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4. Removeany jammedpaper or torn pieces.
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Caution: Do not touch any buttons on the controlpanel while your hands areinsidetheproduct.
5. Lower the scanner unit.
6. Press the OK button to resumeprinting.
7. Carefully follow all paper loading instructions when youload new paper.
Parent topic:SolvingPaperProblems
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Document JamsintheAutomatic Document Feeder
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Loading Paper
Document Jams in the Automatic Document Feeder
If youhave problems withdocumentjams in the automatic document feeder (ADF), try these solutions:
1. Removeyour originals from theADF.
2. Open the ADFcover.
3. Removeany jammedpaper.
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hardly edit PDF document. Under this situation, you need to convert PDF document to some easily editable files like Word document.
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ADF cover
Paper feeder
Caution: Do not remove paper jammed inside the ADF without opening the cover or you could
damage the ADF.
4. Leave the ADFcover open,thenlift the paper feeder.
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file. Create and save editable PDF with a blank page, bookmarks, links, signatures, etc. Create fillable PDF document with fields.
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ADF cover
Paper feeder
5. Removeany jammedpaper or torn pieces.
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to editable & searchable text formats. Support .NET WinForms, ASP.NET MVC in IIS, ASP.NET Ajax, Azure cloud service, DNN (DotNetNuke), SharePoint. Convert PDF
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Link: Edit URL. Bookmark: Edit Bookmark. Metadata: Edit, Delete Metadata. Form Process. Convert multiple pages PowerPoint to fillable and editable PDF documents.
pdf forms save; create a pdf form
6. Lower the paper feeder (but don't closetheADFcover).
7. Raise the ADF inputtray.
8. Carefully remove any jammed paper.
9. Lower the ADFinput tray and reloadyour originals.
VB.NET Create PDF from Word Library to convert docx, doc to PDF in
Link: Edit URL. Bookmark: Edit Bookmark. Metadata: Edit, Delete Metadata. Form Process. Convert multiple pages Word to fillable and editable PDF documents.
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adding signature to pdf form; create a fillable pdf form from a pdf
Caution: Make sure you do not loadtheADFbeyond its capacity for your paper size.Alsomake sure
the originals you load are not bent, folded,or curled and do not have tape,staples,or other materials
thatcould obstruct the feeder.
10. Follow the prompts on the LCD screen toclear any error messages.
Parent topic:SolvingPaperProblems
Paper Ejection Problems
If youhave problems withpaper ejecting properly,try these solutions:
• If paper does not eject fully, you may have set the wrongpaper size.Cancelprinting to eject the paper.
Select the correctpaper size when you reprint.
• If paper is wrinkled whenitejects,itmaybedamp or toothin. Load new paper andbesure toselect
thecorrect paper type setting when you reprint.
Parent topic:SolvingPaperProblems
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Document JamsintheAutomatic Document Feeder
Paper or MediaTypeSettings
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CancellingPrinting Using a Product Button
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Loading Paper
Solving Problems Printing from a Computer
Check these sections ifyou have problems while printing fromyour computer.
Nothing Prints
Product Icon Does Not Appear in Windows Taskbar
Error After Cartridge Replacement
Printing is Slow
Parent topic:SolvingProblems
C# Create PDF from Excel Library to convert xlsx, xls to PDF in C#
Create fillable and editable PDF documents from Excel in both .NET WinForms and ASP.NET. Create searchable and scanned PDF files from Excel. Convert to PDF with
pdf form creator; add text field to pdf acrobat
Nothing Prints
If youhave sent a print job and nothing prints,try these solutions:
• Make sure your product is turned on.
• Make sure any interface cables are connected securely at both ends.
• If youconnected your productto a USB hub, make sure it is a first-tier hub. Ifitstill doesnotprint,
connectyour product directly to your computer instead ofthehub.
• Run a product check to see if a test page prints. Ifthetest page prints,check to see if your product
softwareis installed correctly.
• In Windows,make sure your product is selected as the default printer.
• In Windows,clear any stalled print jobsfromtheWindowsSpooler:
• Windows7: Click
and selectDevicesandPrinters.Right-click your product name,selectSee
what's printing,selectyour product name again if necessary, right-click thestalledprint job, click
• WindowsVista: Click
and selectControl Panel. Click Printer under HardwareandSound,
right-click your product name, select Open, right click the stalled printjob, click Cancel,and click
• WindowsXP:Click Start and select Printers andFaxes.(Or opentheControl Panel, select
Printers andOther Hardwareifnecessary, and select Printers andFaxes.) Right-click your
product name,selectOpen,right-click the stalled print job, click Cancel, and click Yes.
Parent topic:SolvingProblemsPrintingfromaComputer
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Running aProductCheck
Product Icon Does Not Appear in Windows Taskbar
If youdonotseeyour product icon in the Windows taskbar,first tryrestarting your computer. If that does
notwork, try this solution:
1. Dooneofthefollowing:
• Windows 7: Click
andselectDevices and Printers.
• Windows Vista: Click
,selectControl Panel, and click Printer under Hardware and Sound.
• Windows XP:Click Start and selectPrintersand Faxes.(Or open the Control Panel, select
Printers and Other Hardware if necessary,andPrintersandFaxes.)
2. Right-click your product name,select PrintingPreferences, and select your productname again if
3. ClicktheMaintenance tab.
4. ClicktheSpeed & Progressor ExtendedSettings button.
5. SelectEnable EPSON StatusMonitor 3,then click OK.
6. ClicktheMonitoring Preferences button.
7. ClicktheShortcut Icon box.
8. ClickOK to close the open program windows.
Parent topic:SolvingProblemsPrintingfromaComputer
Error After Cartridge Replacement
If yousee an error light or error message after you replace an ink cartridge, follow these steps:
1. Make sure the print head is in the inkcartridge replacementposition. (Theink cartridgeholder should
be beneath the cutoutin the product case,allowing access to the cartridges.)
Note: If the print headisnotinthecorrect position, pressthe
Menu button, presstheupor down
arrow buttons to select Maintenance,press the up or down arrow buttons to select InkCartridge
Replacement and press theOK buttonto move it totheink cartridgereplacement position.
2. Removeandreinsert the ink cartridge you replaced, making sure to push it all theway into itsslot.
3. Completetheink cartridgeinstallation steps.
Parent topic:SolvingProblemsPrintingfromaComputer
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Replacing Ink Cartridges
Printing is Slow
If printing becomes slow, try these solutions:
• Make sure your system meets the requirements for your operatingsystem.If youare printing a high-
resolution image,youmay need more than the minimum requirements.If necessary, increase your
system's memory.
• If youare using Windows 7, closetheDevicesandPrinters window before you print.
• Clear space on your hard drive or run adefragmentation utility to freeupexisting space.
• Closeany programs youare notusing when you print.
• If your product is connected to a USB hub, connectitdirectlytoyour computer instead.
• If printing becomes slower after printingcontinuously for a longtime, the product mayhave
automatically slowed down toprotect the print mechanismfrom overheating or becomingdamaged.
Lettheproduct rest with the power on for 30 minutes, then try printingagain.
For the fastest printing,selectthefollowing settings in your product software:
• Make sure the paper typesetting matches the typeofpaper you loaded.
• Turn on any high speed settings in your product software.
• Select alower printquality setting.
• Windows:Click the Maintenance tab, select Speed& Progress or Extended Settings,andselect
thefollowing settings:
• High SpeedCopies
• Always spoolRAW datatype
• Page RenderingMode
• Print asBitmap
Parent topic:SolvingProblemsPrintingfromaComputer
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Paper or MediaTypeSettings
WindowsSystem Requirements
Mac System Requirements
Related tasks
SelectingBasic PrintSettings - Windows
SelectingBasic PrintSettings - Mac OS X
Solving Page Layout and Content Problems
Check these sections ifyou have problems with the layoutor content ofyour printed pages.
Inverted Image
TooMany Copies Print
Blank Pages Print
Incorrect Margins on Printout
Border Appears on Borderless Prints
Incorrect Characters Print
Incorrect ImageSizeor Position
Slanted Printout
Parent topic:SolvingProblems
Inverted Image
If your printed image is inverted unexpectedly,try these solutions:
• Turn off any mirror or inversion settings in your printing application.
• Turn off the Mirror Image, Fliphorizontally,or Reverse pageorientation settings in your printer
software. (This option hasdifferent names, depending on your operating system version.)
Note: Leave theseoptions turned onwhen youprintonEPSON Iron-onCool Peel Transfer paper,if
available for your product.
Parent topic:SolvingPageLayoutandContentProblems
Related tasks
SelectingAdditional Layout and Print Options - Windows
SelectingBasic PrintSettings - Mac OS X
Too Many Copies Print
Make sure that the Copiessetting in your printing program or printer software is not setfor multiple
Parent topic:SolvingPageLayoutandContentProblems
Related tasks
SelectingBasic PrintSettings - Windows
SelectingBasic PrintSettings - Mac OS X
Blank Pages Print
If blank pages printunexpectedly,try these solutions:
• Make sure you selectedthecorrect paper size settings in your printingprogram and printer software.
• If a blankpage exists in a document you are printing andyou want to skip printingit,select the Skip
Blank Page settinginyour printer software.
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