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Guideline 3.1: Readable
”Make text content readable and understandable.“
Always set the document’s language
For the entire document (using document properties)
For specific sections (using the tags panel)
Provide glossaries and Indices
Mark up abbreviations
Example: Using tag properties to add alternative text 
to an abbreviated text.
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Free C# example code is offered for users to edit PDF document hyperlink (url), like inserting and deleting
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Help to Insert a Hyperlink to Specified PDF Document Page
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Principle 4: Robust
“Content must be robust enough that it 
can be interpreted reliably by a wide 
variety of user agents, including 
assistive technologies.”
VB.NET PowerPoint: Read, Edit and Process PPTX File
PowerPoint editing function, please follow attached link directly. one or more slides from PowerPoint file. How to convert PowerPoint to PDF, render PowerPoint
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VB.NET Word: .NET Word Reader & Processor Control SDK | Online
into certain VB.NET Word manipulating application, please follow attached link to find SDK owns the APIs for converting Word document file to PDF, png, gif
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Guideline 4.1: Compatible
“Maximize compatibility with current and 
future user agents, including assistive 
Manually Provide Roles
Example: Using the tags panel
VB.NET TIFF: VB.NET Sample Code to Process & Manage TIFF Page
page processing application, please click attached link in the for editing source TIFF file at page powerful & profession imaging controls, PDF document, image
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VB.NET TIFF: VB Code to Read Linear and 2D Barcodes from TIFF
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Ensuring Accessibility at the 
Conversion to accessible PDF from 
authoring application
VB.NET PowerPoint: Read & Scan Barcode Image from PPT Slide
to represent one in-memory PowerPoint document file and it image from PPT (.pptx) slide, just follow attached link. VB.NET PPT PDF-417 barcode scanning SDK to
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C# Word: How to Read Barcodes from Word with C#.NET Library DLL
& read barcode image from source Word file. for reading specific barcode type by clicking attached link. C# Word PDF-417 Barcode Reading Tutorial, Detecting C#
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Conversion to PDF From Accessible 
Source Document
Tag structure automatically built based on styles / 
markup used
Significantly more efficient / effective than tagging 
PDF after conversion
Most accurate tag structure
Ability to edit  content without having to reapply 
tags in Acrobat
Add-on for popular business applications, such as MS 
Office and Lotus Notes
C# Word: How to Generate Barcodes in C# Word with .NET Library
be easily inserted into MS Word file (.docx C# programming code for individual barcode type, please follow attached link. Create Micro PDF-417 in C# Word, Create
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Example Workflow: Creating an 
Accessible PDF Using MS Word
1. Use appropriate styles, e.g. 
Heading, list and 
2. Use PDFMaker add-on to 
create a tagged PDF File.
3. Use Acrobat Pro to inspect 
and repair document  if 
Legacy Documents
Repairing existing inaccessible PDF 
Repairing Scanned Documents
Use Acrobat’s OCR feature
Scanned text will be recognized and converted to 
actual text.
OCR Makes a text in a scanned document:
Perceivable by assistive technology
OCR is not perfect 
You must manually fix ‘OCR suspects’
Document still requires a tag structure
Adding and Editing the Tag Structure
Acrobat Pro provides several tools for tagging:
‘Add Tags to Document’ command
Accessibility Check
Creates overview of accessibility issues, including tag 
Provides quick link to each issue
Touch Up Reading Order (TURO) Tool 
Allows content to be selected and assigned a tag type
Tags Panel 
Allows tag structure to be edited manually
Wrapping Up
To Summarize:
PDF documents can always be made accessible and 
WCAG 2.0 compliant
Create accessible source documents, then convert to 
tagged PDF.
Use Acrobat Pro tools to repair accessibility problems
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