Figure 35Add desktop widget 
3.4 File Editing   
You can fulfill all kinds of operations at tip of your finger. Such as: scrolling the screen to view and editing 
documents and sharing documents etc. With Kingsoft Office for Android, you
re able to bring the benefits 
of office mobility to its best. 
3.4.1Kingsoft Writer 
For example, when you open a .doc file
then you
re able to enter the editing mode 
Figure 36 Enter the editing mode 
Pdf rotate single page reader - rotate PDF page permanently in, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
Empower Users to Change the Rotation Angle of PDF File Page Using C#
how to rotate one page in a pdf file; rotate pdf pages individually
Pdf rotate single page reader - VB.NET PDF Page Rotate Library: rotate PDF page permanently in, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
PDF Document Page Rotation in Visual Basic .NET Class Application
change orientation of pdf page; rotate all pages in pdf
to exit current document page and go back to the interface of file manager. 
Tap the 
icon, and the context menu appears; the contents of the document move down at the 
same time avoiding covering up the contents. 
Figure 37 Editing mode 
Full screen: 
Tap the Full Screen button 
to enter full screen mode. Figure 32:
Figure 38 Full screen 
VB.NET PDF Page Delete Library: remove PDF pages in, ASP.
Able to remove a single page from adobe PDF document in VB.NET. using RasterEdge. XDoc.PDF; How to VB.NET: Delete a Single PDF Page from PDF File.
pdf page order reverse; pdf reverse page order preview
C# PDF Page Delete Library: remove PDF pages in, ASP.NET
application. Able to remove a single page from PDF document. Ability Demo Code: How to Delete a Single PDF Page from PDF File in C#.NET. How to
pdf save rotated pages; how to rotate all pages in pdf
Tap the Save button 
to enter the document saving interface. The save path will appear below the 
document name. As shown in Figure 39: 
Figure 39 The dialog of save 
to create a new folder. As shown in the following: 
Figure 40 The dialog of save 
When some folder with same name already existed in the catalog, Kingsoft will promote an alert to remind 
you. As shown in Figure 41.  
VB.NET PDF- View PDF Online with VB.NET HTML5 PDF Viewer
C#.NET PDF file & pages edit, C#.NET PDF pages extract, copy, paste, C#.NET rotate PDF pages, C# Users can view PDF document in single page or continue
rotate pdf page few degrees; pdf rotate all pages
How to C#: Basic SDK Concept of XDoc.PDF for .NET
insert, delete, re-order, copy, paste, cut, rotate, and save or query data and save the PDF document. The PDFPage class presents a single page in a PDFDocument
pdf reverse page order online; how to rotate a pdf page in reader
Figure 41 The dialog of save 
When the name of the document is invalid or blank, there will be another alert. As shown in Figure 42. 
Figure 42 The dialog of save 
When users want to replace the current folder, the alert will be promoted showing in Figure 43. 
C# PDF Convert to Tiff SDK: Convert PDF to tiff images in
Both single page and multipage tiff image files can be created from PDF. Supports tiff compression selection. Supports for changing image size.
saving rotated pdf pages; rotate pdf pages
VB.NET PDF: Basic SDK Concept of XDoc.PDF
insert, delete, re-order, copy, paste, cut, rotate, and save or query data and save the PDF document. The PDFPage class presents a single page in a PDFDocument
reverse page order pdf online; how to rotate a page in pdf and save it
Figure 43 The dialog of save 
again in the top left cornet, the context bar will disappear. 
Document Editor 
Basic Operations 
Touch the screen and slide you finger up or down, you
re able to change pages. 
Touch the screen with two fingers and bring them closer together or further away to enlarge or reduce the 
document display proportion on the screen. 
Tap the text editing area to bring up the soft keyboard input method where text can be edited. 
Select text 
Press and hold the text you want to select, the menu in the following figure will pop up 
Tap Select, you
re able to select contents after the selecting handle bar shows up. Figure 44.  
VB.NET PDF File & Page Process Library SDK for, ASP.NET
With VB.NET PDF SDK, PDF document page can be rotated to 90, 180, and 270 in clockwise. Both a single page and whole file pages can be rotated and saved as
rotate pdf pages on ipad; rotate a pdf page
VB.NET PDF File Merge Library: Merge, append PDF files in
all. This guiding page will help you merge two or more PDF documents into a single one in a Visual Basic .NET imaging application.
how to save a pdf after rotating pages; rotate one page in pdf reader
Figure 44 Select text 
The introduction of Context Menu 
Save/Save as 
Increase font size 
Decrease font size 
Font color 
Font background color 
Paragraph alignment (left, centre, right, justify, distributed) 
Tap the Zoom 
button, you
re able to check the zoom style of current page (zoom style includes: Fit 
page and Fit content). As shown in Figure 45. 
Figure 45 Page zoom 
button to change the text style. 
Context menu 
Tap Select and after the selection has been made, you can drag the selection handle to the desired location. 
Context menu will automatically appears after the selection operation
Figure 46: 
Figure 46 Context menu 
The magnifier will show up, when you press and hold the text for a while. As shown in Figure 47. 
Figure 47 Magnifier 
Page setup 
Tap the Page Setup 
button in the context menu. You can then adjust the margin, change the pager 
type and more. 
Figure 48 Page setup 
to get the Paper Size pop-up menu. Figure 49: 
Figure 49 Page setup drop-down menu 
Select find to find content within a document. Figure 50: 
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