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Core Document Formats
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DocImage SDK for .NET - How to in C#

Mature Document Imaging SDK for C# Image Acquiring, Viewing and Manipulating

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Visual C#
Welcome to RasterEdge Online Tutorial Gallery. We provide comprehensive tutorials for Visual C# developers to use RasterEdge .NET Document Imaging SDK (Core DLLs and Add-on DLLs) in various C#.NET applications, like ASP.NET and Windows Forms applications. All you need is to open a C#.NET IDE and follow our tutorials step by step. At the very beginning, please download RasterEdge DocImage SDK for .NET package via the download button.
DocImage SDK for .NET - C# Imaging Overview
Start in C#
Get Started Doc Management Tutorial
Follow this C# guide to install .NET document imaging control libraries. Then, you can open and create an image, and save it or print it out. C#.NET document management tutorial includes instructions on how to scan document into TIFF file with scanning client, how to upload TIFF file to remote database, and how to view and collaborate TIFF file online, which is stored in database.
HTML5 Doc Viewer Deploy Imaging SDK
On this C# tutorial page, you will be guided to set up a web page containing an embedded HTML5 Document Viewer. This guide tells Visual C#.NET developers how to deploy RasterEdge DocImage SDK for .NET in Windows Forms and ASP.NET web applications.
Core Document Formats
Word Excel PowerPoint
C# programming guide on how to view Word (.docx) document, convert Word to PDF or images, and add annotation objects on any of Word document page with specified location. This online C# tutorial provides you with an overview for all Excel reading, viewing, editing, conveting & annotating features. Mature APIs and C#.NET demo codes for these capabilities are provided. provides C#.NET devlopers with mature .NET PowerPoint Add-on Library, which can be used for C# application PPT viewing, editing, converting, saving, etc.
PDF Tiff Dicom
.NET PDF Document Add-on Control offers flexible functions for C# developers to view, annotate, and convert PDF documents in C#.NET programming. Detailed exsamples for Visual C# developers to read, view, process, annotate and convert TIFF file (to pdf, bitmap, jpeg, gif, png, svg, etc.) are illustrated respecitively. This tutorial focus on DICOM medical image and tells how you can open, view, read, convert and annotate DICOM image using C#.NET programming language.
C# Imaging Functions
Twain OCR Barcode Read
This guiding page gives introduction to Twain scanning in Visual C#.NET application and tells how to achieve effective Twain scanning using DocImage SDK for .NET. RasterEdge DocImage SDK for .NET also includes an OCR Add-on Library. C#.NET developers can use it to recognize text characters from an image file, and then output and save. This guide lists all the linear and 2d barcode types that can be recognized by RasterEdge .NET Barcode Scanner Add-on DLL. This DLL can be easy to be integrated into C#.NET projects.
Barcode Generate JBIG2 Codec JPEG 2000 Codec
In all, there are 27 barcode types that can be generated in C# programs using .NET Barcode Writing Add-on Library, like Code 39, Code 128, GS1-128, QR Code, PDF-417, etc. .NET JBIG2 Codec Add-on can be used as encoder and decoder implementation of the bitonal JBIG2 images compression format. .NET JPEG 2000 Codec Add-on is designed to help C# programmers to encode & decode JPEG 2000 image file in .NET developing environment.
Image Compression Image Processing
RasterEdge .NET Imaging Toolkit provides a number of codecs to encode and decode image in various compression modes. Different document types may support different compression schemes. RasterEdge .NET Document Imaging SDK provides you with the ability to perform three kinds of image processing operations in C#.NET application.
DocImage SDK for .NET - C# Imaging Features

For Documents

  • Load and parse document files into memory using managed C# code design. Applicable formats include Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, (multi-page) Tiff and Dicom
  • Convert and render document files into raster images to view in C# project, like PNG, JPEG/JPG, GIF, TIFF, and Bitmap formats
  • Convert and render document files into vector image files like SVG, compatible with the most modern web browsers
  • Provide online Web Viewer document imaging solution for web server applications
  • Convert document files of other types into PDF, TIFF, and Word formats in C#.NET web viewer. For instance, support easy conversion between editable documents types like Word and standard printing document like PDF
  • Allow creating and burning annotations on documents, which enables efficient collaboration on C# program documents at anytime and anywhere
  • Flexible document barcode reading & writing support is of great assistance to accelerate document management in C# applications

For Images

  • Mature .NET, C#.NET Document Imaging SDK to quickly load, create, modify, and save various types of image files, such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF and BMP
  • Rich image processing & manipulating options for C#.NET document imaging applications development
  • User-defined annotation support for drawing and adding various types of annotations on images

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