Digital Printing Reference   111
Figure 5-1 InDesign
General Settings
Pdf form change font size - Compress reduce PDF size in, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
C# Code & .NET API to Compress & Decompress PDF Document
change font size in pdf file; change font size in pdf text box
Pdf form change font size - VB.NET PDF File Compress Library: Compress reduce PDF size in, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
VB.NET PDF Document Compression and Decompression Control SDK
change page size of pdf document; pdf file compression
112   Digital Printing Reference
Be sure the paper size under both the [Paper Size] in the Print Dialog 
box and the [Paper] in the Page Setup dialog box match. This will ensure 
that your document prints correctly. Also, check that the orientation is 
Figure 5-2 InDesign
Setup Settings
C# PDF insert text Library: insert text into PDF content in
Powerful .NET PDF edit control allows modify existing scanned PDF text. Ability to change text font, color, size and location and output a new PDF document.
pdf change font size; pdf page size
C# PDF Field Edit Library: insert, delete, update pdf form field
Able to add text field to specified PDF file position in C#.NET class. Support to change font size in PDF form. Able to delete form fields from adobe PDF file.
can a pdf file be compressed; adjust pdf page size
Digital Printing Reference   113
Marks and Bleeds
If bleeds are used, 0.125 in. (3 mm) is generally recommended for 
printing on Xerox
Digital Presses, like most other printing systems.
Figure 5-3 InDesign
Marks and Bleed Settings
C# PDF Annotate Library: Draw, edit PDF annotation, markups in C#.
Able to edit and change PDF annotation properties such as font size or color. Abilities to draw markups on PDF document or stamp on PDF file.
adjust file size of pdf; pdf markup text size
C# PDF Sticky Note Library: add, delete, update PDF note in
Allow users to add comments online in ASPX webpage. Able to change font size in PDF comment box. Able to save and print sticky notes in PDF file.
pdf font size change; advanced pdf compressor online
114   Digital Printing Reference
Always print with Output Color set to [Composite Leave Unchanged] to 
prevent any color conversions. This allows the RIP to convert both RGB 
and CMYK objects to the printer’s color instead of InDesign
. Only use 
[Composite CMYK or RGB] if the preference is to have the entire job in  
one single color space.
Do not use [Text as Black]. This will convert all color text to black.  
This feature should only be used for quick proofing.
Do not use [Simulate Overprint]. This should be used for low-end 
proofing only as it may convert spot colors to process.
C# PDF Convert to Word SDK: Convert PDF to Word library in
PDF document, keeps the elements (like images, tables and chats) of original PDF file and maintains the original text style (including font, size, color, links
best pdf compressor online; pdf page size may not be reduced
Generate Barcodes in Web Image Viewer| Online Tutorials
Change Barcode Properties. RasterEdge OCR Engine; PDF Reading; Encode & Decode JBIG 2 Files; Compress & Twain Scanning; DICOM Reading; Form Recognition & Processing
compress pdf; can pdf files be compressed
Digital Printing Reference   115
Figure 5-4 InDesign
Output Settings
VB.NET Image: Visual Basic .NET Guide to Draw Text on Image in .
for example, a VB.NET Windows Form application. Please note that you can change some of the provide powerful & profession imaging controls, PDF document, image
change font size in pdf form; best way to compress pdf files
Generate Image in .NET Winforms Imaging Viewer| Online Tutorials
Change Barcode Properties. Multi-page Tiff Processing; RasterEdge OCR Engine; PDF Reading; Encode & JPEG 2000 Files; Twain Scanning; DICOM Reading; Form Recognition
change font size in fillable pdf form; change font size pdf
116   Digital Printing Reference
Use Send Data [All] for Graphics, Images.
Always Download [Complete] fonts.
Check [Download PPD Fonts] to preserve all fonts.
Always use PostScript
[Level 3].
Figure 5-5 InDesign
Graphics Settings
Digital Printing Reference   117
Color Management
Color Handling should be set to [No Color Management] to prevent 
colors from converting. 
Figure 5-6 InDesign
Color Management Settings
118   Digital Printing Reference
Only enable OPI if your print provider requests it.
Set the Transparency Flattener Preset to [High Resolution].
Use [Ignore Spread Overrides] if styles are thought to be set incorrectly. 
When checked, a single transparency flattener style will be applied to 
the document and will override all other flattening settings.
Digital Printing Reference   119
Figure 5-7 InDesign
Advanced Settings
120   Digital Printing Reference
Use the following print settings for QuarkXPress when sending files to the 
printer or when preparing PostScript
files for PDF. 
When using Mac OS
10.4.x to create PostScript files, you will need to 
enable [Create PostScript File for Later Distilling]. This setting can be 
found in the pull-down list [QuarkXPress: Preferences: PDF]. When this 
radio button is selected, Quark
will generate a PostScript file instead 
of a PDF file whenever [Export: Layout as PDF] is selected from the File 
menu. Mac OS 10.3.x users are able to create PostScript files as usual—
without making any changes to the QuarkXPress preferences. In the 
print window, simply select [Output Options] in the pull-down menu and 
select [Save as File, Format: PostScript].
Do not print with Separations.
For duplex printing, select [Print Blank Pages]. This will ensure that 
chapters start on the right-hand page.
If bleeds are used, 0.125 inch (3 mm) is generally recommended for 
printing on Xerox
Digital Presses as with most other printing systems.
Print Settings
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