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Textastic for iPad Manual - 61
Add a Dropbox Connection
Delete pages pdf document - remove PDF pages in C#.net, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
Provides Users with Mature Document Manipulating Function for Deleting PDF Pages
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Visual Basic Sample Codes to Delete PDF Document Page in .NET
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Textastic for iPad Manual - 62
Tap on the + button (1) and choose Dropbox Connection (2) to add a new Dropbox connection.
C# PDF Page Insert Library: insert pages into PDF file in C#.net
how to merge PDF document files by C# code, how to rotate PDF document page, how to delete PDF page using C# .NET, how to reorganize PDF document pages and how
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C# PDF File & Page Process Library SDK for C#.net, ASP.NET, MVC
Page Process. File: Merge, Append PDF Files. File: Split PDF Document. File: Compress PDF. Page: Create Thumbnails. Page: Insert PDF Pages. Page: Delete Existing
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Textastic for iPad Manual - 63
Configure the Connection
You can add a custom title that will appear in the connection list (especially useful if you want to 
connect to several different Dropbox accounts).
Tap on Link Account.
C# PDF Page Extract Library: copy, paste, cut PDF pages in C#.net
Create the new document with 3 pages. String outputFilePath = Program.RootPath + "\\" Output.pdf"; newDoc.Save(outputFilePath);
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VB.NET PDF Page Insert Library: insert pages into PDF file in vb.
Able to add and insert one or multiple pages to existing adobe PDF document in VB.NET. Add and Insert Multiple PDF Pages to PDF Document Using VB.
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Textastic for iPad Manual - 64
Enter Dropbox credentials
If you have the Dropbox app installed, it will be opened and allow you to link your Dropbox 
account to this connection.
VB.NET PDF Page Extract Library: copy, paste, cut PDF pages in vb.
' Create the new document with 3 pages. Dim outputFilePath As String = Program.RootPath + "\\" Output.pdf" newDoc.Save(outputFilePath).
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C# Word - Delete Word Document Page in C#.NET
Delete Consecutive Pages from Word in C#. How to delete a range of pages from a Word document. How to delete several defined pages from a Word document.
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Textastic for iPad Manual - 65
If you don't have the Dropbox installed, enter the Email  and Password  for your Dropbox account 
and tap on the Sign in button (3) to link your Dropbox account to this connection.
C# PDF metadata Library: add, remove, update PDF metadata in C#.
C#.NET PDF SDK - Edit PDF Document Metadata in C#.NET. Allow C# Developers to Read, Add, Edit, Update and Delete PDF Metadata in .NET Project.
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C# PowerPoint - Delete PowerPoint Document Page in C#.NET
C#. How to delete a range of pages from a PowerPoint document. C#. How to delete several defined pages from a PowerPoint document.
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Textastic for iPad Manual - 66
Finish Configuration
The Dropbox Connection is now linked to your Dropbox account. Tap on the Done button.
Textastic for iPad Manual - 67
You can now tap on the newly created connection to connect to your Dropbox account.
Textastic for iPad Manual - 68
How can I quickly upload downloaded files?
Textastic offers a fast and easy way to upload files you downloaded from a remote server. You can 
also download the latest version if you know that the file was changed on the remote server.
Textastic for iPad Manual - 69
Display Remote Connection Information
When you upload or download files from a remote server (Dropbox or FTP), Textastic saves the 
connection used for the download as well as the remote path of the file. You can see this 
information in the File Properties popover.
You can save several remote locations per file by uploading the file to another location or 
downloading the file from another location and overwriting the local file in the File Transfer screen 
(tap on the "globe" button).
You can tap on the path to see the full remote path.
Textastic for iPad Manual - 70
Quickly Upload or Download
When a file is linked to a remote connection, there are two new options when you tap on the 
Action button:
Upload This File: This uploads the currently open file to the same remote location it was originally 
downloaded from
Download Latest: This will connect to the remote server and try to download the latest version of 
the file
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