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Office of Information Technology 
Organizing Adobe® Acrobat® 7 PDF Pages 
There are several different options for doing this, and all require that you have a copy 
of Adobe® Acrobat® Standard or Professional installed on your computer. Adobe 
Reader, which is freely available for downloading from many Internet sites, can only 
be used to read a PDF file. You cannot use it to create or modify a PDF file. 
Inserting Pages
Deleting Contiguous Pages
Deleting Noncontiguous Pages
Extracting Pages
Extracting Pages: Creating Separate PDFs
Extracting Pages: Creating One PDF
Replacing a Page
Combine Multiple Files
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How to add an image to a pdf file in acrobat - insert images into PDF in C#.net, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
Sample C# code to add image, picture, logo or digital photo into PDF document page using PDF page editor control
add picture to pdf in preview; adding a jpg to a pdf
How to add an image to a pdf file in acrobat - VB.NET PDF insert image library: insert images into PDF in vb.net, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
Guide VB.NET Programmers How to Add Images in PDF Document
how to add image to pdf reader; adding images to a pdf document
Office of Information Technology 
Inserting Pages 
There are multiple ways you can insert a page. Here are two examples.  
a.  Open the pdf file to be modified, click Document
on the toolbar menu and select 
Insert Pages. 
b.  Right click on the thumbnail
of the page you want to insert the new page and 
select Insert Pages from the Navigation Pane. 
To Insert a Page using the Document Menu:  
1.  Open the PDF file you will be inserting the pages into.  
2.  From the Document menu, select Insert Pages .   
3.  The Select File To Insert dialog 
box appears.  
4.  Using the Look in pull-down list, 
locate the file to be inserted. 
5.  Click Select
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.NET PDF Document Viewing, Annotation, Conversion & Processing
Convert image files to PDF. File & Page Process. Add, insert PDF native annotations to PDF file. Edit, update, delete PDF annotations from PDF file. Print.
how to add image to pdf file; add a picture to a pdf
C# PDF Converter Library SDK to convert PDF to other file formats
professional PDF document conversion library toolkit in C#, you can easily perform file conversion from PDF document to image or document
how to add a jpeg to a pdf; add picture to pdf file
Office of Information Technology 
6.  The Insert Pages  dialog box appears.  
7.  From the Location pull-down list, select the appropriate option, After or Before. 
8.  Under the Page section, select First, Last, or Page. If Page is selected, in the 
Page text box, type the desired page number. 
9.  Click OK.  
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C# Windows Viewer - Image and Document Conversion & Rendering in
conversion library toolkit in C#, you can easily perform file conversion from Image and Document Conversion Supported by Windows Viewer. Convert to PDF.
add jpeg to pdf; add picture to pdf online
C# powerpoint - PowerPoint Conversion & Rendering in C#.NET
may easily achieve the following PowerPoint file conversions SDK to convert PowerPoint document to PDF document demo code for PowerPoint to TIFF image conversion
how to add an image to a pdf in preview; add image to pdf online
Office of Information Technology 
To Insert a Page using the Thumbnails of the pages.  
1.  In the Navigation pane on the left side, select the Pages tab. The Pages tab gives 
you thumbnail sketches of your pages and lets you jump to pages. Click the page 
thumbnail before the location where you want to insert additional pages.  
2.  Right click and choose Insert Pages .   
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C# Word - Word Conversion in C#.NET
you may easily achieve the following Word file conversions. XDoc.Word SDK to convert Word document to PDF document C# demo code for Word to TIFF image conversion
add image pdf acrobat; how to add an image to a pdf file
VB.NET PDF: How to Create Watermark on PDF Document within
Using this VB.NET Imaging PDF Watermark Add-on, you can a watermark that consists of text or image (such as And with our PDF Watermark Creator, users need no
add png to pdf preview; how to add an image to a pdf file in acrobat
Office of Information Technology 
3.  The Select File To Insert dialog box appears.  
Locate the file you want and click Select.  
4.  Select the location  (After or Before) using the pull-down menu or you may 
change the page number if you would like.  Note: If you select the page 
thumbnail, the Page option is already enabled when you open the dialog box. The 
new document page will be added at the location you specify. 
5.  Click OK.  
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PDF to WORD Converter | Convert PDF to Word, Convert Word to PDF
If you want to convert document file PDF formats to out transformation between different kinds of image files and Converter has accurate output, and PDF to Word
add an image to a pdf in preview; how to add picture to pdf
JPEG to PDF Converter | Convert JPEG to PDF, Convert PDF to JPEG
No need for Adobe Acrobat Reader; Seamlessly integrated into RasterEdge .NET Image SDK; high speed; Get a compressed PDF file after conversion;
add an image to a pdf with acrobat; how to add image to pdf in preview
Office of Information Technology 
Deleting Contiguous Pages  
1.  Open the PDF file to be modified. 
2.  From the Document menu, select Delete Pages. 
3.  The Delete Pages dialog box 
4.  In the From  text box, type the 
number of the first page in the range 
you want to delete  
5.  In the To text box, type the number 
of the last page in the range you 
want to delete. Note: If deleting only one page, the same page number should 
appear in both boxes.  
6.  Click OK
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BMP to PDF Converter | Convert Bitmap to PDF, Convert PDF to BMP
Also designed to be used add-on for .NET Image Powerful image converter for Bitmap and PDF files; No Support conversion of Bitmap - PDF files in both single &
add multiple jpg to pdf; add photo to pdf online
VB.NET PowerPoint: VB Code to Draw and Create Annotation on PPT
as a kind of compensation for limitations (other documents are compatible, including PDF, TIFF, MS VB.NET PPT: VB Code to Add Embedded Image Object to
adding images to pdf forms; add image to pdf in preview
Office of Information Technology 
7.  The Adobe Acrobat confirmation box appears. 
8.  To delete the page(s), click YES 
To cancel, click NO  
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Office of Information Technology 
Deleting Noncontiguous Pages  
1.  Open the PDF file to be modified. 
2.  In the Navigation pane on the left side, select the Pages tab. The Pages tab 
displays the document's page thumbnails. 
3.  Select the first page to be deleted 
4.  Press and hold [Ctrl] 
5.  Select the other page(s) to be deleted  
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Office of Information Technology 
6.  From the Document menu, select Delete Pages. 
7.  The Delete Pages dialog box appears. 
NOTE: The Selected option will be designated. 
8.  Click OK
The Adobe Acrobat confirmation box appears.  
9.  To delete the pages, click OK
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Office of Information Technology 
Extracting Pages 
Acrobat gives you three choices once you have selected the pages you would like to 
extract. You may delete
the extracted pages, save them as separate
PDF files, or 
use them to create one
PDF file.  
Extracting Pages: Deleting Extracted Pages  
These steps will delete the extracted pages from the original document.  
1.  Open the PDF file. 
2.  From the Document menu, select Extract Pages. 
3.  The Extract Pages dialog box appears.  
4.  In the From  text box, type the number of 
the first page in the range you want to 
5.  In the To text box, type the number of the 
last page in the range you want to extract.  
Note: If extracting only one page, use same page number in both boxes. 
6.  Select Delete Pages After Extracting
7.  Click OK. A confirmation box appears. Click YES 
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