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Know your Notes
Use Preview to work faster (less window management)
Preview on side or bottom For all PIM apps (Mail, Calendar, Contacts, To-Dos, Notebook)
Research says: use Preview on side for faster reading!
Use the  Show action bar button to manipulate the preview 
And to manipulate other appropriate things 
Contacts has 
choice of list and 
biz cards
Mail has choice of 
“individual messages” and 
Reorder pdf pages in preview - re-order PDF pages in C#.net, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
Support Customizing Page Order of PDF Document in C# Project
rearrange pages in pdf file; move pages in pdf document
Reorder pdf pages in preview - VB.NET PDF Page Move Library: re-order PDF pages in vb.net, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
Sort PDF Document Pages Using VB.NET Demo Code
move pages in pdf reader; how to move pdf pages around
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Know Your Notes
Advanced menus (on File and Tools)
Are off by default
Unless you install Designer or Admin client
VB.NET Image: Web Image and Document Viewer Creation & Design
can rotate, redact & annotate images and add, delete & reorder document pages with zero It is a powerful toolkit to print bitonal images, PDF, and so
how to rearrange pdf pages online; how to reverse page order in pdf
C# Word: How to Create Word Document Viewer in C#.NET Imaging
thumbnail preview for accurate Word page navigation and location in C#.NET; Offer mature Word file page manipulation functions (add, delete & reorder pages) in
how to rearrange pages in a pdf reader; reordering pages in pdf
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Know your Notes
Show Thumbnails Button and menu item to help you find your window
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Super Short-Cuts
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Super Short-Cuts
Those things that make it quick and easy to interact with your Notes client
Shortcut tip sheet (for prior to Notes 8.5):
“Framework” shortcuts:
CTRL+M Create a message from anywhere in Notes
Close a window: Escape, 
Find a window (Show Thumbnails): CTRL+Shift+T (works in Symphony too!)
Shift+CTRL+L Gets you a list of ALL the shortcuts available on your current 
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Database Short-Cuts
Open a Document/Go to Next Document
Previous document
Next unread message
(or tab if you have a document open)
Mark a document as Read/Unread
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Bitchin' Bookmarks
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Bitchin' Bookmarks
Access anything easily
Launch Tabs automatically
Create new documents
Controls the Welcome screen
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Bookmarks – Access Anything
Bookmarks can be:
Notes applications
Other programs
Web sites
Short cuts and Links
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Bookmarks – How to add them
Right-Click any Window Tab and choose:
'Create Bookmark'
Choose a Bookmark location and then 'Ok'
Drag Window Tab to the Bookmark Bar
Right-Click Tab, 'Create'
Location, then OK
Drag Tab to 'Bookmarks'
Documents you may be interested
Documents you may be interested