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Fig. 111: SJ/T  11239-2001 19 区 [UTC-01178] 
Fig. 112: Inmyeong-yong Hanja 인명용 한자 (2015) p. 32 [UTC-01200] 
How to enter text into a pdf - insert text into PDF content in, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
XDoc.PDF for .NET, providing C# demo code for inserting text to PDF file
add text to pdf file; add text boxes to a pdf
How to enter text into a pdf - VB.NET PDF insert text library: insert text into PDF content in, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
Providing Demo Code for Adding and Inserting Text to PDF File Page in VB.NET Program
adding text to pdf document; add text block to pdf
Fig. 113: Excerpt from a ROK ID card [UTC-01200] 
Fig. 114: 《南明史》第四册, Page 938 [UTC-01202] 
Fig. 115: 《明史》卷一百零二, Page 2780 [UTC-01203] 
Fig. 116: 《弇山堂别集》明万历 18 年金陵刻本, 第三十三卷, Page 3 [UTC-01204] 
C# HTML5 Viewer: Deployment on DotNetNuke Site
Select “DNN Platform” in App Frameworks, and enter a Site Name RasterEdge.XDoc.PDF. HTML5Editor.dll. 4.0, only put <system.web.extensions> into <configuration
add text boxes to pdf document; add text box to pdf file
C# HTML5 Viewer: Deployment on ASP.NET MVC
reduce the size of SDK package, all dlls are put into RasterEdge.DocImagSDK C#, select "ASP,NET MVC 3 Web Application" and enter a Name RasterEdge.XDoc.PDF.dll.
add text pdf file; how to insert text into a pdf with acrobat
Fig. 117: 《南明史》第四册, Page 948 [UTC-01205] 
Fig. 118: 《弇山堂别集》卷三十二 [UTC-01206] 
Fig. 119: 《中华字海》Page 1764, Number 28 [UTC-01207] 
Fig. 120: 《明史》卷一百, Page 2564 [UTC-01208] 
Fig. 121: 《南明史》第四册, Page 834 [UTC-01209] 
C# TWAIN - Scan Multi-pages into One PDF Document
true; device.Acquire(); Console.Out.WriteLine("---Ending Scan---\n Press Enter To Quit RasterEdge also illustrates how to scan many pages into a PDF or TIFF
how to insert text into a pdf using reader; how to enter text in a pdf document
VB.NET TWAIN: TWAIN Image Scanning in Console Application
WriteLine("---Ending Scan---" & vbLf & " Press Enter To Quit & automatic scanning and stamp string text on captured to scan multiple pages to one PDF or TIFF
how to insert a text box in pdf; adding text to a pdf document
Fig. 122: 《南明史》第四册, Page 907 [UTC-01210] 
Fig. 123: 《南明史》第四册, Page 1023 [UTC-01211] 
Fig. 124: 《中华字海》Page 234, Number 54 [UTC-01212] 
Fig. 125: 《南明史》第四册, Page 935 [UTC-01213] 
Fig. 126: 《南明史》第四册, Page 1021 [UTC-01215] 
Fig. 127: 《南明史》第四册, Page 966 [UTC-01216] 
VB.NET Image: Image Rotator SDK; .NET Document Image Rotation
which allows VB.NET developers to enter the rotating VB.NET image rotation control SDK into ASP.NET powerful & profession imaging controls, PDF document, tiff
how to add text to pdf file with reader; adding text to a pdf in preview
VB.NET Image: VB.NET Planet Barcode Generator for Image, Picture &
VB: How to Insert Planet Barcode into PDF. select barcode type barcode.Data = "01234567890" 'enter a 11 Drawing.Color.Black 'Human-readable text-related settings
adding text to pdf in preview; add text to pdf in acrobat
Fig. 128: 《南明史》第四册, Page 817 [UTC-01217] 
Fig. 129: 《明史》卷一百零四, Page 2931 [UTC-01218] 
Fig. 130: 《明史》卷一百, Page 2512 [UTC-01219] 
Fig. 131: 《南明史》第四册, Page 987 [UTC-01220] 
VB.NET TIFF: .NET TIFF Splitting Control to Split & Disassemble
to split 500+ page TIFF file into individual one Developers can enter the page range value in this Data Imports System.Drawing Imports System.Text Imports System
add text pdf professional; how to add text to a pdf in acrobat
Fig. 132: 《南明史》第四册, Page 1038 [UTC-01221] 
Fig. 133: 《南明史》第四册, Page 861 [UTC-01222] 
Fig. 134: 《中华字海》Page 1765, Number 2 [UTC-01223] 
Fig. 135: 《南明史》第四册, Page 839 [UTC-01224] 
Fig. 136: 《南明史》第四册, Page 877 [UTC-01225] 
Fig. 137: 《明史》卷一百零四, Page 2911 [UTC-01226] 
Fig. 138: 《南明史》第五册, Page 1452 [UTC-01227] 
Fig. 139: 《南明史》第四册, Page 845 [UTC-01228] 
Fig. 140: 《弇山堂别集》卷三十四 [UTC-01229] 
Fig. 141: 《弇山堂别集》卷三十四 [UTC-01230] 
Fig. 142: 《明史》卷一百零二, Page 1720 [UTC-01231] 
Fig. 143: 《南明史》第五册, Page 1431 [UTC-01232] 
Fig. 144: 《南明史》第四册, Page 1004 [UTC-01233] 
Fig. 145: 《清史稿》卷四, Page 87 [UTC-01234] 
Fig. 146: 《南明史》第四册, Page 936 [UTC-01235] 
Fig. 147: 《南齐书》第一册, Page 338 [UTC-01236] 
Fig. 148: 《南明史》第四册, Page 891 [UTC-01238] 
Fig. 149: 《南明史》第四册, Page 892 [UTC-01239] 
Fig. 150: 《南明史》第四册, Page 1052 [UTC-01240] 
Fig. 151: 《南明史》第四册, Page 915 [UTC-01241] 
Fig. 152: 《南明史》第四册, Page 1023 [UTC-01242] 
Fig. 153: 《南明史》第四册, Page 940 [UTC-01243] 
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