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PHP Batch Jobs on IBM i  |    |  21
Alan Seiden, Strategic Business Systems
Method #1: 
Method #1: 
Extract image from pdf c# - Select, copy, paste PDF images in, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
Support PDF Image Extraction from a Page, a Region on a Page, and PDF Document
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Extract image from pdf c# - VB.NET PDF Image Extract Library: Select, copy, paste PDF images in, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
Support PDF Image Extraction from a Page, a Region on a Page, and PDF Document
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PHP Batch Jobs on IBM i  |    |  22
Alan Seiden, Strategic Business Systems
CLI = Command LIne
PHP-CLI is a simplified PHP executable
Location in Zend Server: /usr/local/zendsvr/bin/php-cli
It’s optimized for the command line
It doesn’t look for, or have access to, web server variables or 
HTTP headers
It assumes that you will use command line arguments ($argc and 
$argv) rather than web server $_GET and $_POST arrays
C# PDF Text Extract Library: extract text content from PDF file in
Ability to extract highlighted text out of PDF document. text extraction from PDF images and image files. Support extracting OCR text from PDF by working with
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C# PDF insert image Library: insert images into PDF in, ASP
C#.NET PDF SDK - Add Image to PDF Page in C#.NET. How to Insert & Add Image, Picture or Logo on PDF Page Using C#.NET. Add Image to PDF Page Using C#.NET.
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PHP Batch Jobs on IBM i  |    |  23
Alan Seiden, Strategic Business Systems
PHP-CLI doesn’t need a web server to run
Apache web server does not have to be running
Scripts needn’t be in a web-accessible location
 In fact, for security, you should put them anywhere BUT the web 
server root, unless you also want the scripts to be run in a 
 That means don’t put them in /www/zendsvr/htdocs
 I like a location such as /php/appname/myscript.php
• Note: no “www”in the path. Not accessible to the web
• Choose a convention so you’ll be able to find the scripts
C# Create PDF from images Library to convert Jpeg, png images to
Best and professional C# image to PDF converter SDK for Visual Studio .NET. C#.NET Example: Convert One Image to PDF in Visual C# .NET Class.
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C# PDF Page Extract Library: copy, paste, cut PDF pages in
PDF Pages in C#.NET. Easy to Use C# Code to Extract PDF Pages, Copy Pages from One PDF File and Paste into Others in C#.NET Program.
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PHP Batch Jobs on IBM i  |    |  24
Alan Seiden, Strategic Business Systems
PHP-CLI provides sanity checks
Its independence from the web server makes it a 
good tool to check your PHP installation’s health
php-cli –voutputs PHP version information
php-cli –ioutputs the equivalent of phpinfo()
 Shows what extensions and options you have loaded. An excerpt:
IBM DB2, Cloudscape and Apache Derby support => enabled
Module release => 1.8.1 
Use php-cli –h to see all options
C# PDF Form Data Read Library: extract form data from PDF in C#.
PDF software, it should have functions for processing text, image as well retrieve field data from PDF and how to extract and get field data from PDF in C#
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VB.NET PDF Text Extract Library: extract text content from PDF
provides text extraction from PDF images and image files. Add-On, developers are able to extract target text with tutorial for extracting text from PDF using VB
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PHP Batch Jobs on IBM i  |    |  25
Alan Seiden, Strategic Business Systems
PASE (Portable Application System Environment) is an AIX-like 
environment on the IBM i
QSHELL is a scripting environment
I prefer PASE for calling php-cli
PASE lets you pass parameters separately
Qshell requires a single concatenated command string
But you’ll see Qshell in articles, or may have a need for it
I compared PASE and QSHELL in this article:
VB.NET PDF insert image library: insert images into PDF in
VB.NET PDF - Add Image to PDF Page in VB.NET. Insert Image to PDF Page Using VB. Add necessary references: RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic.dll.
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C# WPF PDF Viewer SDK to view, annotate, convert and print PDF in
Read: PDF Text Extract; C# Read: PDF Image Extract; C# Write: Insert text into PDF; C# Write: Add Image to PDF; C# Protect: Add Password
pdf image extractor; how to extract images from pdf
PHP Batch Jobs on IBM i  |    |  26
Alan Seiden, Strategic Business Systems
PASE Primer
PASE Primer
PHP Batch Jobs on IBM i  |    |  27
Alan Seiden, Strategic Business Systems
Calling applications in PASE
If an app runs in AIX it will probably run in PASE
How to use it
• Launches interactive command-line session
• Think “TERM”= “terminal”
“CALL QP2SHELL PARM(‘/php/sendinvoice.php’&EMAIL 
&NAME ‘Y’)
• Launches an application of your choice directly
• Don’t confuse with QSHELL. 
• The same as QP2SHELL except it runs in the caller’s ILE 
activation group.
PHP Batch Jobs on IBM i  |    |  28
Alan Seiden, Strategic Business Systems
Parameters for QP2SHELL or QP2SHELL2
From IBM Infocenter entry for QP2SHELL
 Character string that identifies the stream file in the Integrated File System that 
contains the OS/400 PASE program to run. The pathName string may include an 
absolute or relative path qualifier in addition to the stream file name. Relative path 
names are resolved using the current working directory. 
argument strings
 Optional character strings that are passed to the OS/400 PASE program as arguments. 
The system copies argument strings into OS/400 PASE memory and converts them 
from the job default CCSID to the CCSID specified by ILE environment variable 
Note: When calling QP2SHELL or QP2SHELL2 from CL, be sure to quote any 
argument string that could be interpreted as a numeric value. CL converts unquoted 
numeric arguments to decimal or floating-point format, which does not match the 
assumption made by these APIs and OS/400 PASE programs that all arguments are 
null-terminated character strings.
PHP Batch Jobs on IBM i  |    |  29
Alan Seiden, Strategic Business Systems
QP2SHELL2 Example (non-PHP)
CALL PGM(QP2SHELL2) PARM('C42PDF' '–o' 'invoice.pdf' '–l' + 
This is an example of calling an AIX binary in PASE. The C42PDF 
binar combines “TYPE IV TIFF” images into a multi-page PDF 
I found the C42PDF program on the internet. It converts TIFFs to
PDF, and it had a compiled AIX binary. I tried it and it worked on 
IBM i.
PHP Batch Jobs on IBM i  |    |  30
Alan Seiden, Strategic Business Systems
Qshell Primer
Qshell Primer
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