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Handling all matters for you.
Implementation of the entire digitization process – scanning the documents, 
monitoring the conversion steps, and the final filing – can be done directly by 
the docWorks user, or it can be outsourced to a qualified CCS-affiliated service 
partner. Besides being technically challenging, multi-million-page projects 
are also very ambitious in terms of logistics. To meet these special demands 
CCS has developed customized digitization services for project and process 
management. This ensures a smooth, careful and economical conversion of your 
valuable materials and the full use of the docWorks potential.
Keeping track of your valuables.
The browser-based tracking and monitoring module itemTracking is a very 
helpful tool to keep track of all documents during the digitization and conversion 
process. Each document is labeled with a barcode that allows you to follow 
the conversion status of the item. Access to itemTracking is possible from any 
Internet-connected computer — so you can manage, monitor, and analyze your 
digitization projects at any time, from anywhere.
Add text box to pdf - insert text into PDF content in, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
XDoc.PDF for .NET, providing C# demo code for inserting text to PDF file
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Add text box to pdf - VB.NET PDF insert text library: insert text into PDF content in, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
Providing Demo Code for Adding and Inserting Text to PDF File Page in VB.NET Program
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VB.NET PDF Text Box Edit Library: add, delete, update PDF text box
Barcode Read. Barcode Create. OCR. Twain. Add Text Box. |. Home ›› XDoc.PDF ›› VB.NET PDF: Add Text Box. VB.NET PDF - Add Text Box to PDF Page in VB.NET.
how to add text to a pdf document; add text to pdf
C# PDF Text Box Edit Library: add, delete, update PDF text box in
C# PDF: Add Text Box. C#.NET PDF SDK - Add Text Box to PDF Page in C#.NET. C# Explanation to How to Add Text Box to PDF Page in C# Project with .NET PDF Library.
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C# PDF Annotate Library: Draw, edit PDF annotation, markups in C#.
installed. Support to add text, text box, text field and crop marks to PDF document. Able class. C#.NET: Add Text Box to PDF Document. Provide
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C# WPF PDF Viewer SDK to annotate PDF document in C#.NET
Text box. Click to add a text box to specific location on PDF page. Line color and fill can be set in properties. Copyright © <2000-2016> by <>.
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C# WinForms Viewer: Load, View, Convert, Annotate and Edit PDF
Add text to PDF document in preview. • Add text box to PDF file in preview. • Draw PDF markups. PDF Protection. • Sign PDF document with signature.
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C# WPF Viewer: Load, View, Convert, Annotate and Edit PDF
Highlight PDF text in preview. • Add text to PDF document. • Insert text box to PDF file. • Draw markups to PDF document. PDF Protection.
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Import formats
• ePaper-PDF
• Scanned press articles, TIFF, JPG, JP2
• Websites 
Export formats
• PDF, PDF/A (with searchable full text 
and keyword highlighting)
• eMail and RSS feed
• HTML, XML, TXT and Word-DOC
• MobileCast (HTML for mobile devices)
• App (for iPad)
• Print
Leave a good impression. 
A good press review is the calling card of any press department. It is the reason 
why we work so hard to provide our clients with only the best technology to 
create professional digital press and media reviews.
Boost your productivity.
newsWorks lets you easily create top-level digital press reviews that are well-
arranged and user-friendly. Selected configurations offer the possibility to 
efficiently correct and adapt article contents, delete unnecessary duplications 
(e.g., identical press bulletins) and arrange the clippings in fitting rubrics. The 
final digital press review are multimedia-based and can be forwarded as a 
download, email, RSS, or app to any number of recipients. No matter where you 
are or when, all devices such as computers, smartphones, and tablets are served 
with the highest standard of press review.
Fits like a glove.
newsWorks is incredibly flexible. Its various modules ensure that you get exactly 
the product that matches your needs and demands:
newsClip is the module used for clipping selected articles from newspapers, 
magazines, and websites. It is equipped with an integrated OCR for titles and 
subtitles and also provides you with a scan of the original page from which the 
article was clipped. This allows the press-review reader to include neighboring 
material in his/her evaluation. 
newsPress is the standard module for selecting, assembling, and arranging press 
articles in a digital press review. If more than one newsClip is in use, a work-flow 
module called newsFlow ensures smooth control of the machining sequence and 
distribution process. 
Additional modules, such as newsRead and newsCorr Server, contribute to a 
significant increase in the efficiency of the operations process.
• Automated layout analysis (identification of image and text elements)
• Automated clipping of desired articles
• Automated OCR and text correction
• Automated capture of metadata
• Automated embedding of original-scan view
• Automated assembly of articles into a press review
• Individual evaluation of articles and organization into categories
• Individual branding of press reviews with client CI
• Capability to add work flow monitoring system
• Further automation by connecting a processing server
• Automated highlighting of defined keywords
• Automatically updated feeds from news portals
C# PDF Sticky Note Library: add, delete, update PDF note in
Allow users to add comments online in ASPX webpage. Able to change font size in PDF comment box. Able to save and print sticky notes in PDF file.
how to insert text box on pdf; adding text to pdf
.NET PDF Document Viewing, Annotation, Conversion & Processing
PDF Write. Insert text, text box into PDF. Edit, delete text from PDF. Insert images into PDF. Edit, remove images from PDF. Add, edit, delete links. Form Process
how to enter text in a pdf document; add text to pdf using preview
VB.NET PDF - Annotate PDF with WPF PDF Viewer for VB.NET
Text box. Click to add a text box to specific location on PDF page. Line color and fill can be set in properties. Copyright © <2000-2016> by <>.
how to add text fields to pdf; how to insert text in pdf using preview
VB.NET PDF - Annotate PDF Online with VB.NET HTML5 PDF Viewer
Click to add a text box to specific location on PDF page. Outline width, outline color, fill color and transparency are all can be altered in properties.
how to insert text into a pdf file; adding a text field to a pdf
It’s a kind of magic.
The MagicBox is an astonishing innovation that magically fuses traditional 
display cases with actual hands-on experience. A 47“ transparent touch screen, 
incorporated in the front glass of the display case, superimposes images, videos 
and text on the exhibited object while keeping the same object visible at all time. 
Print publications, up to now limited to a look-only display spread, will be fully 
tangible at the fingertips of the audience. Physical objects can be combined 
with video and 3D animation to enhance the understanding of their functionality 
and history. The MagicBox enables pulsating windows to a world of wonder, 
enriching exhibitions not only with valuable information, but by making them truly 
memorable experiences. 
Tap into potential.
CCS also develops lovingly crafted mobile apps to shine light on special historic 
events or institutions. Photo galleries, text searches, curated information and 
high-quality excerpts from newspapers create a truly interactive insight into the 
particular zeitgeist. Partner institutions have included the University of California 
Riverside, the Humboldt University and the State and University Library 
Digital content
display case
Object on display
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Documents you may be interested