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Making Documents Accessible: InDesign CS6 to EPUB, PDF and 
NKL, Helsinki, Finland | 09 November 2012 
Kiran Kaja | Accessibility Engineer | Adobe Systems, Incorporated 
Adjust pdf size - Compress reduce PDF size in, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
C# Code & .NET API to Compress & Decompress PDF Document
pdf file size; adjust pdf size preview
Adjust pdf size - VB.NET PDF File Compress Library: Compress reduce PDF size in, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
VB.NET PDF Document Compression and Decompression Control SDK
adjust pdf size; change font size pdf text box
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The Importance of Best Practices: Accessibility is NOT a Feature, 
It’s a Result 
There is NO Accessibility Button – 
Accessible Content Creation is a 
Process NOT a Feature 
Achieving Accessibility Requires 
Human Testing in addition to 
Automated Checking 
Checking Can Only Detect for the 
Presence or Lack of Required Items 
Cannot Check if an Item is Correct or 
Accessibility is part of the Production 
Workflow – Like Authoring, Layout, 
Proofreading, etc. 
Note Also, Publishers Will Need to 
Employ a Variety of Techniques and 
VB.NET Image: How to Draw Annotation on Doc Images with Image SDK
multi-page TIFF, Microsoft Office Word and PDF file that, you are also able to adjust various image control the annotation shapes, the outline size (width and
optimize scanned pdf; change file size of pdf
C# Image: Zoom Image and Document Page in C#.NET Web Viewer
jpeg), gif, bmp (bitmap), tiff / multi-page tiff, PDF, etc. APIs for Visual C# .NET developers to adjust the image & document page viewing size with this
change paper size in pdf; reader compress pdf
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Use Paragraph Styles Consistently Throughout the Document 
Critical for Successful Export of Content to EPUB & PDF 
Base Styles on their Hierarchical Roles 
Generate and draw PDF 417 for Java
417 barcode image text in Java Class barcode.setData("PDF417 for Java"); //Adjust PDF 417 size with left, right, top and bottom margins barcode.setleftMargin(3
change font size in fillable pdf form; best pdf compressor
VB.NET Image: VB.NET Code to Create Watermark on Images in .NET
font type "Times New Roman", size "16", and style "Bold"), and then adjust brush color provide powerful & profession imaging controls, PDF document, tiff
change file size of pdf document; adjust pdf page size
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Establish Export Tag  Relationships 
Between InDesign Styles and EPUB/HTML & PDF Tags 
Creates an association between the text using that style and 
its role in the semantic structure of the EPUB/HTML or PDF 
C# PowerPoint: How to Set PowerPoint Rendering Parameters in C#
this SDK to render PowerPoint (2007 or above) slide into PDF document or Generally, you are allowed to set image resolution, image size, batch conversion and
reader pdf reduce file size; change paper size in pdf document
C# PDF: Use C# APIs to Control Fully on PDF Rendering Process
PDF document PDFDocument doc = new PDFDocument(@"c:\sample.pdf"); // compute zoom new Rectangle(0, 0, originalWidth, originalHeight), size); // adjust with a
pdf files optimized; change font size on pdf text box
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Anchor Images within the Content Flow 
Describes images at the appropriate point in text flows 
VB.NET Excel: VB Methods to Set and Customize Excel Rendering
on the fixed image size ration that the size is limited by Adjust Image Scaling Factor. supports converting Excel to other document files, like PDF with online
pdf font size change; pdf page size limit
C# PDF Convert: How to Convert Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Tiff
Support rendering image to a PDF document page, no change for image size. Able to adjust and customize image resolution to meet various C# PDF conversion
best compression pdf; advanced pdf compressor
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Add Alternative Text for Images 
Images in an accessible 
EPUB/PDF document 
require alternative text so 
that the image can be 
described by a screen 
reader or assistive device.  
C# Word: How to Draw Text, Line & Image in C#.NET Word Project
copy the sample codes below to adjust text properties such as image color, picture size, location of powerful & profession imaging controls, PDF document, image
pdf change font size in textbox; change font size in fillable pdf
C# Word: Set Rendering Options with C# Word Document Rendering
& raster and vector images, such as PDF, tiff, png rendering application still enables users to adjust and set developers can choose a target size or resolution
can pdf files be compressed; reader shrink pdf
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InDesign Provides Several Ways to Add Alt Text 
From the Object Export 
Options Dialog (Object > 
Object Export Options) 
Custom – Custom Alt Text typed 
into the dialog 
Alt text applied to an Office 
document imported into InDesign 
appears in the Custom field as well 
From Structure – Use the Alt = 
Attribute on a <Figure> in a 
tagged InDesign file 
XMP field – from one of the fixed 
XMP fields, Title, Description, 
Headline, or a custom XMP field 
you define 
These fields can also be viewed 
in Adobe Bridge or Bridge Lite 
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Incorporate Internal Document Navigation Mechanisms 
Allows screen reader users 
to efficiently navigate the 
document by using the links 
these mechanisms create 
Highlight the First Row 
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Establish Content Order with the Articles Panel 
The Articles panel in 
InDesign CS6 enables you 
to precisely define which 
content in your document 
gets tagged and in what 
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Specify a Document Title and Description as Metadata 
For accessibility, as well as 
for search engine 
optimization, a PDF file 
requires a document title 
and a description of its 
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