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How to make a thumbnail from pdf - Library software component:C# PDF Thumbnail Create SDK: Draw thumbnail images for PDF in, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
Support Thumbnail Generation with Various Options for Quick PDF Navigation
How to make a thumbnail from pdf - Library software component:VB.NET PDF Thumbnail Create SDK: Draw thumbnail images for PDF in, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
Support Thumbnail Generation with Various Options for Quick PDF Navigation
Training Agenda for HTML, CSS, JavaScript & jQuery
Day 1
Session 1: 
Web Terminologies
HTML Basics
Lab: Our First HTML Page
Session 2: 
CSS Basics
Lab: Creating a 3 Column Layout Page
Day 2:
Session 1: 
HTML Forms
Working with a Server Side Technology (ASP.NET)
Lab: Creating a User Registration Form
Session 2:
Background Images, Pseudo Classes, Sprites
Lab: Styling the User Registration Form
Library software component:How to C#: Set Image Thumbnail in C#.NET
VB.NET How-to, VB.NET PDF, VB.NET Word, VB.NET Excel, VB.NET PowerPoint, VB.NET Tiff, VB.NET Imaging, VB.NET OCR, VB Thumbnail item. Make the ToolBox view show.
Library software component:VB.NET Image: Program for Creating Thumbnail from Documents and
to create thumbnail from multiple document and image formats, such as PDF, TIFF, GIF, BMP When applying it to thumbnail creation, you may make sure that
Training Agenda Contd..
Day 3:
Session 1:
CSS Menus, Lists and Rounded Corners
Lab: Adding a rounded cornered Drop Down menu to the User Registration 
Session 2:
Browser Inconsistencies and how to handle them
Lab: The Complete User Registration Process
Mobile Web Design Overview
Day 4:
Session 1:
JavaScript Overview
Lab: JavaScript Programming Basics
Session 2:
DOM, HTML Forms and JavaScript
Lab: User Registration Form Validation
Library software component:How to C#: Quick to Start Using XImage.Raster
Make the ToolBox view show. To make the ThumbnailView connect to the ImageView, add the following code to the Form Initialize method.
Library software component:How to C#: Create a Winforms Control
Tiff Edit. Image Thumbnail. Image Save. Advanced Save Options. Save Image. Image Viewer. VB.NET How-to, VB.NET PDF, VB.NET Word, VB.NET Excel Make the ToolBox view
Training Agenda Contd..
Day 5:
Session 1: 
Events and Event Handlers
Error Handling and Debugging JavaScript
Lab: Creating a JavaScript Modal Dialog
Session 2:
AJAX Overview
Lab: Loading a remote file asynchronously
Day 6
Session 1:
Lab: Alternate Row Styling
Session 2:
More jQuery
Lab: Building a CSS Style Switcher
Library software component:VB.NET Image: Codings for Image Filter Processing with .NET Image
If you have a photograph and you want to blur it a little bit to make it obscure, this component SDK will also meet your requirement.
Library software component:VB.NET Image: Visual Basic .NET Guide to Draw Text on Image in .
Make sure you have put the sample jpeg image to disk C for successful We are dedicated to provide powerful & profession imaging controls, PDF document, image
Training Agenda Contd..
Day 7:
Session 1:
AJAX in jQuery
Lab: Ajaxifyingthe user registration form
Session 2:
Authoring Plugins
Lab: Creating a Shadow Plugin`
Performance Enhancement Techniques in Web Development
Accessibility Guidelines and W3C Standards
A note about SEO, Caching and Cookies
Library software component:VB.NET Image: How to Generate Freehand Annotation Through VB.NET
This VB.NET annotation library helps you to make annotations with graphics and text line annotation on different images and documents, such as PDF, TIFF, PNG
Library software component:VB.NET TIFF: How to Compress TIFF File in a VB.NET Imaging
transmission. Under this condition, you may need to make the source TIFF file smaller by using proper image compression methods.
Training Agenda for Advanced JavaScript & jQuery
Day 1 : JavaScript Basics
Session 1: 
Anatomy of a Web Page
JavaScript Basics
Types & Special Objects in JavaScript
Lab: Basics of JavaScript Programming
DOM Access & Manipulation
Session 2: 
Lab: DOM Access & Manipulation
JavaScript Events and Event Handlers
JavaScript and Forms
Errors and Debugging Techniques in JavaScript
Lab: A User Registration Form 
Library software component:.NET Imaging SDK | Online Tutorials in C#.NET
imaging SDK & add-ons to make your applications easier & Redact Documents or Images; Create Thumbnail; Generate Barcodes PDF Reader; Encode & Decode JBIG 2 Files;
Library software component:C# Image: How to Add Antique & Vintage Effect to Image, Photo
is widely used in modern photo editors, which can easily make source image are dedicated to provide powerful & profession imaging controls, PDF document, tiff
Training Agenda Contd..
Day 2: JavaScript Advanced
Session 1:
Object Oriented JavaScript
Functions as First Class Objects
Scopes & Closures
Objects & JSON
Lab: Objects in JavaScript
Session 2:
JS Prototype Syntax
Coding Standards & Design patterns
Unobtrusive Programming
Configuration Objects
Private & Public
Singleton pattern
Module pattern
Factory Pattern
Lab: Events Unobtrusively, Object Members, Implementing Patterns, Adding 
methods to existing objects
Training Agenda Contd..
Day 3: JavaScript & Ajax
Session 1: 
Ajax overview
Ajax using JavaScript
Content Types & Mime Types Overview
Lab: The Ajax Dictionary
Session 2:
Accessibility & Fallback Techniques
Performance & Security Considerations
Browser Considerations
Lab: Design for Accessibility
Training Agenda Contd..
Day 4: jQuery
Session 1:
Selectors in jQuery
The jQueryContext & the jQueryObject
Lab: Page Load, Selectors & Basic Effects
Session 2:
Binding Events
Ajax using jQuery
Lab: Ajax enabled Accordion
Post Assessment
Components of the Web
Computer Networks
Network Addresses
Browsers and Web Servers 
Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML)
Web Applications
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