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Find the right person w/ new type-ahead preference
If you have a large 
directory – people w/ 
the same names, 
then choose which 
additional attribute to 
See it in the email 
How to reorder pages in pdf reader - re-order PDF pages in C#.net, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
Support Customizing Page Order of PDF Document in C# Project
reorder pages in pdf reader; how to rearrange pages in a pdf reader
How to reorder pages in pdf reader - VB.NET PDF Page Move Library: re-order PDF pages in vb.net, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
Sort PDF Document Pages Using VB.NET Demo Code
reorder pdf pages reader; how to move pages within a pdf document
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Finding up-to-date info in 8.5.3 Calendar 
When Proposing a New time, keep a placeholder for the original time
Update Meeting invitees when people are added or removed
Preference for updating meetings automatically
Forward iCal Subscriptions
Duplicate Calendar entries are merged
C# TIFF: How to Reorder, Rearrange & Sort TIFF Pages Using C# Code
Reorder, Rearrange and Sort TIFF Document Pages in C#.NET Application. C# TIFF Page Sorting Overview. Reorder TIFF Pages in C#.NET Application.
moving pages in pdf; change page order in pdf reader
VB.NET PowerPoint: Sort and Reorder PowerPoint Slides by Using VB.
Sort and Reorder PowerPoint Slides Range with VB amount of robust PPT slides/pages editing methods powerful & profession imaging controls, PDF document, image
rearrange pages in pdf document; move pages within pdf
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Finding up-to-date info in 8.5.3 Calendar 
Forward iCal Subscriptions
Duplicate Calendar entries are merged
Read PDF in Web Image Viewer| Online Tutorials
Extract images from PDF documents; Add, reorder pages in PDF files; Save and print Document Viewer, make sure that you have install RasterEdge PDF Reader Add-on
reorder pages of pdf; how to move pages in a pdf file
C# PDF Page Rotate Library: rotate PDF page permanently in C#.net
Enable batch changing PDF page orientation without other PDF reader control. PDF page, delete certain PDF page, reorder existing PDF pages and split
how to rearrange pages in pdf document; pdf move pages
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Wonderful Widgets
VB.NET TIFF: Modify TIFF File by Adding, Deleting & Sort TIFF
Users can use it to reorder TIFF pages in ''' &ltsummary> ''' Sort TIFF document pages in designed powerful & profession imaging controls, PDF document, image
how to reorder pages in a pdf document; rearrange pdf pages in preview
C# PDF: C# Code to Process PDF Document Page Using C#.NET PDF
just following attached links. C# PDF: Add, Delete, Reorder PDF Pages Using C#.NET, C# PDF: Merge or Split PDF Files Using C#.NET.
rearrange pages in pdf; how to reorder pdf pages in
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Wonderful Widgets
They're wonderful because they 
Save time 
Save keystrokes
Aggregate info 
“Open up” the Notes client for easily displaying/using  web pages 
You don't have to be a programmer to include Widgets in Notes
Lotus learning widget
Add (almost any) Google gadget
Add any Notes application to the sidebar
VB.NET TIFF: VB.NET Sample Code to Process & Manage TIFF Page
certain TIFF page, and sort & reorder TIFF pages in Process TIFF Pages Independently in VB.NET Code. powerful & profession imaging controls, PDF document, image
change pdf page order; reorder pages in pdf document
C# Word: How to Create Word Document Viewer in C#.NET Imaging
in C#.NET; Offer mature Word file page manipulation functions (add, delete & reorder pages) in document viewer; Rich options to add
pdf change page order acrobat; how to move pages in pdf acrobat
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Get and use the Lotus Learning Widget
Just drag to add it (more on how to deploy for dummies later)
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Add any Google Gadget to your Sidebar
Goal: Get the currency converter Google Gadget (from the Google Gadget 
catalog), add it to the sidebar, and then mail it to a friend 
Go to the My Widgets Sidebar 
Panel, and use the “Panel menu” 
in the title bar to choose:
Configure a Widget from...
A Google Gadget 
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A wizard is launched. 
Choose to browse the 
Google Gadget 
Click Finish
Add any Google Gadget to your Sidebar
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Click the Add to Sidebar Button
See that the  gadget 
appears in your 
Add any Google Gadget to your Sidebar
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Add a Notes View to the Sidebar
Simply click the “Add to 
Sidebar” toolbar button
(or the corresponding menu 
item on the Tools – Widgets 
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