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Yousee this screen:
4. Select NetworkStatus and press theOK button.
Yousee ascreen like this:
Note: If you are connected to anetwork,thesignal strength is also displayed.
5. Press the left or right arrow button to view additional options.
6. Press the up or down arrow buttons to select Print Status Sheet and press the OK button.
7. Press the
start button to print the network status sheet.
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(Press the
backbutton if you want tocancel theoperation.)
Examine the settings shown on the network status sheet to diagnose any problems youhave.
Parent topic:Wi-FiNetworking
Changing or Updating Network Connections
See these sections to changeor update how your product connects to a network.
Accessing the Web Config Utility
Changing a USB Connection to a Wi-FiConnection
Connecting to a New Wi-FiRouter
DisablingWi-Fi Features
Parent topic:Wi-FiNetworking
Accessing the Web Config Utility
You canselectyour product's network settings and confirm its operating status using a webbrowser.
You do this byaccessingyour product's built-in Web Config utility froma computer or other device that is
connected tothesame network as your product.
1. Printa network status sheet.
2. Locatethe IP Address for your productthatis listedonthenetwork status sheet.
3. On a computer or other device connected to the samenetwork asyour product, opena web
4. Enter your product's IP address intotheaddress bar.
Yousee the available Web Config utility options.
Parent topic:ChangingorUpdatingNetworkConnections
Related tasks
Printing aNetwork Status Sheet
Changing a USB Connection to a Wi-Fi Connection
If youhave alreadyconnected your productto your computer using aUSB connection, you can change
to a Wi-Fi connection.
1. Disconnect the USB cable from your product.
2. Uninstallyour product software.
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project. Import graphic picture, digital photo, signature and logo into PDF document. Add images to any selected PDF page in VB.NET.
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3. Downloadand install your productsoftware from the Epsonwebsite usingthe instructions on the
StartHere sheet.
Parent topic:ChangingorUpdatingNetworkConnections
Related concepts
Uninstall Your Product Software
Connecting to a New Wi-Fi Router
If youchange the wireless router you have beenusing on your network, youneedtoupdate your
product's Wi-Fi connectionto the new router.
Note: Ifyouswitch to a5 GHz wireless router, set the router tooperate in dual band (2.4 GHz and
5GHz) mode.See your router documentation for instructions.
1. Do one of the following:
• Windows: Uninstallyour product software.
• OS X: Go to the nextstep.
2. Downloadand install your productsoftware from the Epsonwebsite usingthe instructions on the
StartHere sheet.
Parent topic:ChangingorUpdatingNetworkConnections
Related concepts
Uninstall Your Product Software
Disabling Wi-Fi Features
You may need todisableyour product's Wi-Fi features ifyou changeyour networkconnection typeor
need tosolvea problem with your network connection.
Note: Before disabling Wi-Fifeatures, make anoteofyour product's SSID (network name) and
password, and any network settings selectedfor the Epson Connectservices you may use.
1. Press the
home button, if necessary.
2. Press the arrow buttons toselectWi-Fi Setup and press the OK button.
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VB.NET Image: Image Resizer Control SDK to Resize Picture & Photo
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Yousee this screen:
3. Select Disable Wi-Fi and press the OK button.
4. Select Yes and press the OK button to disable Wi-Fi.
Parent topic:ChangingorUpdatingNetworkConnections
VB.NET Image: Mark Photo, Image & Document with Polygon Annotation
What's more, if coupled with .NET PDF document imaging add-on, the VB.NET annotator SDK can easily generate polygon annotation on PDF file without using
how to extract images from pdf file; online pdf image extractor
VB.NET Image: Image Scaling SDK to Scale Picture / Photo
A 1: Using this VB.NET image scaling control SDK API, developer can only scale one image / picture / photo at a time in .NET class application.
extract images pdf; how to extract images from pdf files
Loading Paper
Before youprint, load paper for the type of printingyou will do.
Loading Paper in Cassette1 (Upper Cassette)
Loading Paper in Cassette2 (Lower Cassette)
SelectingthePaper Settings for Each Source- Control Panel
Turning Off the Paper Setting Alert
Paper Loading Capacity
AvailableEpson Papers
Borderless Paper Type Compatibility
Paper or MediaTypeSettings - Printer Software
Loading Paper in Cassette 1 (Upper Cassette)
You canload photo paper and other media in these sizes in the upper paper cassette:
• 3.5× 5 inches (89 × 127 mm)
• 4 × 6 inches (102 × 152 mm)
• 5 × 7 inches (127 × 178 mm)
• 16:9wide (4 × 7.1 inches [102 × 181mm])
Note: Do not removeor insertthepaper cassette during printing.
1. Close the output tray,if necessary.
C# Image: How to Add Antique & Vintage Effect to Image, Photo
creating control add-on is widely used in modern photo editors, which We are dedicated to provide powerful & profession imaging controls, PDF document, tiff
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VB.NET Image: How to Save Image & Print Image Using VB.NET
is developed to help VB.NET programmers save & print image / photo / picture from ASP Capable of saving and printing multi-page document files, like PDF and Word
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Note: As you slide in the output tray, there may be slight resistanceand noise.This is normal.
2. Open the front cover.
3. Pull out the upper paper cassette. The upper cassetteislabeledas shown.
Note: If the cassette is too far inside theproduct to reach, turn off your product and turnitback on
againto resetthe cassette's position.
4. Slide the edge guides outward.
VB.NET Image: Tutorial for Flipping Image Using Our .NET Image SDK
on the right instantly becomes a mirror reflection of the photo on the We are dedicated to provide powerful & profession imaging controls, PDF document, tiff
pdf image extractor; extract pdf pages to jpg
C# PDF remove image library: remove, delete images from PDF in C#.
convert PDF to text, VB.NET extract PDF pages, VB vector image, graphic picture, digital photo, scanned signature remove multiple or all images from PDF document.
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5. Setthe front edgeguide to the position for thepaper size youareusing.
6. Insert paper in the cassette with the glossy or printableside facedown.
Note: Makesurethepaper is loadedagainstthe front edgeguide and does notextend beyond the
trianglesymbol attherear of the cassette.
Alwaysfollow these paper loading guidelines:
• Load only the recommendednumber ofsheets.
• Load paper short edge firstandprintable side facedown.
• Make sure the paper is under thetabs ontheedge guidesand not sticking out from the end of the
• Checkthepaper package for any additional loading instructions.
Parent topic:LoadingPaper
Related references
Paper Loading Capacity
Related tasks
Loading Paper in Cassette2 (Lower Cassette)
SelectingthePaper Settings for Each Source- Control Panel
Loading Paper in Cassette 2 (Lower Cassette)
You canload paper up tothis size in the lower paper cassette: Legal (8.5 × 14 inches [216 × 356mm]).
Note: Do not removeor insertthepaper cassette during printing.
1. Close the output tray,if necessary.
Note: As you slide in the output tray, there may be slight resistanceand noise.This is normal.
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