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Add a Notes View to the Sidebar
It does not look that great– more 
about how to customize it next!
The widget catalog 
shows up as a sidebar 
panel, and is removed 
as a tab
Rearrange pdf pages reader - re-order PDF pages in C#.net, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
Support Customizing Page Order of PDF Document in C# Project
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Rearrange pdf pages reader - VB.NET PDF Page Move Library: re-order PDF pages in vb.net, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
Sort PDF Document Pages Using VB.NET Demo Code
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Add Mail to the Sidebar
You can put any Notes view (or document!) into the sidebar by clicking the “Add 
to Sidebar” toolbar button
HOWEVER, the Java views present a problem– they don’t work as sidebar 
panels.  The workaround?
Open the “old traditional” view
Press CTRL + ALT when you open any of the java views (Mail, Calendar Contacts, To dos, 
Put focus on Mail in 
the Open list.
Press CTRL + ALT, 
and then click
C# TIFF: How to Reorder, Rearrange & Sort TIFF Pages Using C# Code
C# TIFF - Sort TIFF File Pages Order in C#.NET. Reorder, Rearrange and Sort TIFF Document Pages in C#.NET Application. C# TIFF Page Sorting Overview.
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Add Mail to the Sidebar
Once the old version of the 
mail template is open, just 
click the “Configure a Widget 
from Current Context...” 
VB.NET PDF File & Page Process Library SDK for vb.net, ASP.NET
page directly. Moreover, when you get a PDF document which is out of order, you need to rearrange the PDF document pages. In these
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C# PowerPoint - How to Process PowerPoint
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Add Mail to the sidebar (hide the navigator)
Leave the “Show 
Navigator” option 
unchecked to hide 
the navigator
Click Next to continue.
Select the “Open this 
view” option
The *new* Notes configuration dialog appears!  You can choose what type of 
Notes widget to create.  For now, let's add the Inbox view.
VB.NET Word: How to Process MS Word in VB.NET Library in .NET
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Process Images in Web Image Viewer | Online Tutorials
used document types are supported, including PDF, multi-page easy to process image and file pages with the deleting a thumbnail, and you can rearrange the file
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Select “Display as a sidebar 
panel” and click Finish to create 
the widget.
Add Mail to the sidebar (hide the navigator)
VB.NET PowerPoint: Sort and Reorder PowerPoint Slides by Using VB.
page will teach you to rearrange and readjust amount of robust PPT slides/pages editing methods and powerful & profession imaging controls, PDF document, image
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Your mail sidebar 
panel appears, and 
the mail tab along 
the top is closed.
Add Mail to the sidebar (hide the navigator)
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Amazing Actions
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Make your widgets come to life
Add Actions to your Widgets during creation
Add Actions to Widgets already in your Side-bar
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Wire an Action from scratch
Open the target of your Action, can be:
A web-page, or
A Notes Database
Use the 'Configure a Widget from the Current Context' tool
Follow the prompts
Use the Action from any Notes document
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Wiring: Open the Target
For a web-
site action, 
enter the web 
site URL in 
the Address 
If the Address 
tool-bar is not 
Documents you may be interested
Documents you may be interested