Webmaster User Group April 4, 2007 
Adobe Acrobat Pro 8 
Pdf link open in new window - insert, remove PDF links in C#.net, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
Free C# example code is offered for users to edit PDF document hyperlink (url), like inserting and deleting
adding hyperlinks to a pdf; pdf reader link
Pdf link open in new window - VB.NET PDF url edit library: insert, remove PDF links in vb.net, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
Help to Insert a Hyperlink to Specified PDF Document Page
pdf link; add email link to pdf
Webmaster User Group  April 4, 2007 
IOUCA accessibility standards identify: 
Limited accuracy of speech-output 
Inaccessible “read
order” of forms
Slow download for older technologies 
Security feature “disables” accessibility
C# PDF: PDF Document Viewer & Reader SDK for Windows Forms
Please note that, there will be a pop-up window "cannot open your file" if your loaded Please click the following link to see more C# PDF imaging project
pdf email link; clickable links in pdf files
VB.NET Image: VB Code to Download and Save Image from Web URL
to download image from website link more easily. reImage, "c:/reimage.png", New PNGEncoder()) End powerful & profession imaging controls, PDF document, image
add a link to a pdf file; add links to pdf
Webmaster User Group  April 4, 2007 
Most PDF online not accessible  
Scanned, image-only documents 
Untagged reading order 
User unable to modify or save PDF forms 
C# PDF Convert to Jpeg SDK: Convert PDF to JPEG images in C#.net
Open source codes can be added to C# class. String inputFilePath = Program.RootPath + "\\" 1.pdf"; PDFDocument doc = new PDFDocument(inputFilePath
add a link to a pdf in acrobat; clickable links in pdf
C# PDF Convert to HTML SDK: Convert PDF to html files in C#.net
is trying to display a PDF document file inside a browser window. PDFDocument pdf = new PDFDocument(@"C:\input.pdf"); pdf.ConvertToVectorImages(ContextType.HTML
add hyperlink to pdf acrobat; adding an email link to a pdf
Webmaster User Group  April 4, 2007 
ADOBE meeting with IOUCA to address 
accessibility issues…
Acrobat 8 Pro built-in accessibility features: 
Text to Speech functionality 
Read Out Loud  
VB.NET Word: VB.NET Code to Draw and Write Text and Graphics on
fileName, New WordDecoder()) 'use WordDecoder open a wordfile Dim Word document function, please link to Word & profession imaging controls, PDF document, tiff
add hyperlink in pdf; add hyperlink pdf file
C# TIFF: C#.NET TIFF Document Viewer, View & Display TIFF Using C#
TIFF Mobile Viewer in most mobile browsers; Open, load & Free to convert TIFF document to PDF document for management Please link to get more detailed tutorials
add url link to pdf; adding hyperlinks to pdf files
Webmaster User Group  April 4, 2007 
Accessibility checker: 
Read order 
OCR for scanned PDF 
Add form-fields   
Webmaster User Group  April 4, 2007 
Accessibility checker: 
Verify, add, or modify tagging 
Validate against Section 508 & WCAG 
Add alt-text description to graphics 
Webmaster User Group  April 4, 2007 
Acrobat 8 Pro accessibility features can 
address the concerns with PDF & minimize 
the accessibility limitations 
Free to end user 
Backward compatible with older versions 
Policy Server allows deactivation of “bad” 
Webmaster User Group  April 4, 2007 
Can be expensive 
Can be intimidating out of the box to 
content creators 
Requires training 
Webmaster User Group  April 4, 2007 
1. Open Acrobat 8 Pro 
2. Set Accessibility Preferences 
3. Activate Preflight: 
Advanced > Preflight 
Shows PDF version compatibility 
Shows PDF/X & PDF/A status 
Webmaster User Group  April 4, 2007 
Edit > Preferences > Accessibility  
Then adjust settings for: 
Convert from PDF 
Convert to PDF 
New Document 
Reading (Order Options) 
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