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mineBugHistory -formatDates -noTabs db.xml
produce a tabular listing of the number of bugs 
introduced and eliminated in each build/version 
in a historical analysis
How to fill out pdf forms in reader - extract form data from PDF in C#.net, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WPF
Help to Read and Extract Field Data from PDF with a Convenient C# Solution
how to fill out a pdf form with reader; extract pdf form data to excel
How to fill out pdf forms in reader - VB.NET PDF Form Data Read library: extract form data from PDF in vb.net, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WPF
Convenient VB.NET Solution to Read and Extract Field Data from PDF
make pdf form editable in reader; extracting data from pdf forms
Historical bug databases
Each historical bug database records a sequence 
of versions/builds/analysis results
Each analysis result has a name, a date and a 
sequence number (starting at 0)
C# PDF Form Data fill-in Library: auto fill-in PDF form data in C#
enable users the ability to fill in PDF forms in Visual C# in form field in specified position of adobe PDF file. Able to fill out all PDF form field in C#.NET.
html form output to pdf; how to save filled out pdf form in reader
VB.NET TIFF: Make Custom Annotations on TIFF Image File in VB.NET
This online guide content is Out Dated! into one image that can be output as a PDF or any color 'set the property of filled shape obj.Fill = New AnnotationBrush
extract data from pdf table; collect data from pdf forms
Combing back to filterBugs
filterBugs has lots of options
filterBugs -first 1
db.xml | convertXmlToText
filter out just the warnings that first appeared in 
sequence # 1 (the second analysis results), and convert 
the results to text 
C# PDF: Use C# Code to Add Watermark to PDF Document
This online guide content is Out Dated! Fill.FillType = FillType.Solid; anno.Fill.Solid_Color = new AddAnnotation(anno); doc.Save(@"c:\annotatedSample.pdf");
sign pdf form reader; extract data from pdf forms
VB.NET Image: How to Draw and Cutomize Text Annotation on Image
document files in VB.NET, including PDF, TIFF & adopt these APIs to work out more advanced As AnnotationBrush, outline As AnnotationPen, fill As AnnotationBrush
how to make pdf editable form reader; online form pdf output
Importing bugs into your own 
bug databases
if you want to bring our results into a database
generate xml with messages
use instance-hash
designed to be unique per bug, and match 
bugs across versions
Not as clever as the approach we use when 
matching XML, but still clever
VB.NET Image: Image and Doc Windows, Web & Mobile Viewers of
Image viewers fill a vital part in document image viewing viewer are JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, PDF, Word and Zoom in and out image for best displaying effect
how to flatten a pdf form in reader; using pdf forms to collect data
C# Image: C#.NET Code to Add Rectangle Annotation to Images &
Add-on successfully stands itself out from other set filled shape style obj.Fill.Solid_Color = Color powerful & profession imaging controls, PDF document,
can reader edit pdf forms; extract data from pdf to excel
Best Practices
VB.NET TIFF: How to Draw Picture & Write Text on TIFF Document in
This online guide content is Out Dated! drawing.Font.Size = 6 drawing.Fill = new DrawingBrush provide powerful & profession imaging controls, PDF document, tiff
pdf form save with reader; extract data from pdf form fields
.NET PDF Document Viewing, Annotation, Conversion & Processing
Form Process. Fill in form data programmatically. Online Demo See the PDF SDK for .NET in action and check how much they can do for you. Check out the prices.
cannot save pdf form in reader; extract data from pdf using java
What to look at
First review high and medium priority correctness
Low priority warnings can be of questionable value
FindBugs doesn’t report these by default
more there for us to work to improve our 
accuracy, and figure out how to raise the priority of 
the important ones and drop the unimportant ones
Other categories worth examining in a code review, 
but insisting that they all be reviewed immediately will 
make people unhappy
VB.NET TIFF: TIFF Imaging SDK, Insert & Add New TIFF Page Using VB
File Page. "This online guide content is Out Dated blank TIFF page, you need to fill this TIFF provide powerful & profession imaging controls, PDF document, tiff
exporting data from excel to pdf form; extract data from pdf
VB.NET PDF File & Page Process Library SDK for vb.net, ASP.NET
Moreover, when you get a PDF document which is out of order PDFDocument instance contains all documentation features and information that forms a PDF document
using pdf forms to collect data; extract data from pdf file to excel
Compile with debugging 
We produce more accurate results and more 
meaningful messages if the classfiles contain both 
line numbers and local variable names
use javac -g
If you are computing historical information, be 
consistent with whether you generate debugging 
FindBugs plugins
Carefully consider and review open source 
FindBugs plugins
Others have written plugins, some of which 
generate a lot more false positives or give bad 
You can write your own plugins
particularly great if you have bugs that are 
specific to your project
Incremental analysis 
and/or marking
For sustainable use, you need to have some way 
to deal with false positives
mark in database
Only review new warnings
Both of these require matching warnings from 
one analysis with results from a previous analysis
Developers like incremental 
Developers don’t like to be asked to scrub a 
million line code base and review 1000 warnings
But they don’t mind (as much) if you ask them to 
review a new warning introduced by a change 
they just made
false positive rate still matters
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