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Historical Background, Terminology, Evolution of Recommendations, and Measurement
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American College of Sports Medicine. Position stand: the
recommended quantity and quality of exercise for
developing and maintaining cardiorespiratory and
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grams:  a statement for healthcare professionals from the
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ment for healthcare professionals from the American
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efits and recommendations for physical activity pro-
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diac Rehabilitation of the Council on Clinical Cardiol-
ogy, American Heart Association. Circulation
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AMA guidelines for adolescent preventive services (GAPS):
recommendations and rationale. Chicago, IL: Williams
and Wilkins, 1994.
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Physical Activity and Health
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in American history. New York: Science History Publi-
cations, 1977:31–48.
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Historical Background, Terminology, Evolution of Recommendations, and Measurement
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Physical Activity and Health
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Documents you may be interested