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Where to start? 
[If you are using a PC that is – on a Mac its simple] 
Delete page in pdf document - remove PDF pages in C#.net, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
Provides Users with Mature Document Manipulating Function for Deleting PDF Pages
delete pages from pdf in preview; cut pages from pdf online
Delete page in pdf document - VB.NET PDF Page Delete Library: remove PDF pages in vb.net, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
Visual Basic Sample Codes to Delete PDF Document Page in .NET
delete pdf pages in preview; delete pages in pdf online
Beginning with MS Word 
Most lecturers use MS Word to write material: 
Give careful consideration to format and style 
Keep it simple 
Use standard MS Word Styles 
Use mainstream fonts 
Format all material using styles 
Remove Contents (these are not needed: Headings are 
converted to Contents in .epub) 
Strip out headers and footers 
Convert Footnotes to Endnotes 
Paste diagrams and pictures into MS Word as images - Picture 
(PNG) format is best 
Paste complex tables into document as PNG image 
C# PDF Page Insert Library: insert pages into PDF file in C#.net
page processing functions, such as how to merge PDF document files by C# code, how to rotate PDF document page, how to delete PDF page using C# .NET, how to
delete blank pages in pdf online; delete a page from a pdf file
C# PDF File & Page Process Library SDK for C#.net, ASP.NET, MVC
Page Process. File: Merge, Append PDF Files. File: Split PDF Document. File: Compress PDF. Page: Create Thumbnails. Page: Insert PDF Pages. Page: Delete Existing
cut pages out of pdf online; acrobat extract pages from pdf
Select style 
Keep styles simple 
VB.NET PDF Page Insert Library: insert pages into PDF file in vb.
Easy to Use VB.NET APIs to Add a New Blank Page to PDF Document in VB.NET Program. DLLs for Adding Page into PDF Document in VB.NET Class.
cut pages out of pdf file; copy page from pdf
VB.NET PDF File & Page Process Library SDK for vb.net, ASP.NET
document. If you find certain page in your PDF document is unnecessary, you may want to delete this page directly. Moreover, when
delete page from pdf; add remove pages from pdf
Use built in MS Word 
styles to format your 
Format using styles 
VB.NET PDF Page Extract Library: copy, paste, cut PDF pages in vb.
Dim filepath As String = "" Dim outPutFilePath As String = "" Dim doc As PDFDocument = New PDFDocument(filepath) ' Copy the first page of PDF document.
delete pdf pages ipad; delete page from pdf file
C# PDF Page Extract Library: copy, paste, cut PDF pages in C#.net
String filepath = @""; String outPutFilePath = @""; PDFDocument doc = new PDFDocument(filepath); // Copy the first page of PDF document.
delete page in pdf file; delete pages from a pdf reader
Use Navigation to check layout 
C# PDF metadata Library: add, remove, update PDF metadata in C#.
C#.NET PDF SDK - Edit PDF Document Metadata in C#.NET. Allow C# Developers to Read, Add, Edit, Update and Delete PDF Metadata in .NET Project.
delete pages on pdf file; delete pages of pdf reader
VB.NET PDF delete text library: delete, remove text from PDF file
187.0F) Dim aChar As PDFTextCharacter = textMgr.SelectChar(page, cursor) ' delete a selected As String = Program.RootPath + "\\" output.pdf" doc.Save
delete page in pdf reader; delete page from pdf reader
3 simple (and free!) options 
for conversion to EPUB 
Aspose.Word EXPRESS available at: 
Sigil available at: 
CALIBRE e-Book Management available at: 
Aspose.Word EXPRESS 
Can convert either MS Word .docx 
files directly or MS Word files saved 
as  .html 
Aspose Settings 
Can adjust settings 
Testing your EPUB 
document in free Desktop* readers, e.g.: 
Adobe Digital Editions 
Firefox EPUB Reader (Add On) 
View in iBook on iPad (load .epub via iTunes) 
If adjustments needed, edit MS Word document 
and convert again until satisfied. 
* Can also be read and edited in Sigil and CALIBRE 
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