pdf annotation in c# : Add links to pdf software application dll winforms html azure web forms %E5%90%88%E4%BD%B5PDF%E6%AA%94%E6%A1%88-%E7%A8%8B%E5%BC%8F%E9%96%8B%E7%99%BC-50-2016129101163540-part1640

C# merge PDF solution without using
I have some PDFs which I would like to fill out automatically using C#. I know about
iTextSharp, but I am unsure about licensing issues for business use, and would rather
find a different solution.
Basically, I would like to open a PDF, specify the field (or give coordinates for a textbox)
and be able to insert text (& possibly small images?). Then I need to merge and save the
Any suggestions for a good way to accomplish this where I don't have to purchase / worry
about licenses?
This is a free and open source solution: SharpPDF
But in all honesty iTextSharp is probably the best thing you'll find.
Add links to pdf - insert, remove PDF links in C#.net, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
Free C# example code is offered for users to edit PDF document hyperlink (url), like inserting and deleting
active links in pdf; adding hyperlinks to pdf
Add links to pdf - VB.NET PDF url edit library: insert, remove PDF links in vb.net, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
Help to Insert a Hyperlink to Specified PDF Document Page
add links to pdf document; adding a link to a pdf
You might try Docotic.Pdf library for your task. The library is not free but probably there is
nothing to worry about (licensing wise).
Here are samples available online that might help you:
Fill existing form
Find control by name
Other samples from Forms and Annotations group could also prove to be useful in your
Disclaimer: I work for the vendor of the library.
Not sure what the advantages of iTextSharp are, but I found a solution that is working
perfectly so far using PDFSharp! As documentation seems to be a little on the light side for
PDFSharp, I also found this thread to be very helpful...
If this helps anybody, here is my sample program:
using System; 
using System.Collections.Generic; 
using System.ComponentModel; 
using System.Data; 
using System.Drawing; 
using System.Linq; 
using System.Text; 
using System.Windows.Forms; 
using System.IO; 
using PdfSharp.Fonts; 
using PdfSharp.Pdf; 
using PdfSharp.Pdf.IO; 
using PdfSharp.Pdf.AcroForms; 
namespace PDFSharpTest 
    public partial class Form1 : Form 
        public Form1() 
C# PDF Convert to HTML SDK: Convert PDF to html files in C#.net
HTML converter toolkit SDK, preserves all the original anchors, links, bookmarks and to Use C#.NET Demo Code to Convert PDF Document to Add necessary references
add hyperlinks to pdf; pdf reader link
.NET PDF Document Viewing, Annotation, Conversion & Processing
PDF Write. Insert text, text box into PDF. Edit, delete text from PDF. Insert images into PDF. Edit, remove images from PDF. Add, edit, delete links. Form Process
add link to pdf; add url to pdf
        private void goButton_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) 
            //TestPDF();  //uncomment this to find out whether acroform will work correctly         
            //open file 
            PdfDocument pdf = PdfReader.Open(@"YOURFILEPATHandNAME", PdfDocumentOpenMode
            //fix some odd setting where filled fields don't always show                   SetupPDF(pdf);
            //find and fill fields 
            PdfTextField txtEmployerName = (PdfTextField)(pdf.AcroForm.Fields[
            txtEmployerName.Value = new PdfString("My Name"); 
            PdfTextField txtEmployeeTitle = (PdfTextField)(pdf.AcroForm.Fields
            txtEmployeeTitle.Value = new PdfString("Workin'"); 
            PdfCheckBoxField chxAttached = (PdfCheckBoxField)(pdf.AcroForm.Fields
            chxAttached.Checked = true; 
            //save file 
        private void SetupPDF(PdfDocument pdf)
            if (pdf.AcroForm.Elements.ContainsKey("/NeedAppearances") == false
                pdf.AcroForm.Elements.Add("/NeedAppearances", new PdfSharp.Pdf
                pdf.AcroForm.Elements["/NeedAppearances"] = new PdfSharp.Pdf.PdfBoolean
VB.NET PDF Convert to HTML SDK: Convert PDF to html files in vb.
Turn PDF images to HTML images in VB.NET. Embed PDF hyperlinks to HTML links in VB.NET. Convert PDF to HTML in VB.NET Demo Code. Add necessary references:
add links to pdf document; convert a word document to pdf with hyperlinks
C# PDF Convert to Word SDK: Convert PDF to Word library in C#.net
the original text style (including font, size, color, links and boldness). C#.NET DLLs and Demo Code: Convert PDF to Word Document in C# Add necessary references
add links pdf document; add links to pdf file
        private void PDFTest() 
            OpenFileDialog ofd = new OpenFileDialog(); 
            if (ofd.ShowDialog() == DialogResult.OK) 
                PdfDocument _document = null; 
                try { _document = PdfReader.Open(ofd.FileName, PdfDocumentOpenMode
                catch (Exception ex) 
                    MessageBox.Show(ex.Message, "FATAL");             //do any cleanup and return             
                if (_document != null) 
                    if (_document.AcroForm != null) 
                        MessageBox.Show("Acroform is object", "SUCCEEDED"); 
                        //pass acroform to some function for processing          
                        MessageBox.Show("Acroform is null", "FAILED"); 
                    MessageBox.Show("Unknown error opening document", "FAILED"
How to C#: Basic SDK Concept of XDoc.PDF for .NET
You may add PDF document protection functionality into your C# program. to edit hyperlink of PDF document, including editing PDF url links and quick
adding hyperlinks to pdf files; clickable links in pdf from word
C# Create PDF Library SDK to convert PDF from other file formats
PDF with a blank page, bookmarks, links, signatures, etc. PDF document in C#.NET using this PDF document creating toolkit, if you need to add some text
add hyperlink to pdf online; adding a link to a pdf in preview
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getting an error :. {The document has no pages.} It fails at Page = writer.GetImportedPage(reade
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I am using iTextSharp to convert HTML to PDF and it doesn't seem to work with absolutely positioned
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I'd like to accomplish the following: Given the path name of an html file, and the desired pathname of a pdf
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I am using the following code to convert image to pdf(with high quality) using iTextSharp. error in
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Edit an existing PDF file using iTextSharp
I have a pdf file which I am processing by converting it into text using the following coding..
ITextExtractionStrategy strategy = new SimpleTextExtractionStrategy(); string currentText = PdfTextExtra
How to write FDF to PDF using iTextSharp c#
I have this example to fill a FDF programmatically and to visualize it. private readonly string
pdfFormFileName = PDFForm.pdf; protected void OpenPDF_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) {
ItextSharp Error on trying to parse html for pdf conversion
I was using the ItextSharp module to convert the below listed html in to a pdf page. <div style=font­size:
18pt; font­weight: bold;> mma<br>mmar</div><br> <br> <div
Align the words in pdf using iTextSharp ASP.NET, c#
I'm trying to align my words properly in my pdf as all of the words are clustered together. However, i'm
adding my word format with a phrase. Hence, i googled some of the tutorial which doesn't seem t
Merge PDF's to a common PDF without whitespace PDF­Framework Java/C#
I am looking for a PDF­Framework in Java which can merge several PDF's to one common PDF.
Additionally I don't want have spaces between the several PDF's in the common PDF. The common PDF
must to be a
Merge specific pdf pages with linux command using php
I want to merge some pdf files in one, the command i am using is: gs ­dBATCH ­dNOPAUSE ­q ­
sDEVICE=pdfwrite ­sOutputFile=/var/www/test/pdf_merge/Merged.pdf /var/www/test/pdf_merge/1.pdf
Print PDF from ASP.Net without preview
I've generated a pdf using iTextSharp and I can preview it very well in ASP.Net but I need to send it
directly to printer without a preview. I want the user to click the print button and automatically
© 2015 haomengapp.com, all rights reserved   Haomeng
Merge cells does not work while creating pdf using PHPExcel
I am trying to create a PDF document using PHPexcel and mPDF as rendering engine.It generates an
error This PDF document might not be viewed correctly when using the following code to merge cells.
Combine two PDF­a documents using ITextSharp
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Document(); Me
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have metadata attached to one pdf so i just want to add only the other pdf pages,so that first
How can I add dynamically a textBox value using ItextSharp?
Hi I'm using a ITextSharp to create a PDF. This is my code: private void FillForm() { _path =
HttpContext.Current.Server.MapPath(~/) + \\PDF; string formFile = _path + \\Test.pdf; string newFile
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