Adding Text, Callouts, Highlights, and Shapes
Addingtext,callouts andhighlighting text is another wayto draw attention to
content withinyourdocument. These editingtools are convenientlylocated on the
PDF Converter7toolbar
Trythis outyourself!
Step1.Openup a PDFfile.
Step2.Experiment with the variousediting tools usingthe
toolbarbuttons.Note that the Highlight tool is actually multi-
functional. Clickingthe drop downoptionnext to it allows youto
use a Underline orCross-Out tool instead.
Step3: Right-clicking on yourannotations will bring upa
Properties dialog box allowing you to adjusttheattributes ofthe
Pdf rotate single page and save - rotate PDF page permanently in, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
Empower Users to Change the Rotation Angle of PDF File Page Using C#
rotate pdf pages by degrees; rotate single page in pdf reader
Pdf rotate single page and save - VB.NET PDF Page Rotate Library: rotate PDF page permanently in, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
PDF Document Page Rotation in Visual Basic .NET Class Application
how to rotate page in pdf and save; how to rotate one pdf page
Touching Up Text and Objects -Text
PDF Converter7provides two main
tools foreditingcontent withina PDF
document; The TouchupText tool for
editingtextual content,and the
TouchupObject tool forediting
images,graphs andotherelements
within the document. Diana will be
able to use thisfeatureto modify
words, sentences, andentire
paragraphs inhermaterial before she submits it to herclient.
Trythis outyourself!
Step1.Openup a PDFfile.
Step2.Click onthe TouchupTextTool icon.
Step3.Click withinthedocument to select a blockof text*.At
this point, you canmodify the text.
Step4.Useyour mouse to highlight some text. Right-click the
highlightedtext and select Properties.
Step5.Usethe Text tab to change thefont,size,andcolor.
Step6.Close the propertiesboxand view your text changes.
Detectboxwillappearandyoumustselect “Make e thisdocumentfullysearchableandeditable”to
make thisaPDFNormalfile toenableyoutousethe“TouchupTextTool.”
VB.NET PDF Page Delete Library: remove PDF pages in, ASP.
this RasterEdge XDoc.PDF SDK, you can simply delete a single page from a PDF document using VB.NET or remove any page from a PDF document and save to local
reverse page order pdf; rotate all pages in pdf and save
C# PDF Page Delete Library: remove PDF pages in, ASP.NET
How to delete a single page from a PDF document. PDFDocument doc = new PDFDocument(filepath); // Detele page 2 (actually the third page).
saving rotated pdf pages; rotate single page in pdf
Touching Up Text and Objects -Objects
Forobject editing, Diana canuse the
TouchupObject tool. This will allow herto
change attributesof anygraphical content
inher documents.
Trythis outyourself!
Step1.Openup a PDFfile that has at least one graphic
Step2.Click onthe TouchupObject Tool icon.
Step3.Click withinthedocument to select a graphic*.
Step4.Right-clickthe highlightedgraphic andselect
Step5.Usethis menuto modify
properties ofthe graphic.
select “Make e thisdocumentfullysearchable
andeditable”tomake thisaPDFNormalfile
C# PDF Convert to Tiff SDK: Convert PDF to tiff images in
Both single page and multi-page Tiff image files String inputFilePath = Program.RootPath + "\\" 1.pdf"; PDFDocument doc = new PDFDocument(inputFilePath
pdf rotate one page; pdf expert rotate page
C# Create PDF from Tiff Library to convert tif images to PDF in C#
Similarly, Tiff image with single page or multiple pages is supported. Description: Convert to PDF and save it on the disk. Parameters:
how to save a pdf after rotating pages; rotate pages in pdf expert
Section 2.5 - Comparing Documents
Now that Diana’s team hasreturnedall theirfeedback on theproject, she is going
to use PDF Converter 7to compare versions ofthe documents anddecide whichof
the recommended changes to make.
Dianaalso wants to compareher
documentwithsome of theoriginal
Microsoft Worddocuments thatshe
usedwhen she began herproject.
Document comparison tools provide
afast andeasy mechanismfor
identifyingdifferencesbetween two
versionsof a document.Optionscaninclude side-by-side comparisonsor
combinedviews as well as PDFto PDF andPDFto Wordcomparisons.
PDF toPDF Comparison
Follow the procedure below to compare two PDF files.
Trythis outyourself!
Step1.Opena PDF file.
Step2.Editsome text and move some graphical objectswithin
the documentas describedin the last sectionof this document
and save the document as a new file.
Step3.Click onthe Document menuand select Compare
Step4.Usethe browse buttons to select the older andnewer
versionsof the document forcomparison.
Step5.Ensure View visual and text differences isselectedand
that Side by Side comparisonis selected. Click OK to see results.
C# PDF File Merge Library: Merge, append PDF files in, ASP.
file to the end of another and save to a Remarkably, all those C#.NET PDF document page processing functions and then saved and output as a single PDF with user
pdf page order reverse; save pdf rotate pages
C#: XDoc.HTML5 Viewer for .NET Online Help Manual
Office 2003 and 2007, PDF. 4. -. 8. rotate page. In the mode of single page view, click to rotate file page 90 degrees in clockwise.
how to rotate one page in pdf document; rotate pages in pdf online
PDF toWord Comparison
Follow the procedure below to compare a PDFanda Microsoft Worddocument.
Trythis outyourself!
Step1.Open a PDF file.
Step2.Click onthe Document menuandselect Compare
Step3.Use the browse buttonto select boththe PDF andWord
documents for comparison.
Step5.Select CombinedcomparisonfortheReport type.Then
click OK.
Step6.Youwill see the ConverterAssistantwindow popup.
Select Convert > All Files.
Step7.The resulting comparisonwill appear inMicrosoft Word,
identifyingthe differences between the two documents,byusing
Word’s TrackChanges feature.
How to C#: Basic SDK Concept of XDoc.PDF for .NET
toolkit, designed particularly for manipulating and managing single-page and multi delete, re-order, copy, paste, cut, rotate, and save PDF page(s), etc.
rotate pdf page permanently; rotate pdf page and save
VB.NET PDF File Merge Library: Merge, append PDF files in
and save as new PDF, without changing the previous two PDF documents at all. This guiding page will help you merge two or more PDF documents into a single one
rotate pdf pages and save; pdf rotate pages and save
Section 2.6 - Working with Forms
PDF Converter7provides a variety ofform fields andform controls that can be
addedto PDF documents in orderto create customizedForms.
Additionally,PDF Converter7 offers FormTyper functionality
whichwill convert static orscannedforms into fillable,
editable PDFforms thatcanbe savedandemailed.
Using FormTyper
Diana’s project involves a numberofformsthe client has sent beforethefinal
material can be accepted.For someof these forms, she canuse the single-click
function withinthe application,called FormTyper.
Trythis outyourself!
Step1.Open a static image PDFform.
Step2.Select Forms andchoose the FormTyper option.
Step3.The FormTyperutility is launchedandthe static PDF
formis convertedinto a fillable PDF form.
Step4.The FormTyperutility will intelligently recognize all of
the PDF image’sformfields.Trydouble-clickingonseveral of
themto bringup the Text FieldProperties dialogbox.You can
use this configurationto rename thefield, select the text to
appearwhen someone hovers theirmouse over the field,as well
anumberofother fieldattribute.
Step5.Click the Close buttonandSave yourdocument to
createthe fillable form.Reopenthedocumentandverifythat
yourformfunctions properly.
CreatingForms Manually
You have just seen how by usingthe FormTyperutility you
canquickly create basic formsat the touchofa button. You
canalso create manually fields ona PDF image.TheForms
menuoptionprovides a number oftools for creating:
 Buttons
 Check Boxes
 Radio Buttons
 Combo Boxes
 Lists
 Text Fields
 Digital Signature Options
Trythis outyourself!
Step1.Open a new static image PDF form.
Step2.Select Forms andchoose the Text FieldTool option.
Step3.Highlight a regionofthe document where it wouldbe
appropriate to addan additionaltext field.
Step4.Usethe Text FieldProperties dialogbox,specifically the
Options tabto design asample text fieldbox.
Step5.Whencomplete, click Close,andSave yourdocument.
Section 2.7 - Publishing PDF Content
To create a professional andfinished PDF, Diana can addadditional items like
headers andfooters to herdocuments.In thissection we will discuss:
Headers andFooters
AddingPage Numbers / Dates
Headers and Footers
Diana’s may needto include headers andfooters onsome ofthe pages of her
material.Follow the procedure below to see how she didit!
Trythis outyourself!
Step1.With a multi-page PDF document open,select
Document > Header andFooter> Add Headerand Footer.
Step2.Use the dialogboxthat appears to create a header of
yourown design andapply it to just the first few pages of your
multi-page document. Use the Macros option to include
automaticpage numbering/dates withinyour header.Whenyou
are donecreatingit,clickthe Create button to save it for future
Step3.Click OK to applyyour new header to yourdocument.
Bates Numbering
Bates Stampingis a procedure usedprimarily inlegal,medical,
andbusiness areas to uniquely identify each page in a set of
documents. The stampappears as a header orfooteronspecific
pages andcancontainadditional information.Since youare
already familiarwith usingthe Header andFooter utility,you
already know most ofwhat youneedto know!
Trythis outyourself!
Step1.With a multi-page PDF document open,select
Document > Bates Numbering> Add.
Step2.Select the file youwould like to work with. Youcan
choose to includethe current document orclickthe AddFiles
button to stampotherdocuments.
Step3.Youshould notice that the Macros optionis alreadyset
to BatesStamp. Clickthe Settings buttonright nextto wherethe
Macros buttonis.
Step4.Specify thePrefix, Suffix,and Page Numbering Scheme
for yourstamp andclick OK.
Step5.Click Insert Macro.
Step6.Ifyouwouldlike to savethese settings so they can be
appliedto future documents, click onthe Create button at the
topofthe box,name yourscheme, andclick OK.
Section 2.8 - Protecting PDF Information
PDF Converter7canhelpbusinessesin any industry withproductivitytools and
otherfeatures.Thereare additional functionsof the applicationthat address the
securityconcerns around versioning,personal data, andproprietary information.
Before sending their material back to Diana’s
team,her client usedthe redaction tool in PDF
Pro Office to remove any personally
identifiable informationfrom the examples
they sent.
Trythis outyourself!
Step1.Open a PDF file withinPDF Converter 7.
Step2.Click onDocument > Redaction> Mark Redaction.
Step3.Highlight a sentence orparagraphinyour document.
Hoveringoverthis area will display a preview ofhow the area
will look whenthe redactionis applied.
Step5.Click onDocument > Redaction> ApplyRedaction.
Step6.Use the Applydialogboxto decide how to remove the
content beneath yourredaction. When complete,select Apply.
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