Sean Broderick,
Litigation Support: Strategies for 
Dealing with Electronic Discovery
Alex Roberts &
Kelly Scribner
National Litigation Support 
Pdf xmp metadata viewer - add, remove, update PDF metadata in, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
Allow C# Developers to Read, Add, Edit, Update and Delete PDF Metadata
extract pdf metadata; adding metadata to pdf
Pdf xmp metadata viewer - VB.NET PDF metadata library: add, remove, update PDF metadata in, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
Enable VB.NET Users to Read, Write, Edit, Delete and Update PDF Document Metadata
delete metadata from pdf; batch pdf metadata editor
02/05/2010 – “Litigation Support: Strategies for Dealing with Electronic Discovery” handout 
Useful Low-Cost Discovery Utilities 
Universal File Viewer  
a low-cost program that reads most file formats including email files
QuickView Plus (
Image File Viewer  
free programs for viewing image files including .TIFF, .JPG, .BMP, .GIF
IrfanView (
XNView (
Container File Viewer  
free programs that open containers like .ZIP files – note: these programs do not 
work with mailstore files like .PST and .NSF
7-zip (
IZArc (
Office Documents Viewer 
a free program that opens MS Office including .XLS and .DOC files 
Open Office (
Digital Video and Audio File Viewers  
free programs that can read many audio and video media file formats
VLC Media Player (
Free Studio Manager (
C# TIFF: TIFF Metadata Editor, How to Write & Read TIFF Metadata
How to Get TIFF XMP Metadata in C#.NET. Use this C# sample code to get Tiff image Xmp metadata for string. // Load your target Tiff docuemnt.
remove metadata from pdf acrobat; c# read pdf metadata
DocImage SDK for .NET: Document Imaging Features
a metadata viewer application Enable users to add metadata in the form of EXIF, IPTC, XMP, or COM Type 6 (OJPEG) encoding Image only PDF encoding support.
edit pdf metadata acrobat; pdf metadata
02/05/2010 – “Litigation Support: Strategies for Dealing with Electronic Discovery” handout 
Advanced File Searching  
low cost programs that can be used to perform advanced searches across a set of 
discovery – recognizes many common file types
dtSearch (
File Inventory  
free programs that can create a list of files and file types within a set of discovery
inVentory (
iPro iConvert+ (
ProNalysis Lite (
File Extension Libraries  
free websites that can help to locate an associated program by file extension – 
useful if you have a file extension that you do not recognize
Webopedia (
Filext (
My File Formats (
Wotsit’s Format (
XDoc.Tiff for .NET, Comprehensive .NET Tiff Imaging Features
types, including EXIF tags, IIM (IPTC), XMP data, and to read, write, delete, and update Tiff file metadata. Render and output text to text, PDF, or Word file.
pdf metadata editor; add metadata to pdf
C# Raster - Raster Conversion & Rendering in C#.NET
RasterEdge XImage.Raster conversion toolkit for C#.NET supports image conversion between various images, like Jpeg, Png, Bmp, Xmp and Gif, .NET Graphics
remove metadata from pdf; pdf keywords metadata
02/05/2010 – “Litigation Support: Strategies for Dealing with Electronic Discovery” handout 
Load Files 
A “load file” is a data file that defines the links between 
multiple records in a database and document images. 
Common file extensions of image load files  
files that may contain information about image file locations, document breaks 
and associated OCR text
CT Summation 
Concordance (aka Opticon)  
Concordance (aka Opticon) 
Trial Director  
ETech Load File 
Common file extensions of document information load files  
files that may contain additional information about the documents
Document information  
(normally created by Summation or Concordance)
Comma Separated Value file  
delimited text file 
Load file conversion programs  
free programs that can convert a load file from one program format to another
iPro iConvert+ (
ReadyConvert (
C# Raster - Image Process in C#.NET
Image Access and Modify. Image Information. Metadata(tag) Edit. Color VB.NET How-to, VB.NET PDF, VB.NET Word process various images, like Jpeg, Png, Bmp, Xmp
remove metadata from pdf file; read pdf metadata
.NET JPEG 2000 SDK | Encode & Decode JPEG 2000 Images
Home > .NET Image Viewer > jpeg 2000. Able to customize compression ratios (0 - 100); Support metadata encoding and decoding, including IPTC, XMP, XML Box
acrobat pdf additional metadata; online pdf metadata viewer
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