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NitroPDFProfessionalsoftware user guide
Printing PDFs
Using JavaScript
Delete text pdf document - delete, remove text from PDF file in C#.net, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
Allow C# developers to use mature APIs to delete and remove text content from PDF document
remove text from pdf acrobat; acrobat delete text in pdf
Delete text pdf document - VB.NET PDF delete text library: delete, remove text from PDF file in vb.net, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
VB.NET Programming Guide to Delete Text from PDF File
how to remove highlighted text in pdf; how to edit and delete text in pdf file
NitroPDFProfessionalsoftware user guide
VB.NET PDF Page Delete Library: remove PDF pages in vb.net, ASP.
VB.NET PDF - How to Delete PDF Document Page in VB.NET. Visual Basic Sample Codes to Delete PDF Document Page in VB.NET Class. Free
remove text from pdf preview; how to delete text in pdf converter
C# PDF Page Delete Library: remove PDF pages in C#.net, ASP.NET
C#.NET PDF Library - Delete PDF Document Page in C#.NET. Provide C# Users in C#.NET. How to delete a single page from a PDF document.
how to delete text in a pdf file; how to delete text from a pdf reader
1 Nitro PDF Professionalsoftware user guide
About Nitro PDF 
What is Nitro PDF Professional?
What is the goal behind Nitro?
C# PDF Text Extract Library: extract text content from PDF file in
Free online source code for extracting text from adobe PDF document in C#.NET class. Ability to extract highlighted text out of PDF document.
how to delete text from pdf; how to delete text in pdf converter professional
VB.NET PDF Text Extract Library: extract text content from PDF
SharePoint. Extract text from adobe PDF document in VB.NET Programming. Extract file. Extract highlighted text out of PDF document. Image
deleting text from a pdf; online pdf editor to delete text
2 Nitro PDF Professionalsoftware user guide
What is Nitro PDF Professional?
Nitro PDF Professional is an affordable, fully-featured PDF creation 
and editing product. For just $99, Nitro PDF Professional gives you 
full control over PDF documents, including commenting, form-filling 
and authoring, digital signatures, text editing, one-click creation from 
Microsoft  Office , and more. 
•  Make. Nitro PDF Professional makes PDF creation effortless. 
Create a PDF from within any of your favorite applications, and 
enjoy one-click PDF creation from within Microsoft  Office.
•  Comment. Nitro PDF Professional lets you give and receive 
feedback in familiar, straightforward ways — use sticky notes, 
highlighters, draw freehand scribbles and more.
•  Secure. Working with Nitro PDF Professional lets you control 
what others can and can’t do with your work. Turn editing, 
printing and copying on or off, or set an access password on any 
PDF you create.
•  Compile. Nitro PDF Professional lets you package lots of 
different files into one convenient bundle to send to other 
people, without having to worry about how your recipients’ 
computers are set up.
About Nitro PDF
C# PDF insert text Library: insert text into PDF content in C#.net
C#.NET PDF SDK - Insert Text to PDF Document in C#.NET. This C# coding example describes how to add a single text character to PDF document. // Open a document.
erase text in pdf document; how to remove text watermark from pdf
C# PDF Convert to Text SDK: Convert PDF to txt files in C#.net
All text content of target PDF document can be copied and pasted to .txt files by keeping original layout. C#.NET class source code
delete text in pdf file online; delete text from pdf preview
3 Nitro PDF Professionalsoftware user guide
What is the goal behind Nitro?
PDF documents are now ubiquitous — most people deal with them 
every day in one form or another. But only a small fraction of those 
people are in a position to take full advantage of everything that PDF 
has to offer — things like collaboration, security, forms, and even 
the simple act of creating a PDF. Every Nitro PDF product is designed 
from start to finish to give people access to that potential; and so we 
build every Nitro PDF product to be affordable, easy to use and most 
importantly, to include all the features people need and want.
•  Affordability. An affordable product gives you something you 
want for a price you’re willing to pay. We feel that the majority 
of PDF software on the market today fails that test — and if 
we want to get people really using PDF, then we need to start 
by providing truly affordable PDF software. Giving people full 
access to standard PDF functionality for only $99 (with Nitro 
PDF Professional) is a start.
•  Usability and support. We feel that the second big obstacle 
that presently keeps the full benefit of PDF out of most people’s 
reach is usability and support. If a product is too complex or 
hard to figure out, or if you can’t get help when you need it, 
then you won’t be able to use it no matter how good it is. For 
this reason, usability and dependable product support are at the 
core of what we think Nitro PDF should be about.
•  Community involvement. The people who buy our products 
are the people who put food on our plates and geeky toys on 
our desks. For that reason, we think it’s critical that we listen to 
what you think of our products, our support and our service. So 
if there’s something you wish we were doing, or you like what 
we do but you think we could be doing it better, feel free to 
sound off. Please find our contact information at: 
About Nitro PDF
C# PDF metadata Library: add, remove, update PDF metadata in C#.
C#.NET PDF SDK - Edit PDF Document Metadata in C#.NET. Allow C# Developers to Read, Add, Edit, Update and Delete PDF Metadata in .NET Project.
erase pdf text; pdf editor online delete text
C# PDF Text Search Library: search text inside PDF file in C#.net
C#.NET. C# Guide about How to Search Text in PDF Document and Obtain Text Content and Location Information with .NET PDF Control.
erase text from pdf; how to erase text in pdf file
4 Nitro PDF Professionalsoftware user guide
About Nitro PDF
5 Nitro PDF Professionalsoftware user guide
About PDF
Why has PDF been so successful?
PDF and the information worker
6 Nitro PDF Professionalsoftware user guide
Why has PDF been so successful?
PDF has succeeded because of its:
•  Portability. Small in size and self-contained.
•  Reliability. Virtually anyone on any computer system can view.
•  Accuracy. Look and print the same on any computer.
•  Openness. Anyone can develop tools to create and edit 
PDF and the information worker
PDF is the ideal format to standardize on. A typical information 
worker works in government agencies or in industries such as 
law, finance, marketing, publishing and pharmaceuticals, and 
needs to maintain high quality work while reducing the time to 
complete tasks and projects. The PDF format ensures documents 
are exchanged reliably, securely and accurately. Key requirements 
•  Sharing documents reliably first time.
•  Reviewing documents faster in teams.
•  Controlling access to and changes made to documents.
•  Ensuring related documents are kept together.
•  Making documents usable and intelligent.
About PDF
7 Nitro PDF Professionalsoftware user guide
Getting Help Using Nitro
Getting help information
Using the help guide
Getting technical support
Getting help with PDF
8 Nitro PDF Professionalsoftware user guide
Getting help information
To get help using Nitro online, visit the 
support section
of the Nitro 
PDF web site. The section includes an online product manual, a 
support section for registered users, and a discussion forum where 
the Nitro PDF staff and users come together to help each other get 
the most out of Nitro PDF Professional.
•  Nitro PDF Forums. The forums are available for everyone to 
discuss Nitro PDF
products, share advice, seek support advice, 
•  Priority support. All registered Nitro users get full 14-day e-
mail support to get you up and running.
•  Extended support. To get extended support from the Nitro 
team, subscribe to ongoing support.
Using the help guide
The Nitro PDF Help Guide is available in both printed form and as an 
online PDF document. If you are reading the printed help guide, visit 
and download the Help Guide PDF file. 
Advantages for using the online guide include:
•  Quick search. Use the Nitro PDF search tools to quickly find an 
item of specific interest.
•  Quick topic searches. Use the bookmarks pane and click on a 
bookmark name to quickly jump to a topic of specific interest.
•  Hyperlinking. Click on any blue text and quickly jump to a 
related topic.
Getting Help Using Nitro
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