Look how beautiful it is!
Pdf metadata editor online - add, remove, update PDF metadata in C#.net, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
Allow C# Developers to Read, Add, Edit, Update and Delete PDF Metadata
batch pdf metadata editor; analyze pdf metadata
Pdf metadata editor online - VB.NET PDF metadata library: add, remove, update PDF metadata in vb.net, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
Enable VB.NET Users to Read, Write, Edit, Delete and Update PDF Document Metadata
get pdf metadata; pdf xmp metadata editor
Sometimes you chuckle
private function PipeRendererWatch(param1:Event) : void
private function Stupid() : void
else if (_loc_6 > 0)
_loc_2.y = _loc_2.y + 
(_loc_2.height - _loc_6) / 2;
_loc_2.height = _loc_6;
if (_loc_18 == -1 || _loc_19 == -1)
trace("oh shit!");
C# HTML5 PDF Viewer SDK to view, annotate, create and convert PDF
RasterEdge C#.NET HTML5 PDF Viewer and HTML5 PDF Editor are professional online PDF manipulation tools, which are compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit
batch edit pdf metadata; pdf metadata editor online
VB.NET PDF- HTML5 PDF Viewer for VB.NET Project
ASP.NET PDF Viewer; VB.NET: ASP.NET PDF Editor; VB.NET to PDF. Image: Remove Image from PDF Page. Image Link: Edit URL. Bookmark: Edit Bookmark. Metadata: Edit, Delete
remove metadata from pdf file; pdf metadata editor
Obfuscation is the process of making your 
source code intentionally horrible to read
Obfuscation is a hurdle
You are changing the bytecode that gets run
KindiSoft secureSWF
$99-$400 (personal, standard, pro)
69 euros
C# TIFF: TIFF Metadata Editor, How to Write & Read TIFF Metadata
C# TIFF - Edit TIFF Metadata in C#.NET. Allow Users to Read and Edit Metadata Stored in Tiff Image in C#.NET Application. How to Get TIFF XMP Metadata in C#.NET.
edit pdf metadata online; endnote pdf metadata
C# HTML5 PDF Viewer SDK to create PDF document from other file
WPF Viewer & Editor. WPF: View PDF. WPF: Annotate PDF. WPF NET edit PDF bookmark, C#.NET edit PDF metadata, C#.NET NET read barcodes from PDF, C#.NET OCR scan PDF
pdf xmp metadata; edit pdf metadata acrobat
Obfuscation problems
You’re not running the code you wrote!
I have not found any obfuscators that work 
100% with the Flex framework
Obfuscation is a one way street and difficult 
to integrate into a build process
Poor obfuscation can still lead to runnable 
code, it just might make it harder to read
C# PDF Library SDK to view, edit, convert, process PDF file for C#
HTML5 PDF Editor enable users to edit PDF text, image, page, password and so on. C#.NET: WPF PDF Viewer & Editor. C#.NET: Edit PDF Metadata.
delete metadata from pdf; add metadata to pdf programmatically
C# TIFF: TIFF Editor SDK to Read & Manipulate TIFF File Using C#.
Tiff File Processing in C#. Refer to this online tutorial page, you will see: 2. Render text to text, PDF, or Word file. Tiff Metadata Editing in C#.
pdf metadata; change pdf metadata creation date
Good obfuscation is a bitch
var \x01 = -1921 + \x01\x02();
while (\x01 = eval("\x01") - 825, eval("\x01") == 612)
\x01 = eval("\x01") - 523;
\x01 = eval("\x01") - 15;
if (eval("\x01") == 585)
\x01 = eval("\x01") - 275;  
Example from Desktop Tower Defense SWF
VB.NET PDF- View PDF Online with VB.NET HTML5 PDF Viewer
NET PDF Viewer; VB.NET: ASP.NET PDF Editor; VB.NET Online. |. Home ›› XDoc.PDF ›› VB.NET PDF: View PDF Online. PDF bookmark, C#.NET edit PDF metadata, C#.NET
modify pdf metadata; remove metadata from pdf online
C# PDF Convert to Tiff SDK: Convert PDF to tiff images in C#.net
C#.NET PDF SDK - Convert PDF to TIFF in C#.NET. Online C# Tutorial for How to Convert PDF File to Tiff Image File with .NET XDoc.PDF Control in C#.NET Class.
pdf metadata viewer; pdf metadata editor
Approach: load an encrypted SWF at 
runtime and decrypt
Options: Runtime Shared Library (RSL), Flex 
The elephant in the room:  You can’t hide the 
decryption key
(unless you transmit it over a secure server)
Encryption problems
You have to decrypt at runtime for Flash 
Player to be able to run your code
This probably means custom loading code 
(modified preloader, ModuleManager, etc)
Your decryption keys and algorithms are not 
Alternative commercial option: NitroLM
You’re probably violating someone’s terms of 
From a real terms of use document: 
You can’t do anything that “attempts to 
decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer, or 
derive the source code for any software 
product provided by us to you in object code 
format only;”
(* but actually nothing like this is included in Adobe’s terms 
for Photoshop Express or Buzzword, etc)
Don’t be a dick
Use your powers for good, not evil
Learn from other people
Don’t fuck people over, karma’s a bitch
If you steal someone’s code they can 
decompile yours to prove it
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