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C# WPF Viewer- Supported File Formats

Load, Convert and Annotate PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Tiff, Dicom and Raster Images in C# WPF Viewer

RasterEdge XDoc.Windows Viewer SDK for .NET is an advanced tool, which provides users with powerful documents and images manipulation functionalities. By using RasterEdge XDoc.Windows Viewer SDK for C#.NET, C# users can easily deploy C# WPF Viewer to load, view, convert and annotate multiple documents and images. It supports PDF, Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint, Tiff images, Dicom file, raster images and some text files. Please refer to more details below.

C#.NET WPF Viewer for Different File Formats

C# WPF Viewer for PDF

RasterEdge C#.NET WPF Viewer enables users PDF document loading, viewing, conversion, annotating and editing functionalities. Please click for more details.

C# WPF Viewer for Word

WPF Viewer provided by RasterEdge XDoc.Windows Viewer for C#.NET can help users to view, convert, annotate and edit Microsoft Office Word DOC and DOCX file.

C# WPF Viewer for Excel

Excel document can be processed easily by using RasterEdge C#.NET WPF Viewer, both XLS and XLSX formats are supported, more details are given on this page.

C# WPF Viewer for PowerPoint

Microsoft Office PowerPoint viewing, conversion and annotating are enabled by using C# WPF Viewer offered by C#.NET RasterEdge XDoc.WPF Viewer.

C# WPF Viewer for Tiff

This page will list some features about processing Tiff image on C#.NET WPF Viewer, such as view tiff, convert tiff and annotate tiff. Please click for more features.

C# WPF Viewer for Dicom

C#.NET RasterEdge XDoc.Windows Viewer SDK provides users with powerful WPF Viewer control, which allows Dicom processing on C# WPF Viewer. Feature details are given on this page.

C# WPF Viewer for Rater Images

With RasterEdge C#.NET WPF Viewer, users are able to manipulating images with powerful functionalities. RasterEdge C#.NET WPF Viewer supports Jpg, Gif, Png, Bmp and so on.

C# WPF Viewer for Other File Formats

RasterEdge C# WPF Viewer also support file formats including OpenOffice, CSV and TXT file processing. It's easy to view, convert and annotate these file on RasterEdge C# WPF Viewer.