & 
Solutions for Accessible 
Change font size pdf document - Compress reduce PDF size in, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
C# Code & .NET API to Compress & Decompress PDF Document
change font size in fillable pdf; pdf optimized format
Change font size pdf document - VB.NET PDF File Compress Library: Compress reduce PDF size in, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
VB.NET PDF Document Compression and Decompression Control SDK
pdf compressor; adjust pdf size
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A brand of NetCentric Technologies (est. 1995) 
Dedicated to PDF accessibility since 2004 
First with 3rd party PDF tagging software 
Complete solutions for the entire document lifecycle 
On demand PDF accessibility services 
PDF/UA and WCAG 2.0 support coming soon! 
C# PDF insert text Library: insert text into PDF content in
Powerful .NET PDF edit control allows modify existing scanned PDF text. Ability to change text font, color, size and location and output a new PDF document.
best way to compress pdf; apple compress pdf
C# PDF Annotate Library: Draw, edit PDF annotation, markups in C#.
Able to edit and change PDF annotation properties such as font size or color. Abilities to draw markups on PDF document or stamp on PDF file.
change font size pdf document; pdf change page size
Millions of Files Online 
Source: Google “filetype:X” search 
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Why PDF? 
Where is 
PDF going? 
C# PDF Sticky Note Library: add, delete, update PDF note in
Able to change font size in PDF comment box. Note is a necessary feature in PDF annotation, which bring users quick and efficient working with PDF Document.
batch reduce pdf file size; change pdf page size
C# PDF Convert to Word SDK: Convert PDF to Word library in
target PDF document, keeps the elements (like images, tables and chats) of original PDF file and maintains the original text style (including font, size, color
can pdf files be compressed; change font size fillable pdf
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Benefits of PDF on your Web Sites 
PDF is reliable; it looks and works the same everywhere 
PDF is easy to make (akin to printing) and share 
PDF can interoperate with paper in arbitrary workflows 
PDF includes searchable text, including scanned pages 
PDF provides bookmarks, links, forms and annotations 
PDF files may include scripts, movies and attachments 
PDF may be encrypted, and include digital signatures 
Nothing puts it all together like PDF. 
Why PDF? 
C# PDF Field Edit Library: insert, delete, update pdf form field
A best C#.NET PDF document SDK library for PDF form field Able to add text field to specified PDF file position in C# Support to change font size in PDF form.
advanced pdf compressor; change page size pdf
C# PDF: Use C# Code to Add Watermark to PDF Document
into your C#.NET class application, developers can easily add a transparent watermark with desired font color, size and position onto target PDF document page.
acrobat compress pdf; change font size in pdf form
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Users and Organizations LOVE PDF! 
PDF is reliable, and looks the same everywhere (Windows, 
Mac, Linux, tablet, phone, printer, etc.) 
PDF is difficult to alter but may be secured, stamped, 
annotated, redacted, digitally signed and much more 
PDF works offline; PDF/A files will last forever 
PDF is sturdy, powerful and flexible; it’s “electronic paper”, but 
in a good way 
PDF files are EASY, ok! 
BUT - it does have it’s challenges... 
Why PDF? 
Generate Barcodes in Web Image Viewer| Online Tutorials
Select "Generate" to process barcode generation; Change Barcode Properties. Select "Font" to choose human-readable text font style, color, size and effects;
pdf page size may not be reduced; change font size in pdf text box
VB.NET Image: Visual Basic .NET Guide to Draw Text on Image in .
Please note that you can change some of the example, you can adjust the text font, font size, font type (regular LoadImage) Dim DrawFont As New Font("Arial", 16
change font size in pdf comment box; adjust pdf size preview
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Web Content Managers HATE PDF! 
PDF appearance is unmanaged (no CSS and template usage 
beyond web content management’s control) 
No visibility: even 1,000 page PDF files are “managed” by 
Content Management Systems as single objects 
While web pages can easily be fixed or tweaked, changing 
PDF files usually means returning to the source 
HTML is “light,” PDF files can be huge (after all, they may 
contain hundreds or thousands of pages) 
Anyone can and does make PDF documents and forms, so 
why is it a “web content” problem? 
Why PDF? 
© 2012 by NetCentric - 
Why PDF? 
Millions of Files Online 
Source: Google “filetype:X” search 
Deal with it. 
© 2012 by NetCentric - 
© 2012 by NetCentric - 
What is PDF/UA? 
The ISO Standard for 
accessible PDF 
...and the first accessible 
(tagged) ISO Standard... 
(available from 
© 2012 by NetCentric - 
Why the world needs PDF/UA 
FACT: A key problem with accessibility today (and especially with 
PDF) is inconsistent & insufficient methods and tools. 
FACT: The reality is that PDF creation can’t be fully controlled; PDF 
files are easy to make, using any software. This isn’t a “bad thing” 
- PDF is a reality for good reasons. 
FACT: PDF/UA provides a clear normative framework for software 
to create, test and remediate accessible PDFs.  
FACT: PDF/UA makes it easier for software developers to produce 
WCAG 2.0 conforming PDF files because it provides technically-
specific requirements. Development is encouraged because the 
risk is reduced, the objective is clearly defined and the 
marketplace is expanded. 
What is PDF/UA? 
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