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Yousee this screen:
5. Select one of the layout optionsand press the OK button.
Yousee this screen:
6. Select the Paper Size setting that matches the paper youloaded and presstheOK button.
7. Select the Paper Type setting that matches the paper you loaded and press theOK button.
Extract pictures from pdf - Select, copy, paste PDF images in, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
Support PDF Image Extraction from a Page, a Region on a Page, and PDF Document
how to extract images from pdf file; extract image from pdf java
Extract pictures from pdf - VB.NET PDF Image Extract Library: Select, copy, paste PDF images in, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
Support PDF Image Extraction from a Page, a Region on a Page, and PDF Document
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Dependingon the layout you selected,you may see this screen:
8. Ifyou see the screenabove, do one of the following:
• Toallow your product to place photos in the layout automatically, select AutomaticLayout and
press theOK button.Press the+ button to selecta photo toprint.Ifyouneed todeselect aphoto,
press the– button.Press theOK buttonwhen you're finished.
• Toplace photos in the layoutmanually, select Place Photos Manually and press the OK button.
Press the arrow buttons to changelayout options, pressing the OK button to confirmeach photo
Note: If the product does notautomatically advance tothenext screenwhen youfinish placing
your photos, press the arrow buttons to select Finished and press the OK button.
9. Ifyou wantto change the print settings for the photo layout sheet, press the upor down arrow button
to select Menuandpress the OK button.
10. Press the + or – buttonto select one or more copies of each photolayout sheet(up to 99).
11. Press the OK button.
12. To printmorethanone copy of the photo layout sheet,press the + or –button to selectthenumber
(up to99).
13. Whenyou areready to print, press the
Note: To cancel printing,press the
VB Imaging - VB Code 93 Generator Tutorial
Visual VB examples here for developers to create and write Code 93 linear barcode pictures on PDF documents, multi-page TIFF, Microsoft Office Word, Excel and
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VB.NET PDF Convert to Word SDK: Convert PDF to Word library in vb.
application. In addition, texts, pictures and font formatting of source PDF file are accurately retained in converted Word document file.
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PhotoLayout Options
Parent topic:PrintingfromaMemoryCard
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Paper TypeSettings - Copying
Paper Size Settings - Copying
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Loading Paper
PhotoLayout Options
Select the layoutyou wantto usewhen printing your photos ina layout.
Picture Package
Prints onephoto in multiple sizes on one sheet.
2-up, 4-up, 8-up,or 20-up
Print 2, 4, 8,or 20 photos ononesheet.
Upper ½ or Lower ½
Print one photointhe upper or lower half of the sheet.
Prints 4 ID-sizedphotos on one sheet.
Jewel Upper
Prints onephoto on theupper half of afolded jewel case insert.
Jewel Index
Prints 24 to 48 thumbnail images on a folded jewel case insert.
Parent topic:PrintingPhotoLayoutsFromaMemoryCard
Printing Photo Greeting Cards
You cancreate custom greeting cards using photos on your memory card or other device,andaddyour
own handwrittenor printedtext.
Firstyou select your photo and printa template on plainpaper.Thenyou fill out the template, add your
message, and print your cards.
CreatingandPrinting a GreetingCard Template
Printing aGreetingCard from aTemplate
Parent topic:PrintingfromaMemoryCard
C# Imaging - C# Code 93 Generator Tutorial
Visual C# examples here for developers to create and write Code 93 linear barcode pictures on PDF documents, multi-page TIFF, Microsoft Office Word, Excel and
how to extract text from pdf image file; extract text from image pdf file
VB.NET Image: VB.NET Codes to Load Images from File / Stream in .
When evaluating this VB.NET imaging library with pictures of your own We are dedicated to provide powerful & profession imaging controls, PDF document, image to
extract images from pdf files; how to extract images from pdf in acrobat
Creating and Printing aGreetingCardTemplate
Before youstart, make sure plain paper is loaded and your memory card is inserted.
1. Press the
home button, if necessary.
2. Press the arrow buttons toselectMore Functions and press the OK button.
3. Select Print Photo Greeting Card and press theOK button.
4. Select Select Photo andPrint Templateand press the OK button.
5. Press the left or right arrow button to select the photo youwant and pressthe OK button.
6. Select Letter to print three cards on one letter-size sheetor 4x6in to print one card. Then press the
OK button.
7. Select the typeof paper youplan to use and press theOK button.
8. Select the other print settings as necessary, pressing the OK button after each selection.
9. When you are ready to print your greeting card templateonplain paper, press the
start button.
Parent topic:PrintingPhotoGreetingCards
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Printing aGreetingCard from aTemplate
C#: Use OCR SDK Library to Get Image and Document Text
a digital camera, scanned document or image-only PDF using C# color image recognition for scanned documents and pictures in C#. Steps to Extract Text from Image.
extract image from pdf file; extract pictures pdf
VB.NET Image: Sharpen Images with DocImage SDK for .NET
VB.NET Coding. When you have made certain corrections in your VB.NET project photo or image files, you might want to sharpen your pictures before saving them
some pdf image extractor; extract image from pdf online
Printing a Greeting Card from aTemplate
After your greeting card template is printed,youfill it out to create your card andaddyour message.
1. Usea dark penor pencil to fill in the circles andselectthe TextStyleandText Effects.
2. Addyour greeting card messagewithinthebox. Youcan write it in by hand,print amessageand
pasteitintothebox, or draw apicture.
Note: When addingtext, placeitin the direction thatyour photo faces.
3. Load photo paper either in Cassette 2 (lower) for this size: Letter (8.5 × 11 inches [216 × 279mm]),
or inCassette 1 (upper) for this size:4 × 6 inches (102 × 152 mm).
4. Select Print Greeting Cards from Template and press the OK button. (Ifyoudonotsee the option,
press the
home button and select MoreFunctions > Print PhotoGreetingCard> Print
Greeting Cards from Template.)
5. Follow the instructions onthe LCD screen to place the template facedownonthescanner glass with
the blue triangle facinginto the front right corner.
6. Close the document cover and press the OK button.
7. Toprintmorethan one copy,press the + or – button toselectthe number (upto 99).
8. When you are ready to print, press the
Note: To cancel printing,press the
VB.NET Image: VB.NET Code to Create Watermark on Images in .NET
image one onto it, and whether to burn it to the pictures to make We are dedicated to provide powerful & profession imaging controls, PDF document, tiff files
extract images from pdf c#; how to extract images from pdf files
VB.NET Image: Codings for Image Filter Processing with .NET Image
RasterEdge .NET Image SDK provides many different and interesting filters for your pictures / photos with simple and a few Visual Basic .NET programming codings
how to extract images from pdf; how to extract images from pdf file
Whenyou finishprinting, cutyour greeting cards apart,ifnecessary.
Parent topic:PrintingPhotoGreetingCards
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CreatingandPrinting a GreetingCard Template
Transferring Photos on a Memory Card
You cantransfer photos to and from a memory cardinserted intoa memory card sloton your product.
Setting Up File Sharingfor Photo Transfers fromYour Computer
Transferring Photos from a MemoryCard to Your Computer
Parent topic:UsingMemoryCardsWithYourProduct
Setting Up File Sharing for Photo Transfers from Your Computer
Before youtransfer photos from a computer to amemory card inserted into a memory cardslot on your
product, you may need to set up your product's file sharingsettings.
Caution: Remove the memory cardbeforeyou changethis setting or you may losedatafromthe
memory card. Donotremove a memory cardor turn off your productwhilethememory card access light
is flashing or you may losedata fromthememory card.
1. Remove any memory cards from the product.
2. Press the
home button, if necessary.
3. Press the arrow buttons toselectSetup and press the OK button.
4. Select File Sharing Setupandpress the OK button.
5. Select your connection type and presstheOK button.
Parent topic:TransferringPhotosonaMemoryCard
Related tasks
Removing a Memory Card
Transferring Photos from a Memory Card to Your Computer
You cantransfer photos to and from a memory cardinserted intoa memory card sloton your product
anda computer connected to your product.
Note: Do not transfer photos to and froma memory card while you are printing from the memory card.
C# Imaging - Scan RM4SCC Barcode in C#.NET
& decode RM4SCC barcode from scanned documents and pictures in your Decode RM4SCC from documents (PDF, Word, Excel and PPT) and extract barcode value as
how to extract pictures from pdf files; pdf image extractor online
VB.NET TIFF: How to Draw Picture & Write Text on TIFF Document in
Many users concern about the issue of how to draw pictures or write text We are dedicated to provide powerful & profession imaging controls, PDF document, tiff
extract image from pdf using; how to extract a picture from a pdf
1. Make sureyour product is connectedto a computer.
2. Insert a memory cardinto amemory card slotonyour product.
3. Do one of the following toaccess your memory cardfiles from your computer:
• Windows: Open the Computer, My Computer, Windows Explorer, or File Explorer utility,then
select the removable diskicon.
• OS X with a USB connection: Look for the removable disk icon on your desktop or computer
window,then selectit.
• OS X with a networkconnection: Selecttheharddrive iconon your desktop or computer
window,selectyour product in the SHARED sectionofthe sidebar (you may need towiden the
sidebar tosee the name), then select the MEMORYCARD icon.
4. Select the folder thatcontainsyour photos.
5. Drag the photos you wanttotransfer tothedesired folder on your computer or on your memory card.
Note: Your product's LCD screen does not update to display new photos transferred tothememory
card. Waituntil the memory card access lightstops flashing,thenremove and insertthememory card to
update the photos displayed.
Parent topic:TransferringPhotosonaMemoryCard
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Inserting a Memory Card
Removing a Memory Card
Using an External Device with Your Product
Follow theinstructions in these sections to use your product withan external device, such as acamera,
smartphone,or other device.
Printing from aCamera
Viewingor Printingfrom a USB Flash Drive or External Device
Printing from a Camera
If youhave a digitalcamera that supports PictBridge printing, you canprintyour photos directly from the
camera. Check your camera manualtoseeifitis compatible.
Note: Your photos must be in JPG formatand sized from 80 × 80 to 10200 × 10200 pixels. Epson
cannot guarantee the compatibility of your camera.Somecombinations of paper type, size,andlayout
may not be supported,depending onyour camera and the product settings.
SelectingPrint and Photo Adjustment Settings
Connecting and Printing froma Camera
Printing from aCamera Wirelessly
Parent topic:UsinganExternalDevicewithYourProduct
Selecting Print and Photo Adjustment Settings
Before printing from your camera,you can makeimage adjustments and select the print settings for your
photos. Imageadjustments affectonly the printedcopy of the photo, not the original file.
1. Press the
home button, if necessary.
2. Press the arrow buttons toselectSetup and press the OK button.
3. Select ExternalDevice Setup and press the OK button.
4. Select Print Settingsandpress the OK button.
5. Select the print settings youwant to use.
6. When you are done, press the
back button.
7. Select Photo Adjustmentsandpress the OK button.
8. Select the photoadjustments you want to use, then press the
home buttonto exit.
After you select settings,youareready toconnectyour camera and print your photos.
Print Settings - Camera
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