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Do you want to insert a professional web document image viewer into your web application? If yes, this ASP.NET document image viewer control may be a great choice. Combining advanced HTML5 technology and JavaScript technique, this ASP.NET document image viewer control add-on enables developers to display, annotate, process and edit rich document & image formats within most modern web browsers. And now we list its main features here.
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In this online ASP.NET image viewing tutorial, we will mainly illustrate following image viewing functions, which are OpenFile, UpPage, DownPage, ZoomIn, ZoomOut, btnFitWidth, btnBestFit and btnOneToOne.
Since this ASP.NET web document image viewer control add-on is developed based on JavaScript technique, we plan to demonstrate these advanced image viewing functions from JavaScript APIs and function descriptions.
Obtain Source Image File via OpenFile Function
The OpenFile API offered by this .NET web document image viewer SDK is designed to help developers browse and open document or image file from server or PC file.
Manipulate File Pages via UpPage or DownPage Function
When we are viewing multi-page document or image file, like Word, PDF or TIFF, we may need efficient page turning capability. And the UpPage API allows developers to scroll to the previous page in the currently displayed document file and the DownPage API enables programmers to scroll to the next page.
View Image File via ZoomIn or ZoomOut Function
This ASP.NET web document image viewer control component supports zooming features. The API ZoomIn is used to increase and enlarge current zooming percentage of web document image viewer. On the contrary, the API ZoomOut aims to help developers to decrease and reduce current zooming percentage.
Reset the Size of Currently Viewed File via btnFit Functions
To meet different document image viewing requirements, this ASP.NET web document image viewer control add-on offers developers three different APIs for adjusting image viewing size. For example, btnFitWidth API allows developers to adjust the width of current displayed page to the width of this web document image viewer. btnBestFit API allows developers to adjust image width or image height for best fitting in ASP.NET web image viewer control. And API btnOneToOne will show the source document image file at its original size.
Of course, apart from above mentioned image viewing APIs, this ASP.NET web document image viewer control add-on also provides other mature image viewing features, like adding or deleting page, inserting or removing annotation, rotating image file, saving source document, downloading or printing target document or image file. And you can find the links to these professional image viewing features at the bottom of this page.
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As to the demo codes for using these image viewing APIs in ASP.NET web form applications, you can find them in User Manual and demo project that are included in the source downloaded package.
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